Thai police dupe fugitives with fake prize draw 泰國警方以假抽獎騙倒逃犯


Thai police nabbed 14 suspected criminals after telling them they were winners of a lucky draw and arresting them when they showed up to collect their prizes.


The wanted men came out of hiding to pick up televisions and cash cheques they were told they had won when their phone or national identification numbers were picked out in a draw, said Pol. Lt-Gen. Krisada Pankongchoen, who masterminded the scam.


"We’re happy with the result. We didn’t expect anyone to fall for this," he said. "They probably felt very stupid, especially those who were in hiding for months."


Police sent hundreds of congratulatory letters to the registered addresses of suspected criminals across Bangkok and the surrounding areas, among them rapists and thieves, Krisada said.


They waited at various locations in the city and pounced when 14 showed up expecting to receive their prizes. "Many of them have been on our wanted list for some time and had probably thought the police were no longer pursuing them, so they weren’t suspicious," he added.



dupe︰詐騙、愚弄,名詞為被人利用的傀儡。例句︰She has been making you her dupe for much too long.(她一直利用你,為時太久了。)

fall for︰上當、信以為真。例句︰We must not fall for such nonsense.(我們絕不能聽信這種胡言亂語。)

pounce︰猛撲、突然襲擊。例句︰He is ready to pounce at the phone when it rings.(電話鈴一響,他馬上就會衝過去抓起話筒。)

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