Afghan stowaway found inside Sandhurst 阿富汗偷渡客被發現藏身軍校

An illegal immigrant from Afghanistan was found inside Sandhurst military academy after stowing away on an Army coach.


The stowaway was found in a stairwell of the coach after it passed through the gates of Sandhurst, reports The Sun.


The head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, was reportedly "incandescent" at the incident.


The coach was carrying a number of officers and other personnel but was driven by a civilian contractor, the MoD said.


An MoD spokesman said:"Security officers in all Army establishments have been informed and reminded of security procedures to reduce the risk of a further incident of this nature."


The man, who The Sun said was 20 but who claimed to be only 16, was handed over to officials from the UK Border Agency.



stow away:片語,無票偷乘、偷渡。例句:He stowed away on a British ship with the help of a passenger.(他在一名乘客的協助下,偷乘一艘英國船逃離。)

incandescent:形容詞,白熱的、發白熱光的、熾熱的。be incandescent with rage指大發雷霆。

remind of:片語,提醒。例句:I remind him of his promise.(我提醒他許下的諾言。)

hand over:片語,交出、移交。例句:The thief was handed over to the police.(小偷被移交給警方。)


Ex-smoker Obama still sneaks occasional puff戒了菸的歐巴瑪偶爾仍會偷抽菸

U.S. President Barack Obama may have just made life more difficult for cigarette makers, but he is not above confessing that he constantly struggles giving up smoking, and sneaking a smoke every now and again.


Obama, who has been trying to give up smoking completely, made the revelation after signing a law this week that will likely set tough new rules for the tobacco industry. The popular leader said he still hasn’t completely kicked the habit.


"As a former smoker I constantly struggle with it. Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes. Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No," Obama said at a news conference.


"I would say that I am 95 percent cured, but there are times where I mess up," he said.


Obama said he took up the habit before his 18th birthday. "Once you go down this path it’s something you continually struggle with, which is precisely why the legislation we signed is so important because what we don’t want is kids going down that path in the first place," he said.



every now and again:片語,偶爾。例句:We would have dinner together every now and again.(我們偶爾會一起吃飯。)

fall off the wagon:片語,恢復某種極力克制的成癮習慣(如抽菸、喝酒、毒品等)。例句:He has quit drinking for 2 years but fell off the wagon after learning his wife still want a divorce.(他已經戒酒兩年了,但是得知他太太仍想離婚後,又再喝酒。)

take up:片語,開始、養成(習慣、興趣)。例句:I took up mountaineering in my 20’s.(我20多歲時養成爬山的興趣。)


Tokyo fights burglars with flower power 東京動用花兒力量打擊盜賊

A Tokyo district plagued with burglaries has turned to planting flowers to beautify its streets and help stamp out crime.


"’Operation Flower’ began about three years ago. By planting flowers facing the street, more people will be keeping an eye out while taking care of the flowers or watering them," said Kiyotaka Ohyagi, a Suginami City official. "The best way to prevent crime is to have more people on the lookout."


Suginami, with a population of 528,800, saw a record 1,710 break-ins in 2002.


When a neighbourhood watch group found that there were fewer burglaries in buildings on flower-lined streets, Suginami decided to kick off Operation Flower and asked volunteers to plant seeds on side streets and in front of their homes.


The flowers are part of a wider crime prevention campaign. The district also has 9,600 volunteer patrollers and 200 security cameras set up in areas where there are frequent break-ins. It also emails crime information daily to residents.


Suginami says its efforts have paid off, with the number of burglaries falling to 390 in 2008, down almost 80 percent from 2002.



flower power:花兒力量,指一九六○、七○年代美國嬉皮運動人士所主張一種以愛與和平改革社會的非暴力信仰。

on the lookout:片語,指保持警戒狀態,或指尋找某人或某事,如Be on the lookout for signs of a storm.(留心暴風雨即將到來的徵兆),或I’m always on the lookout for interesting new recipes.(我一直在尋找有趣的新食譜。)

pay off:動詞片語,指成功、奏效,如All her hard work paid off in the end, and she finally passed the exam.(她先前的努力果然有效,她終於通過了考試。)


Iran using U.S. chip technology in rocket research 伊朗利用美國晶片科技進行火箭研究


An Iranian research institute claims it used Advance Micro Devices Inc. Opteron microprocessors to build a high computing performance system. The claim is but one more piece of evidence that the U.S. trade embargo on Iran has little impact on the country’s importing of high-tech equipment.


The Aerospace Research Institute of Iran (ARI) has listed on its Web site specifications for a high performance computer using AMD’s dual core chips. The Suse Linux-based system was launched with 32 cores which have since increased to 96 cores, according the ARI site.

伊朗航太研究所(ARI)在其網站上列出了一部以AMD雙核心晶片打造的高效能電腦規格。這套以Suse Linux作業系統為基礎的系統,推出時有32核心,此後增加至96核心,據ARI網站指出。

Exactly when the Iranians started building this system is uncertain. The Web page listed the specifications is dated from December.


This isn’t the first Iranian research organization to release specifications for a high performance computer system. In 2007, the Iranian High Performance Computing Research Center said it had assembled a Linux-based supercomputer using 216 Opteron processing cores. That center said it was the fastest system in Iran to date.



but :副詞,只;僅僅;才。例句:It took her but a few days to learn it.(只不過幾天時間她就學會了。)句中「but」可以換成「only」,但「but」更能強調語氣的堅決。

assemble:動詞,集合;聚集;裝配。例句:He was busy assembling the computer. (他忙著裝配電腦。)

to date:片語,迄今為止。up to date也有迄今、最新式、並駕齊驅之意。例句︰Our computer is up to date. (我們的電腦是最新款的。)


What to do with doggy doo - how ’bout a Powerloo? 該拿狗便便怎麼辦——強力馬桶怎麼樣?


What to do with doggy doo - how ’bout a Powerloo?


Necessity might be the mother of invention, but nastiness also played a big role in Curt Fournier’s creation. Fournier, 34, developed the Powerloo and formed GreenDog LLC with fiancee Victoria Januszewski.


It’s an outdoor, handsfree flushable toilet for dog waste. The Powerloo sits just below ground level and taps into sewer lines. It’s designed to be an environmentally safe and convenient way to dispose of dog poop.


"Vicki and I were getting tired of cleaning up the mess left by our two dogs and thought that being able to flush it down a toilet in the backyard would make things easier," Fournier said.



LLC :字頭縮寫,limited liability company,股份有限公司。

do with:關聯;關於;處理對待,相處忍受。例句:his illness has nothing do with his failing the exam.(他的病跟他考試失敗毫無關聯。)


dispose:動詞,處置。disposable,形容詞,可任意處置的。例句:I don’t use disposable chopsticks; it’s bad for the environment.(我不用免洗筷;那不環保。)


Green tea ’slows prostate cancer’ 綠茶減緩攝護腺癌


A chemical found in green tea appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer, a study has suggested.


The research, in the US journal Cancer Prevention Research, found a significant fall in certain markers which indicate cancer development.


A UK charity said the tea might help men manage low-risk tumours. Although previous studies have shown benefits from drinking green tea - including some positive findings in relation to prostate cancer, there have been mixed results.



In this study, Philadelphia-based researchers tested a compound called Polyphenon E. They were looking for a number of biomarkers - molecules - including vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF).

在這份研究中,費城的研究人員測試稱為 Polyphenon E的複合物。他們研究多種生物指標——分子,包括血管內皮成長因子(VEGF),以及肝細胞生長因子(HGF)。

They also looked for prostate specific antigen (PSA) - a protein only found in the prostate. Levels can rise if cancer is present.

他們也研究攝護腺特異抗原(PSA )。攝護腺特異抗原是一種只在攝護腺發現的蛋白質。如果攝護腺出現癌症,這種蛋白質的量會增加。

The study included 26 men, aged 41 to 72 years, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Patients took four capsules containing Polyphenon E for an average of 34 days, up until the day before surgery - the equivalent of around 12 cups of normally brewed concentrated green tea.

這份研究以26名41到72歲的男性為對象,這些人都被診斷出攝護腺癌。病患服用四顆Polyphenon E膠囊,平均服用34天,直到手術的前一天,服用量相當於12杯正常泡製的濃縮綠茶。


charity:名詞,慈善,慈善團體。例句:She does a lot of work for charity.(她做了很多慈善工作。)

mixed:形容詞,摻雜的,混雜的。例句:There has been a mixed reaction to the changes.(這些改變引發的反應不一。)

brew:動詞,泡(茶)、煮(咖啡)。例句:He brewed some coffee for us.(他幫我們泡了一些咖啡。)


Hospital tells man to take Panadol for broken neck/男子頸部骨折 醫院要他吃普拿疼

◎ 魏國金

Health officials have apologised after a Sydney hospital told a man to go home and take painkillers for a broken neck.


Thirty-one-year-old Paul Curtis says he went to Ryde Hospital late on a Friday night in late May with a painful neck injury.


He says he was forced to wait several hours and then told by the doctor that the X-ray unit was closed and he should go home and take some Panadol.


Curtis returned to the hospital on Monday and a CT-scan showed his neck was broken. He was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital, with a doctor there giving an assessment.


"The doctor said I’m lucky not to be a paraplegic," Curtis said. "Being told on the Monday afterwards that I am lucky to be alive ... you sort of go ’wow’." He says it should be mandatory for hospitals to carry out immediate X-rays on patients with neck injuries.


Ryde Hospital’s emergency department head doctor Peter Roberts says the initial doctor did follow guidelines but it is clear they need reviewing.


"On behalf of Ryde Hospital we do apologise to Paul Curtis," Dr Roberts said. He says in future, patients with similar symptoms will be X-rayed.



mandatory︰強制的、義務的。比如︰the mandatory retirement age(法定退休年齡)

sort of︰有幾分、多少有點。例句︰I’ve sort of heard of him but I don’t know who he is.(我對他略有耳聞,但不知道他是誰。)

on behalf of︰代表……一方。on somebody’s behalf也有代表某人、為了某人之意;例句︰Don’t be uneasy on my behalf.(不要為我擔心。)


Teen wakes up seeing stars 少女醒來看到星星


A Belgian teenager is suing a tattooist for £10,000 after claiming she woke up with 56 stars on her face.


Kimberley Vlaminck, 18, claims Rouslan Toumaniantz spoke such bad English and French that he misunderstood her at the Tattoo Box studio in Courtrai, Belgium.


She claims she fell asleep while the tattooist went to work and woke up to find 56 stars on her face.


"It is horrible," sobbed Kimberley. "He has turned me into a freak. I can’t go out on the street now with people looking at me."


However, Mr Toumaniantz insists she "got what she wanted" - and only complained when her dad got angry and her boyfriend dumped her.


Miss Vlaminch wants compensation to undergo laser treatment to remove the tattoos, but even after the treatment - that will cost upwards of 10,000 Euros, she is likely to be left with scars for life.



wake up:片語,醒來。例句:I woke up to discover that he had gone.(我醒來時發現他已走了。)

fall asleep:片語,入睡。例句:I fell asleep at my computer listening to music with my headphones.(我在電腦前用耳機聽音樂到睡著。)

for life:片語,終生、畢生。例句:It is still not known whether he will be paralyzed for life.(仍不曉得他是否會終生癱瘓。)


First couple’s NY date: a campaign promise kept 總統夫婦紐約約會:兌現選戰承諾


President Barack Obama made good on a campaign promise to his most important supporter Saturday night — his wife, Michelle. The president and first lady jetted to a date in New York, aides and media in tow.


"I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished," the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.


After dinning a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make it in time for "Joe Turner’s Come and Gone."

在西村餐廳Blue Hill吃了兩個多小時的晚餐後,總統和第一夫人及時前往Belasco劇院看「喬.特納的來來去去」。

The play by August Wilson is about black America recalling their migration from the sharecropping farms of the South to the industrialized North in the early 1900s.


From the West Village to the theater, and as they headed back for the flight to Washington.after the play, the Obamas were greeted by cheers from enthusiastic bystanders. But the RNC chastised Obama for saying he understands American’s troubles, but then hopping up to New York for "a night on the town."



make good on:動詞片語,履行(承諾)、支付(債款)。例句:You will be so in trouble if you can’t make good on your promise.(如果你不能兌現承諾,你的麻煩就大了。)

in tow:形容詞,緊跟著、在(某人)保護或伴隨下。例句:How I wish one day I could go travel alone without kids in tow. (我多希望有一天能獨自去旅行,沒有小孩跟著。)



Malaysia to blow the whistle on litterbugs 馬來西亞將吹哨制止亂丟垃圾者


After flyers failed to stop litterbugs, the frustrated mayor of a Malaysian town told his officials to blow the whistle on offenders — literally.


Khazali Din, mayor of the northern Alor Star city, said that those who throw garbage on the streets will be greeted with a sharp whistle blown by patrolling city officials, and a fine of up to 300 ringgit.


"I’ve been trying so many methods, but they failed. I think this is the best way because people will feel shy or embarrassed when they are caught red-handed," he said.


The whistle offensive started recently, but Khazali said his officers are not yet adept at pouncing on offenders, so no one has been caught yet.


The litter monitors must learn to act "on the spot, on the dot," he said, adding that the city will give the whistle campaign until at least the end of the year to show results.


Some offenders may be let off with a warning, without having to face the full music, he said.



blow the whistle:俚語,指告發、通知、揭發以期阻止壞事或非法行為,如 an attorney who blew the whistle on governmental corruption.(一位揭發政府貪腐內幕的檢察官),whistle-blower則指告發者,如The government pledges to protect whistle–blowers who fear reprisals.(政府承諾會保護擔心遭報復的告密者。)


on the dot:準時地,如The plane landed at two o’clock on the dot.(飛機準時在兩點整降落。)

face the music:指面對困難,或接受應得的懲罰,如When the missing money was noticed, he chose to disappear rather than face the music.(當有人注意到錢不翼而飛時,他寧可選擇失蹤也不願接受懲罰。)


Nanotube chip could store data for a billion years 奈米管晶片能儲存資料10億年


Researchers have demonstrated a form of archive memory using carbon nanotubes that can theoretically store a trillion bits of data per square inch for a billion years.


The technology could easily be incorporated into today’s silicon processing systems and it could be available in the next two years, a lead researcher said.


The scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California said the new technology can potentially pack thousands of times more data into one square inch of space than today’s chips.


Researchers said this latest nanotube breakthrough uses an iron nanoparticle, approximately 1/50,000th the width of a human hair, that in the presence of a low voltage electrical current can be shuttled back and forth inside a hollow carbon nanotube with remarkable precision.


The shuttle’s position inside the tube can be read out directly via a simple measurement of electrical resistance, allowing the shuttle to function as a nonvolatile memory element with potentially hundreds of binary memory states.



incorporate:動詞,合併;混合。例句:We will incorporate your suggestion in this new plan.(我們將把你的建議納入這項新計畫。)

hollow:形容詞,空的;中空的。例句:These chocolate eggs are all hollow. (這些巧克力蛋都是空心的。)

via:介系詞,經由;憑、藉(=by means of)。via air mail以航空郵寄。


Show me the money: 5th-graders pick winning stocks/給我錢:小五生選中獲利股


If your stock portfolio isn’t performing as well as you’d like, maybe you could hand it over to these fifth-graders. Four students at Tullar Elementary School in Neenah won the recent Wisconsin Stock Market Game, turning $100,000 of hypothetical money into more than $203,000 in 10 weeks.


The winning team of Annie Czech, Bailey Morton, Jen Sagehorn and Sam Weiler invested exclusively in 15 financial stocks, of which 13 proved profitable.


"I was really excited," Annie said. "I wanted to scream."


"I am really pleased," Tim Hopfensperger, a teacher at the school and adviser to the young investors, said. "I am waiting to see what they will do in the future. A number of them will get involved in the financial industry."



Show me the money:給我錢,電影台詞,出自1996年的「征服情海」(Jerry Maguire)。此一台詞曾入選美國電影學院(American Film Institute, AFI)2005年的「百年百大電影經典名句」第25名。例句:"What’s your favorite movie quote?" " Definitely ’Show me the money’ from ’Jerry Maguire.’"「你最喜歡的電影台詞是哪句話?」「當然是『征服情海』的『給我錢』了。」

grade:名詞,(美)中小學的年級;~th grader,中小學~年級生。grade school,小學。小學亦可做elementary school或primary school。

portfolio:名詞,公事包;部長職;投資組合。minister without portfolio,不管部部長,政務委員。


Music ’nurtures’ premature babies 音樂有助早產兒發育


Hospitals that play music to premature babies help them grow and thrive, mounting evidence suggests.


The benefits are said to be calmer infants and parents as well as faster weight gain and shorter hospital stays.


A Canadian team reviewed nine studies and found music reduced pain and encouraged better oral feeding. Music also appeared to have beneficial effects on physiological measures like heart and respiratory rate, Archives of Disease in Childhood reports.


Increasing numbers of neonatal units are using music on their wards.


Six of the studies the University of Alberta team looked at music played to babies during painful procedures such as circumcisions. One looked at the effect of music on feeding rates and the remaining two looked at the effect of music on physiology and behaviours.


The study authors, Dr Manoj Kumar and colleagues, said: "There is preliminary evidence to suggest that music may have beneficial effects in terms of physiological parameters, behavioural states and pain reduction during painful medical procedures.



thrive:動詞,茁壯成長。例句:His business thrived in the years before the war.(他的生意在戰前幾年蓬勃成長。)

unit:名詞,病房 。例句:She’s in the burns unit.(她現在待在燒燙傷病房。)

procedure:名詞,手術。例句:It’s a standard surgical procedure.(這是標準外科手術。)


107-year-old honoured among Afghan ’mothers of the year’



Afghan President Hamid Karzai honoured three women with the title Mother of the Year, including a posthumous recognition for a centenarian with some 500 descendants.


Bibi Tabo, 107, passed away six months ago but her medal was given to her son at a ceremony in Kabul.


Husan Bano Ghazanfar, the minister of women’s affairs, told a gathering of women at the ceremony that Tabo had around 500 children and grandchildren.


"This year we announce three mothers as mothers of the year," Ghazanfar told the audience. Among the other recipients was Bibi Sakina, who is known for her active role and hard work in her community in western Herat province, Ghazanfar said.


Illiterate Fatima Asir was also honoured after raising nine children, six sons and three daughters and ensuring they received a good education despite financial constraints. Among her children are an Afghan ambassador, university lecturer, doctor, engineer and an official in a senior post in the president’s office.



posthumous︰ 形容詞,死後的、身後的。例句︰He received a posthumous award for bravery.(他因英勇表現而在死後獲獎。)a posthumous child(遺腹子)、 posthumous works(遺作)。

centenarian︰名詞,百歲以上老人。centenary則指一世紀、一百年。例句︰This theatre is reaching its first centenary.(這家戲院即將滿一百年。)

constraint︰名詞,約束、限制、強制。例句︰The children showed constraint in the presence of the new teacher.(孩子們在新老師面前顯得拘謹。)


Russia gays to take mayor to court over "queer" jibe



Russia gays to take mayor to court over "queer" jibe


Gay rights activists in Moscow plan to take the city’s rampantly homophobic mayor to court for insulting their dignity during an interview in which he said "queers" undermined a morally healthy society.


A Moscow court rejected a previous case made by gay rights campaigners against 72-year-old mayor Yuri Luzhkov in 2007 after he described their marches as "satanic" and banned one.


Prominent gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev said on Wednesday that lawyers would present a new case against Luzhkov to a Moscow court this week and later to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


"Nobody in Russia can win against the authorities. This is about raising awareness," he told Reuters by telephone.


Besides banning several gay parades in Moscow, Luzhkov has also blamed homosexuals for the spread of HIV/AIDS.



take ~ to court:片語,對某人提出告訴。例句:Pigeon lovers are set to take London Mayor to court.(愛鴿人士準備對倫敦市長提出告訴。)

queer: 名詞,怪人,或(尤指男性)同性戀者,但有輕蔑意味。亦被譯為「酷兒」。例句:It is an unfortunate fact that queer teens do sometimes face violence from family, friends, or classmates.(有同性戀傾向的少年男女確實有時候會面臨來自家人、朋友或同學的暴力,這是不幸的事實。)

win against:片語,打贏、戰勝。例句:It will take a major effort mentally for them to win against the rebels.(他們要做好心理建設,才能打贏叛軍。)


Some Israelis Insulted By Obama Picture/部分以色列人覺得被歐巴瑪照片污辱了


Israeli TV newscasters interpreted a photo taken 8. June in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an "insult" to Israel. The photo which was released to the media showed Obama with his shoes up on the desk during the conversation.


It is considered an insult in the Arab world to show the sole of your shoe to someone. It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too.


They saw the incident as somewhat akin to an incident last year, when the Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at President Bush in Baghdad.


Was there a subliminal message intended from the White House to Netanyahu in Jerusalem, who is publicly resisting attempts by Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to force Israel to stop any kind of settlement activity in occupied territories once and forever?


Whether or not it is true, it shows the mood in Israel. They feel cornered. The reactions out of Israel reflect that feeling.



akin to:形容詞,與…(性質)類似、有血緣關係的。例句:The problem she’s facing now is akin to what she had few years ago.(她現在面臨的問題與她幾年前碰過的問題類似。)

subliminal: 形容詞,隱含的、潛意識的。例句:The subliminal messages in ads could have great influence on comsuming behavior.(廣告中隱含的訊息可能對消費行為有很大影響力。)

cornered:形容詞,被逼入困境、被為難。例句:We actually has been cornered by the competitor.(我們實際上被競爭對手逼入困境了。)


Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks瑞士清潔狂熱到達顛峰


A Swiss holiday resort is offering mountain-cleaning courses after an April fools spoof caught the imagination of a nation known for its cleanliness, the tourism board said recently.


Authorities in Engelberg, an idyllic ski resort where tens of thousands of skiers come annually, said the April fools joke had such global impact that they were now using it as a marketing tool to attract holidaymakers.


"We are offering four weekend courses after which participants can call themselves qualified mountain cleaners," Modeste Jossen, Engelberg cable car services director, said. Participants are awarded a special ’mountain-cleaner badge’.


On April 1 this year, the national tourism board aired an online video to recruit mountain cleaners to keep the country’s Alpine peaks in pristine condition all year round.


The video was translated into six languages and more than 30,000 people completed the spoof application to become a mountain cleaner in the first 24 hours of it being posted.


Cleanliness and tidiness are entrenched in the culture of Switzerland, where many households still set aside one day a week solely for washing and doing housework.



bug:名詞,口語用法,指對某事物非常熱中,或指對某事物非常熱中的人,如 He’s been bitten by the sailing bug.(他愛上了航海。)

peak: 名詞,指山頂、山峰,亦指某事的最高峰、頂點,如Holiday flights reach a peak during August.(假期航班在8月到達最高點),亦可做動詞,如Official figures show that unemployment peaked in November.(官方數據顯示失業率在11月達到頂點。)

pristine:形容詞,正式用語,具 正面含意,指原始的、清新的、純樸的,如a pristine fores(原始林),亦指全新的或接近全新的,如We’ve just moved into our pristine new offices.(我們剛剛搬進全新的辦公室。)


Founder Of Cirque du Soleil To Become Next Space Tourist 太陽馬戲團創辦人將成下一位太空遊客


Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte has found an out-of-this-world way to celebrate his 50th birthday -- blasting off into space.


The former fire-eater is on the countdown to become the world’s seventh, and Canada’s first, space tourist, slated to travel on a Russian Soyuz space craft to the International Space Station (ISS) in September.


Laliberte, 49, a Quebec billionaire who was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2004, will be the seventh tourist to visit the multi-national orbiting space station since April 2001.


He founded Cirque du Soleil 25 years ago and currently owns 95 percent of the company, and is also a professional poker player. Laliberte turns 50 on September 2.


He paid a total of $60 million for his two space journeys but tourists have paid up to $35 million for the trip, arranged by U.S. company Space Adventures.



blast off :片語,(火箭、飛彈等的)發射升空,例句:The rockets were blasted off.(火箭發射升空了。)

out of this world:(口語)極好的。例句: This restaurant is absolutely out of this world. (這家餐廳實在太棒了。)

slate:動詞,預定;選定。例句:The delegation is slated to arrive next week. (代表團預定下週到達。)


NY couple to be first to wed in zero gravity



A New York couple really will be on cloud nine when they marry later this month: they’ll exchange vows in zero gravity.


Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan will be floating -- possibly upside down -- as they say "I do" in a specially modified Boeing 727-200 departing Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral on June 20, a statement from Zero Gravity Corporation said.


They will be "the first bride and groom to be married in zero gravity," the company, a provider of commercial weightless flights, said.


"Richard Garriott, the sixth private explorer in history to go to space and the first second-generation US astronaut, will officiate," the company said.


According to the statement, the aircraft’s interior replicates levels of weightlessness found on Mars or the Moon. "It’s an experience unlike any other."


Although the betrothed may have trouble with rings floating away, they’ll at least get out of the extreme setting unscathed.



cloud nine:非正式用法,狂喜狀態。例句:She was on cloud nine after winning the competition.(她贏得比賽後欣喜若狂。)

upside down:副詞,指倒轉地、顛倒地、混亂地。upside-down則為形容詞。

officiate:動詞,主持,行使。例句:A priest officiates at a wedding.(一名教士主持婚禮。)


Tomato pill ’beats heart disease’ 番茄藥丸對抗心臟病


Scientists say a natural supplement made from tomatoes, taken daily, can stave off heart disease and strokes.


The tomato pill contains an active ingredient from the Mediterranean diet - lycopene - that blocks "bad" LDL cholesterol that can clog the arteries.


Ateronon, made by a biotechnology spin-out company of Cambridge University, is being launched as a dietary supplement and will be sold on the high street.


Experts said more trials were needed to see how effective the treatment is.


Preliminary trials involving around 150 people with heart disease indicate that Ateronon can reduce the oxidation of harmful fats in the blood to almost zero within eight weeks.



stave off :片語,擊退,趕走。例句:Death is natural and inevitable - we can’t stave it off forever. (死亡是自然且不可避免的事情,我們沒辦法永遠抗拒。)

block:動詞,阻擋,阻塞。例句:My view was blocked by a tall man in front of me.(我的視野被眼前一個高大的男人擋住了。)

clog:動詞,阻塞。例句:The roads are clogged with holiday traffic.(路上塞滿了度假車潮。)

high street:名詞,大街(指市鎮中最主要的街道)。


Boy, 10, ’Too Tall’ For Kids’ Meal Discount

10歲男孩太高 無法享用兒童餐優惠

A 10-year-old boy, who was hoping to enjoy a half-price children’s meal, got a surprise when he was told by restaurant staff he was too tall for the discounted rate.


Ben Gardner was measured by staff, who deemed him nine centimetres over the 140cm height limit for the special price. His father had to pay the full price of £10 for his son’s meal.


The family had gone to the Angel Chef Chinese buffet restaurant in Saintbridge, Gloucester, for an evening out last Friday. They had hoped to take advantage of the half-price children’s meal but were bemused when staff measured him when he went up to the buffet to fill his plate.


The restaurant said there is a sign at the front of the restaurant informing customers of the children’s price height rule.


"They haven’t measured him before. How can they charge for an adult? He is only 10. It seems ludicrous they are going by height." Mr. Gardner said.


A spokeswoman from the national chain of Angel Chef said:"Since last year we started charging the adult price for children over 140cm. We leave it to the discretion of the manager."



bemuse︰使困惑、使茫然。例句︰The wine left him somewhat bemused.(喝酒後他多少有點神智迷糊。)

ludicrous︰滑稽、荒唐可笑的。例句︰His face was ludicrous in its dismay.(他那沮喪的神色看上去很滑稽。)

discretion︰ 斟酌決定(或處理)權。例句︰The matter came within his discretion.(這件事他可以自行決定處理。);at discretion指任意、隨意、無條件地,surrender at discretion(無條件投降)。


Police nab Germany’s most wanted criminal 警方逮到德國頭號通緝犯


Germany’s most wanted criminal has been captured outside a pub in Hamburg’s redlight district ending a nine-year manhunt, police said on Friday.


Thomas Wolf, 56, a talented linguist who eluded police with multiple aliases, told investigators after his arrest late on Thursday that he expected them to nab him sooner or later.


Wolf, who had been on the run since 2000 after fleeing while serving a prison sentence for bank robbery, has remained silent about the whereabouts of a 1.8 million euros ransom he extorted from a kidnapping this year, police said.


He also stole hundreds of thousands of euros in bank robberies across northern Europe while on the run, they said.


"It all ended very fast. He appeared to be baffled and had no chance of resisting arrest," a Hamburg police spokesman told ARD television.


Federal police investigator Joern Blicke said Wolf had been under observation in Hamburg for several days after authorities got a tip-off.



sooner or later:片語,遲早、終歸。例句:The child will get back sooner or later.(這個孩子遲早會回來的。)

on the run:片語,(遭通緝的)逃亡。例句:The killer is still on the run.(凶手仍在逃。)

tip-off:名詞,線報、密告。例句:The reporter received a tip-off from a reliable source.(這名記者從可靠人士取得消息。)


Brazen NZ parrot steals passport 大膽的紐西蘭鸚鵡偷護照

Polly wants a passport—and isn’t above stealing one.


A brazen parrot, which spotted a Scottish man’s passport in a colored bag in the luggage compartment under a tour bus, nabbed the document and made off into dense bush with it, the Southland Times newspaper reported Friday.


The bird—a parrot of the Kea variety—made its move while the bus was stopped along the highway to Milford Sound on South Island, and the driver was looking through the compartment.


Police told the newspaper the passport has not been recovered and is unlikely to be located in the vast Fiordland rain forest.


"My passport is somewhere out there in Fiordland. The Kea’s probably using it for fraudulent claims or something," the passport owner, who did not want to be named, told the newspaper.


Kea, the world’s only snow line-dwelling parrot, are widely known as inquisitive birds who appear to take delight in attacking rubber items like windshield wiper blades.


"I’ll never look at a Kea in the same way," the man was quoted saying.



brazen:形容詞,動詞;大膽的、厚臉皮的,大膽、厚臉皮的行動。例句:You are such a brazen liar.(你真是個厚顏無恥的騙子。)

above;介系詞,不屑於、難於,如;above comprehension難以理解的。above oneself 自大的。

take delight in;片語,樂於、以從事某事為樂。例句:She takes delight in helping others.(她以助人為樂。)


Hair’s the limit for Japan’s Mohican Makino 日本足球隊員變髮無禁忌

Hiroshima defender Tomoaki Makino is poised to make a hair-raising debut for Japan against Chile after reporting for duty with a red-dyed Mohican.


The 22-year-old shocked team mates and Japan coach Takeshi Okada with his spiky hairdo on the eve of his country’s Kirin Cup friendly in Osaka.


"The red signifies passion and Japan’s rising sun flag," Makino told Japanese media, adding that it had taken eight hours to create his new look.


"Maybe he’s trying to get noticed by getting a Mohican," Okada smiled. "I had no idea he would go that far. Hopefully he will make a similar impression on the pitch."



The sky’s the limit:成語,指某事或某人的成就毫無限制。本文標題hair’s the limit由此成語變化而來,是指球員改變髮型的雙關語。如With two important film roles and a major award, it seems like the sky’s the limit for this talented young actress. (在兩部影片中都擔任要角、並獲頒重要獎項後,這位年輕的才女演員似乎前途無量。)

hair-raising:形容詞,指非常嚇人或刺激,如Driving through the mountains was a hair-raising experience.(開車穿越這些山脈非常刺激。)



Google employs goats Google僱用山羊

◎ 陳成良

Search engine outfit Google has hired a herd of goats in a bid to lower its carbon footprint. The herd of 200 goats have been bought in to clip and fertilize the grass on its Mountain View HQ rather than using lawnmowers.


Google said it wanted to take a more "low-carbon" approach with the goats reducing the company’s contribution to air and noise pollution. It costs about the same as mowing the lawn but the goats were "a lot cuter to watch."


The move has worried PETA which has said that while they have no problem with the goats eating grass, they were concerned about how they were transported and whether they have enough shelter and water.


Google has stretched its employee policy for the goats. Normally only employees are allowed a free organic lunch.


Yahoo has also employed goats to graze their grounds, some of them were made board members.



outfit: 名詞,(口語)企業;商業組織。例句:The Siemens of Germany set up a new outfit to expand its operations in China. (德國西門子公司成立一家新公司,以擴大在中國營運範圍。)

carbon footprint:名詞,碳足跡,指一個人、家庭、組織或國家所排放的溫室氣體(主要是二氧化碳)數量,也是溫室氣體排放量的通用測量標準。

graze: 動詞,(動物)吃草。例句:If wheat prices are very low, a farmer or rancher may choose to let the cattle graze the wheat all spring, instead of letting the wheat grow and producing grain.(如果小麥的價格非常低,一位農民或牧場主可以選擇讓牛群在小麥田吃上整個春天,而不是讓小麥生長結穗。)


Snake blacks out Missouri Capitol, pays price害密蘇里州議會停電的蛇為此付出代價

◎ 張沛元

Missouri legislators spent about an hour in the dark because of a power outage at the state Capitol - and a snake took all the blame and paid the price.


The electricity went out at noon while lawmakers were debating legislation and scores of schoolchildren were touring the building.


Several people were stuck in elevators, but Capitol Police Chief Todd Hurt said they all were freed within 20 minutes and no injuries were reported. Power was back on after about an hour.


The problem was a reptile that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


AmerenUE spokeswoman Susan Gallagher said the black snake got into underground electrical cables near the Capitol and shorted out two cables.


The snake was electrocuted.


The blackout also affected the Governor’s Mansion and other downtown buildings.



black out:停電;昏倒,失去知覺。例句:I think I am going to black out.(我覺得我快昏倒了。)

take the blame (for doing something):俚語,承擔過錯。例句:I’ll never take the blame for something I didn’t do just to keep the peace.(我才不會為了和諧而去承擔我沒做過的事的罪名。)

pay the price :付出代價;承受做了某事或冒某險的後果。例句:You will be paying the price for smoking too much someday.(你總有一天得為抽太多菸付出代價。)


Fathers-to-be ’gain extra weight’ 準爸爸會變胖


The average father-to-be gains a stone (6.35kg) during his partner’s pregnancy, a poll has suggested.


A fifth of 5,000 men surveyed said they were given larger meals, and 41% said there were more snacks in the house.


The poll, for marketing company Onepoll, also found 25% of men ate more food to make their partner feel better about her weight gain.


Favourite ’male pregnancy’ snacks include pizza, chocolate, crisps, and more inappropriately, beer.


The average weight gain equated to men putting on around at least two inches around their waist, and a quarter were forced to buy a "paternity" wardrobe.


A fifth of fathers-to-be said they had only realised they had put on weight when their existing clothes stopped fitting. But 19% said it was their friends who had felt they needed to make it clear they were fatter than before - via jokes about having a "bun in the oven".



equate:動詞,相當於。例句:The price of such goods in those days equates to about $50 a kilo at current prices.(那時候這些商品的價格,每公斤相當於現在的50美元。)

put on:片語,(體重)增加。例句:He’s put on 10 pounds in the last month.(他上個月胖了十磅。)

have a bun in the oven:(幽默用法)指「懷孕」。


Maryland state mows with goats 馬里蘭州以山羊除草


Officials in the eastern US state of Maryland have come up with an innovative, cost-saving way to protect the environment: they use goats to mow the grass.


The State Highway Administration came up with the novel idea while building an 85-million-dollar road bypass near the town of Hampstead after it found that the construction site was home to bog turtles, the smallest turtle in the United States and a threatened species.


The traditional method of keeping grass at the side of a highway in trim -- lawn mowers -- was considered but discarded because it could severely disrupt the bog turtles’ habitat and possibly even injure or kill the tiny reptiles, whose shells measure between 7.6 and 11.5 centimeters in length.


Grazing cattle on the land was also pondered, but that idea was ruled out because cows are heavy and might have crushed the tiny turtles. Then, someone thought of the goat option.


"We found a local farmer who has 40 goats that we rent," said David Buck, spokesman for the State Highway Administration.


If the two-year, 10,000-dollar pilot project is deemed a success, it will be expanded to other environmentally sensitive regions across Maryland.



come up with ︰(針對問題或挑戰)提出、想出。例句︰He could always come up with a reason for them to linger another month.(他總能想出個理由來讓他們再待上一個月。)

trim︰名詞指修整、調整。例句︰It’s a long time for him to get into trim.(他花了很長的時間才穿著就緒。)in(good)trim指整齊、狀況佳,out of trim則是失衡。

pilot︰當形容詞指(小規模)試驗性的。例句︰The local government is trying a pilot farming scheme.(地方政府正在嘗試一個小規模試驗性的農耕計畫。)


Teens rob man in wheelchair 少年搶劫坐輪椅的男子


Two teenagers are facing charges in Florida after allegedly pulling an elderly man from his wheelchair, roughing him up and robbing him, police say.


Miami-Dade police said they arrested the 17-year-old and 13-year-old boys Friday and charged them with strong-arm robbery and battery of an elderly person, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.


Police say one of the teens was videotaped running up behind Celedono Carrera, 66, as he rode his motorized wheelchair in a parking lot May 8. The youth can be seen pulling Carrera from his wheelchair, knocking him to the ground and hitting him, the newspaper said.


Though prone, Carrera tries to defend himself by kicking at the teen, who walks away only to be replaced by a second youth who also can been seen struggling with the disabled senior. The attackers then ran off.


Police said Carrera’s wallet and necklace were taken from him, and he suffered minor injuries.



strong-arm:形容詞,使用暴力的、施暴的。例句: The police are on the lookout for suspects in a strong-arm robbery over the weekend.(警方正追查週末的一起暴力搶劫案嫌犯。)

rough up:片語,用暴力對待、向~動粗。例句:The mob roughed up the speaker.(暴徒向演講人動粗。)

run off:片語,跑掉、迅速離開。例句:They cast their arms to the ground and ran off.(他們把武器仍在地上逃走了。)


Spurned wife burned down family home 被甩人妻燒光住家房子

◎ 管淑平

A spurned wife who set fire to her family home so her cheating husband would get nothing in a divorce has walked free from court.


Deborah Jackson, 45, burned the couple’s £210,000 house to the ground after finding out husband Kurt, 38, was having an affair.


The fire cost the couple £110,000 and left them penniless, according to Leicester Crown Court documents.


Recorder Nicholas Syfret said: ’Confronted with clear evidence of her husband’s infidelity, she took revenge on him by setting fire to the house from which she would have otherwise have benefited,’ ’She’s effectively punished herself by what she’s done.’


The court heard Jackson was due to make £50,000 from the sale of the family home, after the couple agreed to divorce after 18 years of marriage.


Husband Kurt, whose two-year affair led to the divorce, was entitled to just £35,000 after loans and mortgage repayments had been paid back.


After her arrest, Jackson admitted arson and told police: ’I didn’t want him to get a penny.’



spurn:動詞,很藐視地拒絕、摒棄。例句:She spurned his proposal to her.(她不屑的拒絕了他的求婚。)

burn to the ground: 動詞片語,燒得精光。例句:The fire spreaded quickly and burned his house to the ground in just half hour.(火勢蔓延迅速,半小時就把他的房子燒光。)

entitled to:形容詞片語,有資格的、應該得到的。例句:He’s entitled to this award.(這座獎是他該得的。)