Recession means smaller Christmas tree for SC



The recession is downsizing everything - even South Carolina’s Statehouse Christmas tree.


This year’s tree is about 30-feet tall and doesn’t even reach the top of the Confederate soldiers’ monument on the capitol’s front lawn.


"We’re like nonprofits and other groups everywhere. We’ve got to be a little more careful with our money," said Jane Suggs with the Columbia Garden Club, which has been putting up the tree along one of the city’s busiest streets for several years.


The height of the tree also creates a uniquely South Carolina touch. To anyone driving or walking down Main Street a few blocks from the Statehouse, it looks like the tree is topped with the Confederate soldier that sits atop the monument behind it.


Most people walking by the tree on a balmy fall afternoon said the Christmas spirit trumps the look of the tree.


"The size and shape of the tree didn’t matter to Charlie Brown," Paul McCormick said. "Why should it matter to us?"



downsize:動詞。縮小規模,裁員。例句:Corporations continued to downsize after the economy recovered.(企業在經濟恢復後仍持續裁員。)


A Charlie Brown Christmas:知名的史努比電視卡通特集「查理.布朗的耶誕節」,主角查理.布朗為追求耶誕節真諦,不介意地挑了一棵小樹當耶誕樹。

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