Nanotube process that could shrink, speed chips 可縮小、加速晶片的奈米管製程


Researchers at MIT have found a way to grow the carbon nanotubes that manufacturers need to build smaller, faster computer chips.

麻省理工學院( MIT)的研究人員已找出一個生成奈米碳管的方法,廠商需要用它製造更小、更快的電腦晶片。

As chipmakers like Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices inc. work endlessly to find ways to build smaller and smaller chips, they often run into a multitude of problems.


A key issue that must be resolved: dealing with the tiny copper wires that connect transistors in a processor. As the chips shrink in size, so do the wires, making it increasingly difficult for them to maintain the level of current needed to meet performance requirements.


The MIT scientists used a combination of techniques to create a new process for using nanotubes. The techniques included vaporizing the metals tantalum and iron, which settle in layers on a silicon wafer. Then they placed the coated wafer at one end of a quartz tube, which was inserted into a furnace.


The researchers also pump ethylene gas into the tube. The gas decomposes at high temperatures and the iron on the wafer catalyzed the formation of carbon nanotubes.



run into:片語,(使)陷入(困境、債務等)。例句: Never run into debt. (千萬不要陷入負債中。)

multitude:名詞,許多。例句:There are a multitude of reasons against it.(有許多反對理由。)

decompose:動詞,腐爛,(使)分解。例句:The meat begin to decompose after some time in the sun.(肉在太陽下放了一些時候開始腐敗。)


Study shows U.S. bank CEO pay dwarfs rest of world 研究顯示美銀行執行長的薪資睥睨全球


You wouldn’t know it by his pay stubs, but Jiang Jianqing heads the world’s largest bank.


Jiang, chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, made just $234,700 in 2008. That’s less than 2 percent of the $19.6 million awarded to Jamie Dimon, chief executive of the world’s fourth-largest bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

中國工商銀行董事長姜建清2008年的薪資只有23萬4700美元, 還不到全球第4大銀行摩根大通執行長傑米.迪蒙的1960萬美元的2%。

The contrast illustrates the massive differences in pay among the CEOs of the world’s top banks. The compensation of the CEOs of the largest U.S. banks towers above what’s paid to banking chiefs in other parts of the world, according to a Reuters analysis of pay at the 18 biggest banks by market value.


The United States is home to four of the nine largest banks in the world - JP Morgan, Bank of America Corp, Wells Fargo & Co and Citigroup Inc. It is also home to four of the six most handsomely rewarded bank CEOs.


China boasts three of the world’s four biggest banks, yet the leaders of those banks -- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank Corp and Bank of China -- are among the lowest paid of those surveyed by Reuters.



dwarf:動詞,使矮小,睥睨,生長受阻。例句:The oaks were dwarfed from lack of moisture.(那些橡樹因缺乏水分以致生長受阻。)

head:動詞,以…為首,負責領導。例句:The minister headed the committee.(那位部長負責主持會議。)

tower over ( someone or something ):片語,站得比某人或某事高;高聳,屹立。


Weather ’shapes human body clock’ 天氣形塑人類的生理時鐘


Our internal body clocks are shaped by the weather as well as by the seasons, scientists have discovered. Researchers used computers to model the workings of internal biological clocks. They found the mechanism had to be so complicated because it was able to deal with varying amounts of light from hour to hour, as well as changing seasons.


It is hoped the research, led by a team from Edinburgh University, could help tackle sleep problems caused by jet lag and shift working. The researchers said the findings gave them a greater understanding of what drives the internal rhythms of people, animals and plants.


Environmental signals, such as hours of daylight, affect the daily rhythms which many plants use to control flowering and ripening. The findings may also help scientists develop crops that can cope with climate change.


Dr Carl Troein, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences, said: "By better understanding why biological clocks are so complex, we stand a better chance of controlling them."


"Our study goes some way to explaining how and why these in-built rhythms have developed. We hope it will be useful in informing treatments for sleep disorders as well as helping scientists develop crops that can survive in the long term."



jet lag:名詞,時差。

shift:名詞,輪班。如night shift(夜班)。例句:People who work on the night shift are paid more.(上夜班的人薪水較高。)

ripen:動詞,成熟。例句:My plans are ripening-now all I need is official approval.(我的計畫漸漸成熟,現在我只需要官方認可。)


"Mermaid girl" Shiloh Pepin dies at age 10 「美人魚女孩」希蘿.佩平辭世,得年10歲


Shiloh Pepin, the little girl born with fused legs, has died at the age of 10.


Doctors thought Shiloh would only live for days after her birth, but her mother called her a "tough little thing."


Shiloh was born with "mermaid syndrome," also known as sirenomelia, and she only had one partially working kidney, no lower colon or genital organs and her legs were fused from the waist down.


Some children with sirenomelia are able to have surgery to separate their legs, but Shiloh was unable to due to the blood vessels crossing from side to side in her circulatory system that would have been severed. She had received two kidney transplants, the last one was in 2007.


Her story was recently shown on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". Her mother said she came down with a cold earlier this month that quickly turned to pneumonia. Shiloh Pepin died at Maine Medical Center.



fuse︰動詞,融合,熔接。例句︰In her richest work she fuses comedy and tragedy.(在她最精彩的作品中,她融喜、悲劇為一體。)fuse 作名詞為引信,保險絲。have a short fuse指動輒發怒。

from side to side︰從左到右。例句︰The ship was rolling from side to side in the stormy sea.(船在暴風雨的海面上顛簸搖晃。)

come down with︰片語,染上(病)。例句︰Several students came down with the H1N1 flu.(一些學生感染H1N1流感。)


South Wales cat killer strikes again 南威爾斯殺貓犯再次犯案


A serial cat killer in South Wales appears to have struck again just a few miles from where eight pets mysteriously died in the summer.


This time four cats are suspected to have been killed after drinking poisonous anti-freeze left out for them in Caldy Close, Barry, according to The Sun.


It follows the first eight cats dying of the same cause in Underwood Place, Bridgend, some 10 miles away, in July and August.


The latest cats, in neighbouring households, died between September 29 and October 6.


Stephen Griffiths, 25, and his girlfriend Sarah Jones, 32, lost their pets Sugar and Pudding. Mr Griffiths told The Sun: "It is horrible to think how they died.


"Even now I go out into the garden and expect them to come over the fence. But then nothing."


A vet said all four animals died of kidney failure, brought on by ingesting anti-freeze.



die of:片語,死於~。例句:His father died of a heart attack over the summer.(他的父親在這個夏天死於心臟病發。)

come over:片語,過來;改變立場;佔據。例句:He asked Tom to come over for a drink.(他邀請湯姆過來喝一杯。)

bring on:片語,使發生、使出現。例句:His illness was brought on by poor feeding.(他的病是飲食不佳造成的。)


French ministers fight fat for Sarkozy 法國部長為了薩科茲向肥胖宣戰


Out with the red wine and foie gras:half the French cabinet are fighting the fat to please their clean-living boss President Nicolas Sarkozy and his supermodel wife.


Sarkozy is said to have lost seven kilos in the two years since taking office. Coached by the sylph-like first lady Carla Bruni, the slimline president appears to have kicked off a health craze in the cabinet.


Several ministers and a host of other politicians are among VIP clients at his diet clinic, according to star nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen.


Sarkozy has long worked to project a fighting-fit image -- jogging up the steps of the Elysee Palace the day he took office -- but his health binge began in earnest after his divorce from his second wife Cecilia.


"He’s just your average Joe, he gets dumped and needs to make himself feel attractive again." Cohen said.


Sarkozy’s government is preparing to launch a major anti-obesity campaign by the end of the year. "Anyone who’s still fat when the plan is launched will look like a loser," Cohen said.



clean- living:形容詞或名詞,健康生活、健康生活的。例句:Clean-living may help slow our body aging, according to a scientific study.(健康生活或許有助於減緩我們的身體老化,根據一份科學研究指出。)

in earnest:副詞,鄭重其事、認真地。You must study in earnest to pass the examination.(你必須認真地讀書以通過考試。)

average Joe:俚語,一般人。He’s just an average Joe at most.(他充其量也只是一般人。)


Montblanc’s $25,000 Gandhi pen stirs controversy 萬寶龍2萬5000美元的甘地紀念筆引發爭議


An incongruous billboard has appeared high above Mumbai’s slums:A thin Mohandas Gandhi, the ascetic father of India’s independence, sits wrapped in simple white cloth above the image of a fat Montblanc pen.


German luxury penmaker Montblanc launched a limited-edition commemorative fountain pen in honor of Gandhi, just in time for the 140th anniversary of his birth. The price? 17,000 euros.


The decision to turn a man who shunned foreign-made products and pushed simple living to new extremes into a "brand ambassador" for a global luxury goods maker has left some Indians puzzled and others angry.


One group filed a lawsuit to try and halt distribution of the pen. "Mahatma Gandhi advocated a simple lifestyle," said Dijo Kappen, who filed the suit and is managing trustee of the Center for Consumer Education in the southern state of Kerala.


Just 241 commemorative fountain pens will be sold-a nod to the number of miles Gandhi walked in his famous 1930 "salt march," a mass protest against salt taxes levied by the British that dealt an early blow to their control over the subcontinent.



ascetic:形容詞,指禁慾主義的、苦行的,如Monks lead ascetic lives.(僧侶過著禁慾生活)。ascetic當名詞時,指修道者、苦行者、禁慾者。

nod:名詞,指點頭,文中引申為表示贊成或同意,如The contestant got the nod from the judges.(這名參賽者得到評審的認同。)

deal a blow to sb/sth:對某人/某事造成打擊,如The latest trade figures have dealt a severe blow to hopes of an early economic recovery.(最新的貿易數據對經濟迅速復甦的希望帶來嚴重打擊。)


Business travel can help bottom line-US study says 美國研究:商旅有助企業獲利


Business travel -- often the target for cutbacks by companies seeking to reduce expenses -- actually boosts profits and could help the U.S. economy come back from the recession, a report found on Tuesday.


Research released by the global research firm Oxford Economics estimated that for every dollar invested in business travel, companies can expect an average $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits.


"Cutting back on business travel can in the short run have some benefits but, even over a 12 month period, (have) significant negative effects on corporate performance," said Adam Sacks, managing director of Oxford Economics.


The analysis said executives and business travelers estimated 28 percent of current business would be lost without in-person meetings. They said about 40 percent of prospective customers are converted to new customers with an in-person meeting compared to 16 percent without one.



bottom line:名詞,損益表底線;(帳本上的)收益、虧損。另外 bottom line 也有「最後的底線」、「不能再退讓的原則」的意思。例句:Bottom line: We have to ship this order by Friday. (最後的底線是, 我們必須在週五前運交這批貨。 )

in the short run:片語,短期看來;短期內。例句:In the short run this could be a very useful policy. (短期看來這將是個非常有用的政策。)

in person:片語, 親自;親自出現地。例句:You should come here in person tomorrow. (明天你必須親自來。)


New York considers calls for smoking ban in parks, beaches 紐約考慮要求公園與海灘禁菸


New Yorkers may be reduced to hiding in the bushes to smoke if new rules go through on lighting up outdoors.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s health commissioner, Thomas Farley, declared Monday he wants to take the war on smokers to the city’s beaches and parks.


Smoking has been illegal in offices, train stations and other indoor public places since 2003, forcing the Big Apple’s approximately one million smokers to head outdoors.


But Farley’s proposal to "expand smoke-free spaces to include city parks and public beaches" would mean there were even fewer places to light up.


It was not immediately clear whether the measure would need city council approval before going through. Although Bloomberg’s 2003 ban proved popular, he is criticized by many for attempting to erect a nanny state.



call for(someone or something):片語,需要或要求(某事或某人的服務)。例句:The job calls for someone with at least 2 years of experience in a relevant field.(這份工作需要至少有兩年相關領域的經驗。)

go through:片語,正式接受或批准。例句:We’re hoping that the proposal for the new bridge won’t go through.(我們希望那個新橋樑提案不會過關。)

nanny state:保 母國家,意指政府對於控制人民的福祉很感興趣,特別是實施廣泛的公共衛生與安全規定。例句:Outside of Singapore, few nations are willing to openly embrace Nanny State status.(在新加坡之外,很少有國家願意公開主張保母國家。)


Tongue stud ’brain fatality risk’ 舌環有大腦致命風險


Deadly brain abscesses should be added to the list of risks of having a tongue piercing, say doctors. Archives of Neurology reports how a 22-year-old man who died in hospital following multiple brain abscesses weeks after getting his tongue pierced.


The man’s Israeli doctors warn infection can spread in the bloodstream from the piercing up to the brain. Piercing can more commonly lead to chipped teeth and oral infections, and sometimes heart problems, say experts.


Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser to the British Dental Association, said:"Dentists are all too aware of the health problems that can be caused by oral piercings."


"There are many potential complications, ranging from pain and swelling to chipped or cracked teeth. Patients who have oral piercings can also suffer with recession of the gums and prolonged bleeding. Piercing of oral sites also carries with it a risk of infection. The clear message is that oral piercing is ill advised and should be avoided."



abscess:名詞,膿瘡,潰瘍。例句:She had an abscess on her gum.(她的牙齦有膿瘡。)

swell:動詞,腫脹。例句:It was obvious she had broken her toe, because it immediately started to swell (up).(她的腳趾顯然是斷了,因為馬上腫了起來。)

chip:動詞,碎裂,剝落。例句:I wish my nail polish wouldn’t keep chipping.(希望我的指甲油不會一直脫落。)


’World’s shortest man’ comes of age 世界最矮男子轉大人


Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal, thought to be the world’s smallest living man at just 56 centimetres, has turned 18 and now hopes to be officially recognised for his record size.


Thapa had his application for a Guinness World Record for the smallest man rejected because at just 14 he was too young to qualify. But on Wednesday he started adulthood and is now set to submit another application.


"Now he has turned 18, we will forward the necessary documents to Guinness officials," Thapa’s father said.


"When he was born he was so small he could fit in the palm of your hand. But I am proud to be his father. He has brought fame not just for himself but for his country." he said.


According to a website set up by his supporters, Thapa weighed only 600 grams at birth and his hobbies include "playing with pebbles" and "worshipping Buddha."


The Guinness Book of Records website lists the late Gul Mohammed of New Delhi as the shortest adult human being ever, at 55.9 centimetres. The current record for world’s shortest living man is held by He Pingping of China, who is 73 centimetres tall.



come of age︰片語,成年、滿法定年齡,也有成熟、發達之意。例句︰Blacks have come of age.(黑人的力量已壯大成熟了。)

be set to︰即將發生(後接動詞),例句︰Electricity prices are set to go up again.(電價即將再漲。)

forward︰動詞,遞送、轉交。例句︰The letter was forwarded from a previous address.(這封信是從之前的住址轉來的。)


Maldives cabinet holds underwater meeting 馬爾地夫內閣舉行水底會議


Cabinet ministers in the Maldives held an underwater meeting Saturday to draw attention to the threat global warming poses to the lowest-lying nation on earth.


President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet signed a document during the dive, calling for global cuts in carbon emissions.


The meeting, chaired by President Nasheed, took place around a table about 6 meters underwater, according to the president’s Web site. Bubbles ascended from the face masks the president and the Cabinet wore, and fish swam around them.


All cabinet members bar one - who has a medical condition that rules out diving - had been in training at a military base on one of the country’s many islands.


An adviser to the president told the BBC the dive was "a bit of fun" but was intended as a serious message about rising sea levels.


Maldives is grappling with the very likely possibility that it will go under water . The Maldives is an archipelago of almost 1,200 coral islands south-southwest of India. Most of it lies just 1.5 meters above sea level.



lowest-lying :形容詞,最低的。low-lying則指低地的、地勢較低的。例句:People living in low-lying areas were evacuated because of the floods.(住在低窪地區的民眾因為洪水而疏散。)

bar:前置詞,除~外。例句:All was over bar the the formal recording of the votes.(一切都已結束,只剩下把表決結果正式記錄在案。)

rule out:片語,排除、使成為不可能。例句:The police have ruled out murder in the case of the girl’s death.(警方在這名女子命案中排除有他殺的可能性。)


Waiter fired after complaining on Twitter 服務生上Twitter抱怨後被炒魷魚


A waiter claims he was fired after complaining on Twitter that actress Jane Adams failed to leave him a tip.


It is the latest warning of the dangers of indiscreet tweeting. The 31-year-old waiter Jon-Barrett Ingels says that the dispute began when Adams left the restaurant after a lunch one day during this summer without paying her bill. He claims that she failed to return after saying that she needed to fetch her chequebook from the car.


The actress’s agent arrived to pick up the tab the next day, but did not pay the 15-20 per cent service charge , prompting Ingels to Tweet: "Jane Adams, star of HBO series ’Hung’ skipped out on a $13.44 check. Her agent called and payed the following day. NO TIP!!!"


Ingels says Adams read his light-hearted tweet and returned to the restaurant herself several weeks later to hand him the $3 he believed he was owed.


But the waiter was sacked shortly afterwards. His bosses told him they had received a number of complaints about his behaviour, including one from Adams.



light-hearted:形容詞,輕鬆的,無憂慮的,隨便的。例句:He seems to be always so light-hearted.(他似乎總是那麼無憂無慮。)

indiscreet :形容詞,輕率的,魯莽的。例句:You tend to make indiscreet remarks.(你容易說出輕率之言。)

skip out on:動詞片語,突然或悄悄地離開,棄某人不顧。例句:Her husband skipped out on her without saying a word.(她丈夫什麼都沒說就拋棄她。)


Marge Simpson gracing Playboy mag cover瑪芝辛普森登上花花公子雜誌封面

◎ 俞智敏

Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson is gracing the cover of Playboy magazine, becoming the first cartoon character in the publication’s history.


The November issue sees Marge posing on a chair with the distinctive Playboy Bunny logo.


It marks the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons, viewed as America’s most dysfunctional family.


The move to put Marge on the cover is an attempt to draw in a younger audience for the soft porn magazine. "We knew that this would really appeal to the 20-something crowd," said Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey.


It is not yet know how much of Marge will be on show inside the issue, but "it’s very, very racy," said editorial director James Jellinek.


Playboy owner Hugh Hefner is said to be a huge Simpsons fan and appeared in an episode in the early 1990s.



grace: 動詞,使增光、使更具吸引力,如Her face has graced the covers of magazines across the world.(她的臉出現在全球各地的雜誌封面上。)grace sb with one’s presence則指藉參與某事讓其他人感到榮耀,如We are delighted that the mayor will be gracing us with his presence at our annual dinner.(我們非常榮幸市長將出席我們的年度晚宴。)

matriarch:名詞,指女家長、女統治者、女負責人。形容詞為matriarchal,如a matriarchal society(母系社會),男家長則為patriarch。

racy: 形容詞,指(言詞或文字)刺激的、活潑的、尤指關於性的、近乎淫猥的,或指(某人或某事)外表刺激、有趣或具吸引力、性感的。如a racy story(一篇辛辣的故事),或She is trying to create a racier image for herself.(她正試圖為自己打造更性感的形象。)


Global child trafficking on the increase 全球人口販運 兒童受害比例升高


The proportion of children in human trafficking cases around the world has risen to more than one in five of all victims, a report aimed at raising awareness of the problem said on Monday.


"More than 1.2 million minors are still being sexually exploited in the world every year... and between 2003 and 2007 the proportion of minors in human trafficking cases has risen from 15 to 22 percent," the report said.


Worth around 32 billion dollars a year, human trafficking is the third most lucrative illegal trade after weapons and drugs, UN experts say.


The report by ECPAT(End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)said that half the money made from the global sex trade is made in industrialised nations.


"Along with pimps and clients, passport counterfeiters, corrupt officials, transport workers, paedophiles and other sex tourists are also involved," said ECPAT’s Astrid Winckler.

「除了皮條客和嫖客外,偽造護照者、貪污官員、運送工人、戀童癖者及其他買春觀光客也脫不了關係」, 任職ECPAT的溫克勒表示。


trafficking:名詞,非法交易(尤指毒品、人口販運)。 動詞為traffic,指買賣、交易。例句:Trafficking in persons continued to be a serious problem.(販賣人口仍是一個嚴重問題。)

minor:名詞,未成年人。例句:You can’t serve drinks to minors.


counterfeiter:名詞, 偽造者;盜版者;造假者。


Want to live next door to the Obamas?/想住在歐巴瑪一家人的隔壁嗎?


Want to live next door to US President Barack Obama? The colonial mansion next to his Chicago home is now available - for the right price.


So far, the real estate broker handling the sale won’t even guess at what that price might be. "We don’t know what premium the Obama factor will have," said Matt Garrison of Coldwell Banker.


Garrison’s phones have been ringing off the hook since the house was put on the market on Friday.


They’ve had at least a handful of serious inquiries - one from as far away as London - and expect more to pour in as word gets out.


But those hoping for an invite from Obama or the chance to swap recipes with the First Lady might be setting themselves up for disappointment.


Despite vowing to come home to Chicago as often as possible, the Obamas spend most of their time in Washington and have chosen Camp David and Martha’s Vineyard for recent vacations.



available:形容詞,準備好可用的;可以被取得的;有資格與願意服務或協助的。例句:The president was not available for comment.(無法找到總統對此發表評論。)

ring off the hook:片語,指電話響個不停。hook,名詞,電話的聽筒架。

pour in (to something) :片語,(字面)倒入,灌入;(引申描述人或物)傾洩。例句:Letters are still pouring in.(信件依然如雪片般飛來。)


Med-style diet ’can battle blues’ 地中海飲食可對抗憂鬱


The Mediterranean diet, already thought to protect against heart disease and cancer, may also help to prevent depression, Spanish researchers say. They found depression was more than 30% less likely to develop in people who followed a diet high in vegetables, fruit and cereals, and low in red meat.


Researchers at the Universities of Las Palmas and Navarra recruited university graduates to take part. They completed questionnaires and the researchers calculated their adherence to the Mediterranean dietary pattern (MDP) for an average of four-and-a-half years.


Participants who had a strong adherence to the MDP tended to be male, ex-smokers, married and older individuals. They were more active physically and showed a higher total energy intake.


The researchers identified 480 new cases of depression during the follow-up period-156 in men and 324 in women. They found that those with the highest adherence to the MDP were more than 30% less likely to develop depression.


They took into account marital status, the number of children and factors associated with a healthy lifestyle and found the relationship did not change.



blue:名詞/形容詞,憂鬱/憂鬱的。例句:He’s been a bit blue since he failed his exams.(他考試失利後就有點憂鬱。)

adherence:名詞,堅持,嚴守。例句:He was noted for his strict adherence to the rules.(他以嚴守規則出名。)

take into account:片語,把…考慮進去。例句:I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the exams when she marks my paper.(希望老師改考卷的時候,能把我考試前才剛剛生病的事考慮進去。)


Human lung stolen from traveling show 人體肺臟在巡迴展中被竊


Organizers of a traveling exhibition about the human body breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday after an anonymous telephone tip-off led to the recovery of a stolen lung.


The caller, who did not claim the posted 2,000 dollar reward, directed staff at "Bodies Revealed" to a car park, where the organ was found in a plastic bag.


"They only told us that it was in a black plastic bag in the parking area of the same shopping center where the display was exhibited," said Susan Hoefken one of the curators.


The lung was stolen on Monday, but organizers said there was little concern it may rot or otherwise spoil, thanks to chemical treatment. "The organ is preserved under an innovative process of polymerization that maintains the organs in a good state after coming under chemical treatment," said Hoefken.


The exhibition includes real life specimens and has traveled the world. Since June it has received 90,000 visitors in Peru alone.



breathe a sigh of relief︰寬慰的(或如釋重負的)鬆口氣。例句︰We all breathed a sigh of relief when she left.(當她離開時,我們全都如釋重負地鬆了口氣。)

tip-off︰密報、透露消息。例句︰Police, acting on a tip-off, foiled attempts to blow up the building.(警方根據密報採取行動,挫敗了炸毀這棟建築物的陰謀。)

or otherwise︰或其他情況、或相反。例句︰Fine or otherwise, we shall have to go.(不管天氣好不好,我們非去不可。)


Immigrant asks to be deported, citing poverty移民以貧窮為由要求遣返


Police in Framingham, Mass., say an illegal immigrant from Guatemala entered a police station, told officers he had stolen another man’s identity and asked to be deported because he could no longer make ends meet in America.


Police tell the MetroWest Daily News they arrested 29-year-old Carlos Boc after he confessed Saturday night.


Lt. Paul Shastany says Boc told police he wanted to return to Guatemala but can’t afford a ticket. He told police he has no job or money and is worried about surviving the winter. He told police he came to the U.S. 13 years ago.


A not guilty plea was entered on Boc’s behalf Monday at his arraignment in Framingham District Court on charges including identity fraud.


A home number for Boc could not immediately be found.



to make ends meet:片語,使收支相抵、勉強維持生計。例句:Many people get a pension or Social Security benefits, but it’s not enough to make ends meet.(許多人領取年金或社會安全津貼,但這不足以讓收支平衡。)

on someone’s behalf:片語,代表~,為了~的利益。例句:He made an impassioned speech on behalf of his country.(他代表他的國家發表熱血澎湃的演說。)



Carla Bruni website publishes Barack Obama and Sarah Brown drawings 布妮網站發表歐巴瑪和莎拉布朗畫像


Carla Bruni website publishes Barack Obama and Sarah Brown drawings


Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s new website has caused consternation after it published unflattering drawings of Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, and Michelle and Barack Obama.


The drawing of Sarah Brown looks nothing like her. She comes across as far more narrow-faced than in the flesh and in need of urgent dental and hair treatment in the caricature.


Mrs Brown implied she was less than ecstatic with the portrait by saying on Twitter that she was "a bit bemused". But she told fellow tweeters that she was taking it in her stride.


Other well-known figures received rougher treatment.The US first couple, Obama and Michelle, look almost extra-terrestrial in their drawing, as do the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.


Bruni’s husband, President Nicolas Sarkozy, however, gets the royal treatment. His drawing has reduced his ear and nose size considerably and given him an action-man square jaw that in reality he lacks.



come across:動詞片語,偶然遇見、被理解、給人……的印象(+ as)。例句:He came across quite well in that interview.(他在那次面試表現相當好。)

in the flesh:名詞片語,親自、本人。例句:Have you ever seen any movie star in the flesh?(你見過哪個電影明星本人嗎?)

take something in stride:動詞片語,從容、冷靜面對某事。例句:He took these critics in his stride.(他對這些批評處之泰然。)


UK gov’t apologizes to gay codebreaker Alan Turing 英國政府向同志密碼破解者杜林道歉


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown offered a posthumous apology recently for the "inhumane" treatment of Alan Turing, the World War II codebreaker who committed suicide in 1954 after being prosecuted for homosexuality and forcibly treated with female hormones.


The mathematician helped crack Nazi Germany’s Enigma encryption machine — a turning point in the war — and is considered a father of modern computing.


In 1952, however, Turing was convicted of gross indecency for having sex with a man and offered a choice between prison and "chemical castration" — the injection of female hormones to suppress his libido. His security clearance was revoked and he was no longer allowed to work for the government.


Two years later, he killed himself at age 41 by eating an apple laced with cyanide.


"It is no exaggeration to say that, without his outstanding contribution, the history of World War II could well have been very different," Brown said. "He truly was one of those individuals we can point to whose unique contribution helped to turn the tide of war."



crack:動詞,指破解(密碼)、解開(難題等),如They cracked the code and read the secret message.(他們破解了密碼,讀取秘密訊息。)

clearance: 名詞,指取得官方同意從事某種行為,或符合官方對某事設定的條件,如The plane will be taking off as soon as it gets clearance.(飛機在得到許可後就會立刻起飛。)security clearance尤指安全調查、忠貞調查或參與機密的資格。

turn the tide:片語,指造成局勢逆轉,如The government had planned cuts in the armed forces, but when war broke out, the military saw a chance to turn the tide.(政府原打算裁軍,但隨後戰爭爆發,軍方發現了逆轉情勢的機會。)


Flexible LED Display Technology No Longer A Stretch 可彎式LED顯示技術不再是吹牛

◎ 陳成良

U.S. researchers said on Thursday they have found a way to make large-scale flexible display screens that can be stretched to fit the contours of a bus yet are transparent enough so riders can see out windows.


The thin, light screens might be used to make brake light indicators that follow the contours of a car, or health monitors or imaging devices that wrap around a patient like a blanket, said John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, whose study appears in the journal Science.


He said the large display screens combine the scale and durability of light-emitting diodes, or LED technology, used to make flat, lighted billboards, with the flexibility of screens made using organic -- carbon-containing -- materials.


Rogers said current technology using inorganic materials produces chunky individual LED lights that need to be arranged piecemeal with a robotic arm. Screens made using organic materials can be sprayed or painted onto a film surface, but they are not as bright or durable, he said.




contour:名詞,輪廓、外形、結構,如contours of a building(建築的輪廓)。

piecemeal :副詞,一件件地,逐個地;逐漸地;零碎地。例句:The reforms were implemented piecemeal. (改革在零零星星地進行。)


Chestnut dethroned as rib eating king in Nevada 卻斯納在內華達州痛失肋排大胃王頭銜

◎ 張沛元

Top-ranked competitive eater and three-time defending champion Joey Chestnut has been dethroned as the winner of the Best in the West Nugget World Rib Eating Championship in Sparks.


Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti of Chicago beat Chestnut on Wednesday by one-tenth of a pound. Bertoletti downed 5.8 pounds in 12 minutes.


Wednesday’s contest was the fourth annual and featured 12 competitors.


Chestnut, of San Jose, Calif., is ranked No. 1 in the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Bertoletti is rated second.


Bertoletti says he prepared for the contest by not eating since a large meal on Tuesday. He won $2,500 and his name will adorn a trophy featuring three golden pigs.



rib:名詞,肋骨,排骨。相關片語,stick to one’s ribs,能夠撐得夠久又能強化身心的食物。例句:I don’t want just a salad! I want something that will stick to my ribs.(我不要只吃沙拉!我要吃能凍卡久的東西。)

dethrone:動詞,罷黜,罷免。de-,字頭,去掉;throne,名詞,王位。相關片語,power behind the throne,垂簾聽政、控制表面上的主導者的藏鏡人。例句:President Chandler appeared to run the country, but his wife was the power behind the throne.(錢德勒總統看似是一國之君,但總統夫人其實才是真正發號施令的人。)

adorn:動詞,使生色,裝飾。adorn someone/something with something,以某物來裝飾美化某人/某物。例句:They adorned the ballroom with lots of flowers and balloons.(他們以許多花與氣球來裝飾舞廳。)


’Booze therapy’ for brain injury 腦部創傷的酒精治療


A dose of alcohol may be a good treatment for people with head injuries, emergency doctors suggest. Their basis for this is the discovery that people appear less likely to die following brain trauma if they have alcohol in their bloodstream.


It could be that alcohol dampens the body’s inflammatory response to injury, the US team told Archives of Surgery. But they stressed that alcohol can cause medical complications and is contributory to many accidents.


Experts cautioned people should not interpret the findings as an excuse to drink more alcohol. The amount of alcohol consumed appears to be important - too little and there is no effect, too much and the beneficial effects are lost, studies on animals suggest.


Experts believe the right dose of alcohol, however, stops the cascade of swelling, inflammation and further destruction of brain cells, known as secondary brain injury.


The latest work, based on more than 38,000 moderate-to-severe head trauma patients, is the largest yet to look at the effects of alcohol on brain injury survival.



dampen:動詞,抑制,使沮喪。例句:The bad news dampened our spirits. (這個噩耗讓我們沮喪。)

complication :名詞,併發症。例句:A hospital’s ability to rescue patients from postoperative complications may be a key factor in surgical mortality rates, researchers said. (研究人員說,一家醫院挽救病人手術後併發症的能力,可能是手術致死率的一個關鍵因素。)

contributory:形容詞,促成的。例句:Too little exercise is a contributory factor in heart disease.(太少運動是促成心臟病的因素。)


Pilots fight crew in mid-air brawl on Indian flight:report 報導︰機師與空服員在印度班機上空中互毆


Air India said on Sunday it was investigating allegations of a mid-air brawl in which pilots and cabin crew were reported to have exchanged blows in front of startled passengers.


The Times of India reported that crew members threw punches and hurled abuse at each other on the flight from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to Delhi after a female attendant accused the pilots of sexually harassing her.


The fight spilled out into the galley of the plane as about 100 passengers looked on, the paper said under the headline "Pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 feet".


The cockpit of the Airbus A-320 was left unmanned at one point, and one of the pilots threatened to divert the plane to Pakistan, the Times alleged.


The 24-year-old female crew member and a co-pilot both suffered bruises in the incident and police have registered a case against the pilots for "outraging the modesty of a woman," it said.



brawl︰名詞,爭吵、打架。例句︰The platform discussion would turn into a brawl.(施政綱領的討論將變成一場爭吵。)

hurl abuse( at sb)︰片語,破口大罵。例句︰They were hurling abuse at each other.(他們互相叫罵。)

look on︰片語,觀看、旁觀。例句︰He just stood looking on while an old woman was robbed.(當一名老婦遇搶時,他只是站在一旁觀望。)

slug it out︰片語,決一雌雄、比出高下。例句︰Unable to negotiate, they began to slug it out in the media.(談判不成,他們開始透過媒體一決勝負。)


Rape complaints face review to raise convictions 性侵案報案面臨檢討以提高定罪率


The UK government has ordered a review into how accusations of rape are handled, in a bid to encourage victims to come forward and raise conviction rates.


Harriet Harman, minister for women and equality, and Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the review will look at how rape complaints are treated from the moment they are reported.


Its findings and recommendations will be published in 2010.


"Convictions for rape have increased 50 percent since 1997, but with less than seven percent of reported rapes leading to a successful prosecution, we clearly must do more," Harman said.


Many more women were reporting rapes, but two high-profile criminal cases showed an urgent need to improve how complaints were examined by police and care agencies.


One was that of London taxi driver John Worboys, who was arrested in 2007 on suspicion of rape, only to be released without charge. This year he was jailed for attacking 12 women and 85 more have come forward to say they may also have been victims.



complaint:名詞,(法律用語)控訴、控告。make a complaint against…控告。

come forward:片語,站出來、出面。例句:The police encouraged accident witnesses to come forward.(警方鼓勵這起事故的目擊者出面作證。)

on suspicion of:片語,涉嫌~、有~嫌疑。例句:He was arrested on suspicion of fraud.(他因涉嫌詐欺而被捕。)


"Facebook bullies" drove girl, 15, to suicide「Facebook霸凌」逼得15歲女孩自殺


Holly Grogan, 15, jumped 30ft to her death from a road bridge. She had endured a torrent of abuse posted on her Facebook page, it was disclosed. Friends said that she had been a victim of cyber-bullying.


One of her friends, Chloe Davis, 16, said that some girls would "gang up" on Holly, and that others posted abusive messages on her Facebook page.


Chloe said that Holly was nice but “the other girls used to pick on her." Holly was forced to move schools after the bullying became unbearable. "Girls used to gang up on her and call her names and she didn’t have anything to say back. She just froze up."


Holly’s parents described Holly as a wonderful daughter but, they said, “Holly struggled to cope with the huge pressures placed upon her by the modern complexities of ‘friendship groups’ and social networking.


They warned other families to be aware of the dangers of bullying on websites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace.



bully、bullying:名詞,仗勢欺人(人或行為)。例句:Bullying in campus may ruin a kid’s life.(校園霸凌或許會毀了一個孩子的一生。)


gang up on somebody:動詞片語,聯合起來對付(某人)。例句:Microsoft and Yahoo gang up on Google.(微軟和雅虎聯手對付Google。)

freeze up:動詞片語,因為害怕或震驚而楞住、無法反應。例句:I just froze up when I heard the news.(我聽到這消息時都楞住了。)


Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies瑪丹娜在布加勒斯特為吉普賽人辯護被喝倒采


At first, fans politely applauded the Roma performers sharing a stage with Madonna. Then the pop star condemned widespread discrimination against Roma, or Gypsies _ and the cheers gave way to jeers.


"It has been brought to my attention ... that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe," she said. "It made me feel very sad." Thousands booed and jeered her.


"I jeered her because it seemed false what she was telling us. What business does she have telling us these things?" said Ionut Dinu, 23.


The sharp mood change that swept the crowd of 60,000 underscores how prejudice against Gypsies remains deeply entrenched across Eastern Europe.


Despite long-standing efforts to stamp out rampant bias, human rights advocates say Roma probably suffer more humiliation and endure more discrimination than any other people group on the continent.



boo:動詞,指發出噓聲,喝倒采,如Her singing was so bad that she was booed off the stage.(她的歌唱得實在太糟,最後被人噓下台。)

give way to sth:指被其他(更好、更便宜、更容易等的)東西取代,如My excitement gave way to fear when I drove a car for the first time.(當我第一次開車時,原本的興奮很快就被恐懼所取代。)

entrenched :形容詞,指根深柢固的、無法被改變的看法或態度(帶有負面、不贊同的含意),如It’s very difficult to change attitudes that have become so deeply entrenched over the years.(要改變多年來早已根深柢固的態度非常困難。)動詞為entrech,原指用壕溝圍住,引申用來指確立某種想法或問題,使其無法被改變。如 The government’s main task was to prevent inflation from entrenching itself.(政府的主要任務就是要防止通貨膨脹正式確立。)


Mobile phone towers a threat to honey bees 手機基地台威脅到蜜蜂


The electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone towers and cellphones can pose a threat to honey bees, a study published in India has concluded.


An experiment conducted in the southern state of Kerala found that a sudden fall in the bee population was caused by towers installed across the state by cellphone companies to increase their network.


The electromagnetic waves emitted by the towers crippled the "navigational skills" of the worker bees that go out to collect nectar from flowers to sustain bee colonies, said Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, who conducted the study.


He found that when a cell phone was kept near a beehive, the worker bees were unable to return, leaving the hives with only the queens and eggs and resulting in the collapse of the colony within ten days.


Over 100,000 people in Kerala are engaged in apiculture and the dwindling worker bee population poses a threat to their livelihood. The bees also play a vital role in pollinating flowers to sustain vegetation.


If towers and mobile phones further increase, honey bees might be wiped out in 10 years, Pattazhy said.



dwindling:形容詞,正在減少的;動詞原形為dwindle,減少。Taiwan’s population is expected to dwindle after 2050. (台灣的總人口預計在2050年後開始減少。)

pollinate: 動詞,給…授粉 。例句: The bees pollinate the crops and help them to grow. (蜜蜂為作物授粉,助其生長。)

wipe out:片語,徹底摧毀、消滅。例句:Pesticides can also wipe out insects that amphibians rely on for food.(殺蟲劑也可能會消滅兩棲動物賴以維生的昆蟲。)


Beijing karaoke crooners get anti-drug song 北京K歌族有了反毒歌


Karaoke singers in Beijing are being forced to listen to an anti-drugs song before belting out tunes as part of a crackdown on narcotics use ahead of China’s National Day, state media said Friday.


Police have told more than 1,200 karaoke venues in the capital to install the three-minute "educational video" as authorities clamp down on drug users and dealers ahead of the October 1 festivities, the Global Times reported.


"It pops up after you start the system. You can’t cut it short but have to wait till the song finishes," said Li Tong, manager of a Party World karaoke venue.


"Some sing to it. The tunes are quite catchy."


China is planning a military parade, mass song and dance performances, and fireworks on October 1 to mark the day when revolutionary leader Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of Communist China in 1949 at Tiananmen Square.



belt:動詞,俚語,指大聲用力地唱歌。例句:He’s always belting out songs while driving.(他總是一邊開車一邊嘶吼歡唱。)

crackdown: 名詞,鎮壓。例句:People around the world were both saddened and outraged by the Chinese government’s crackdown on peaceful protests in Tibet.(全世界各地民眾對中國政府鎮壓西藏的和平抗議感到既難過又憤怒。)

catchy:形容詞,吸引人;容易記得住的;微妙的,易上當的。例句:There were a lot of catchy questions on the exam.(那場測驗中有很多很微妙的問題。)


Money problems ’signal dementia’ 財務技能問題預示失智


Declining financial skills are detectable in patients in the year before they develop Alzheimer’s, according to US researchers.


Previous studies have shown that problems with daily activities often precede the onset of Alzheimer’s. The research from the University of Alabama in Birmingham is published in the journal, Neurology. The researchers studied 87 people with mild cognitive impairment(MCI), 25 of whom developed Alzheimer-type dementia during the study period, and 62 who did not.


They compared them with 76 healthy people with no memory problems. They used a tool called the Financial Capacity Instrument(FCI)to measure their skills over a period of a year.


Tested at the start of the study and then a year later, the overall FCI scores for the 25 patients who progressed to Alzheimer’s disease, showed a 6% decline. Their skills in managing a cheque book dropped by 9%. The control group and the 62 people with MCI who did not progress to Alzheimer’s maintained the level of their FCI scores throughout the year.



detectable:形容詞,可發覺的。例句:There has been no detectable change in the patient’s condition.(病患的狀況看不出有任何改變。)

precede:動詞,前導,在……之前。例句:It would be helpful if you were to precede the report with an introduction.(如果你的報告開頭能有個引言,會很有幫助。)

onset:名詞,開始。例句:The new treatment can delay the onset of the disease by several years.(這種新療法可將疾病的發病延緩數年。)