Intruder arrested while having a bath 闖入者在洗澡時落網


Police in America arrested an intruder who broke into an east Texas home - after they arrived at the crime scene to find the man having a bath in the house he’d broken into.


Police were called to the home in Tyler, Texas at around 3:30 in the morning, when a resident of the house reported that a man had kicked the front door in. The resident fled, but police en route to the scene were told the intruder was still there.


And indeed, when they arrived, they were surprised to find that the man had stripped naked and was having a bath.


After a brief, and presumably rather wet, struggle, the intruder - identified as 25-year-old Larry Ticey - was arrested, and jailed pending charges of misdemeanor criminal trespass.



break into︰片語,非法強行闖入、破門而入。例句︰We had to break into the house as we had lost the key.(因為弄丟了鑰匙,我們不得不破門而入。)

en route︰片語,在途中。例句︰They were en route from Kuala Lumpur to Paris.(他們在從吉隆坡去巴黎的途中。)

have a bath︰片語,洗一個澡。例句︰She is giving her child a hot bath.(她正在替她的小孩洗熱水澡。)

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