Please speak after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言

Voicemail:Hello, youve reached the voicemail of Sandra Adams. Im away from my desk at the moment, but if youd like to leave a message, Ill get back to you as soon as possible. Please speak after the tone.
Richard:Hello, Ms. Adams. This is Richard Norman from Norton Electronics. Im calling to let you know that Im still waiting for you to fax me the information I requested. Could you do that as soon as possible? Its very urgent. Thank you.


◎Please speak after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言。
.Please leave a message after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言。


◎voicemail n. 語音信箱
.a voicemail message 語音信箱留言
◎be away from……離開……
例:Ill be away from home for two weeks. Can you take care of my cat?(我將會離家2個星期。你可以照顧我的貓嗎?)
◎tone n.(電話等發出的)電子聲音信號╱語調╱音調
.in a/an...tone 以……的語氣╱口吻
例:From Amys tone, I knew she was angry with me.(我從艾美的語調知道她對我很生氣。)
◎request vt. & n. 請求╱要求
.request sb to V 請某人從事……
例:Headquarters requested us to send them the quarterly report by July 1.(總公司要我們於7月1日前把季報告寄給他們。)
◎urgent a. 緊急的

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