For sale - village with pub, 40 people 待售—有酒館與40位村民的村莊

Stressed-out city executives looking to get away from it all have the chance to buy their own rural village in New Zealand, complete with a pub and population of 40.
壓 力重重、期待度假來擺脫一切的都市高級主管們,有機會在紐西蘭買下自己的農村,這座村莊附帶有一間酒館與40名人口。
Otira, a hamlet on the rainy west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is on the market for $NZ1 million.
Current owners Bill and Christine Hennah bought the rundown village in 1998 after passing through and "feeling sorry for it," Christchurch-based newspaper The Press reported.
目前的持有人比爾與克莉絲汀.漢娜在行經該村,並「為它感到遺憾」後,於 1988年買下這座荒蕪的村莊,總部設在基督城的報紙「新聞報」報導。
They paid $NZ80,000 for the hotel or pub, school, railway station, town hall and 18 houses making up the village near the Arthur’s Pass National Park that dates back to 1923.
他們付了8萬紐元買下構成該村的旅館或酒館、火車站、鄉公所與18棟房子,該座可追溯至1923年設立的村子鄰近亞瑟隘口國家公 園。
The village developed when the Otira railway tunnel was opened, and during its heyday was home to about 600 workers and their families.
當 歐提拉鐵路隧道開通後,村子發展起來,在全盛期間,住有約600名工人與其家眷。
But the couple, now aged in their 60s, say they no longer have the energy to run the hotel. They are asking $NZ350,000 for the hotel or $NZ1 million for the whole lot. "We need someone to build it up again. There is a lot of potential and opportunity," Christine Hennah told The Press.
然而這對現年60餘歲的夫婦說,他們不再 有體力經營旅館。他們開價35萬紐元出售旅館,或者100萬紐元出售整座村子。「我們需要某人再度讓它發展起來,這裡有許多的潛能與機會。」克莉絲汀.漢 娜告訴新聞報說。


get away from it all︰(以度假方式)逃避繁忙生活。例句︰Sometimes I do want to get away from it all. (有時我真想去度個假,擺脫一切煩惱。)
be on the market︰在出售。例句︰There is not much fruit on the market at this time of year.(每年這時候水果供應不多。)
the(whole)lot︰ 全部、整個。例句︰He betted his last 300 dollars and lost the whole lot.(他押上他最後的300美元,但全都輸光。)

This Day in History June 30… 歷史上的今天 6月30日

Football, also called soccer, is a huge sport around the world. Some travel thousands of miles to support their favorite teams in person. The biggest tournament that all fans never fail to watch is the FIFA World Cup. The 17th World Cup took place in South Korea and Japan in 2002. For four weeks, the top teams battled to be the best in the world. On this date in 2002, Brazil won the tournament when they beat Germany 2-0. This was Brazil's fifth win overall, and they set a record as the most successful team in the competition's history.
足球是全世界一項重 要的運動(football是英式用語,而soccer是美式用語)。有些人千里迢迢就是為了要親自去支持他們最喜歡的隊伍。球迷們絕不會錯過的最大型錦 標賽就是世界盃足球賽(FIFA為法文Fedeation Internationale de Football Association的縮寫,英文為The International Federation of Association Football,中文譯為「國際足球總會」)。2002年,第17屆世足賽於韓國及日本舉行。在那4星期中,世界最頂尖的隊伍互相爭奪世界最強的寶座。 在2002年的今天,巴西以2比0打敗德國而贏得了世足賽。這是巴西歷年來第5次奪下勝利,而他們也在這項賽事的歷史上創下紀錄,成為最成功的隊伍。


第17屆世界盃足球賽於2002年5月31日到6月30日期間在韓國和日 本舉行,這是歷史上首次由兩個國家聯合舉辦(co-host)的世界盃足球賽,亦是首次在亞洲地區舉行的世界盃。在最終的決賽中,巴西與德國這兩個獲得冠 軍次數最多的國家,展開了他們在世界盃史上的第一次交鋒,最後由巴西隊勝出而贏得了冠軍(圖,資料照片),土耳其則打敗韓國成為第三名。


◎support vt. 支持;擁護
例:My father supported my decision to be an actor.(我爸支持我當演員的決定。)
◎tournament n. 錦標賽
◎battle vi. 戰鬥,作戰
例:Bella’s family was there for her while she battled against cancer.(當貝拉在對抗癌症時,她的家人都陪在她身旁。)
◎overall adv. 總共,全部地
例:The students colleted nearly 1,000 plastic bottles overall.(學生們總共收集了將近一千隻塑膠瓶。)
◎set a/the record 創下紀錄,締造紀錄
例:Terry set a record for eating the most hot dogs in 12 minutes.(泰瑞創下在 12分鐘內吃下最多熱狗的紀錄。)


Man allegedly drove drunk to police 男子被控酒駕找警察

Police in New York state said a man who found a stray dog and needed directions to the animal shelter allegedly drove drunk to the police station.
紐約州警方表示,一名發現流浪狗且需要問路前 往動物收容所的男子,被控酒醉駕車到警察局。
Monroe police said Oleksandr Nayda, 38, arrived at police headquarters with the stray Rottweiler and asked directions to the nearest animal shelter.
門羅警方表示,38歲的歐列克山德.奈德,帶著流浪 的洛威拿犬抵達警察總部,詢問要到最近動物收容所的路怎麼走。
Officers said Nayda smelled like alcohol and registered a 0.17 blood-alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit for driving. He told police he stopped drinking at about 6 a.m.
Investigators said Nayda was also wanted on a driving while intoxicated charge from 2006. They said a new driving while intoxicated charge could turn into a felony if he is convicted on the 2006 count.
調查人員說,奈德還因為一件2006年酒醉 駕車指控被通緝。他們說,如果他的2006年指控罪名成立,新的酒醉駕車指控可能會演變成為重罪。
Nayda was jailed in lieu of $1,000 cash bail. An animal control officer took the dog from police headquarters to the shelter.
奈德因未繳交1000美元現金的保釋金而被收押。一名動物管制人 員將這條狗從警察總部帶到收容所。
want:動 詞,通緝、追捕。例句:The fugitive is wanted by the police.(這名逃犯正遭到警方通緝。)
driving while intoxicated:片語, 酒醉駕車的正式用語,簡稱DWI,intoxicated 意指酒醉的。
in lieu of:片語,以~替代。例句:In lieu of new taxes, Aquino vowed to go after tax evaders and smugglers to boost revenue.(艾奎諾誓言以追查逃稅者與走私者來充實國庫,代替開徵新稅。)

This Day in History June 29… 歷史上的今天 6月29日

For Russia and the US, the sky is not the limit. Both countries have been passionate about their space programs, and they have achieved a lot. On this date in 1995, the US space shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian space station Mir. Together, they formed the largest man-made satellite that has ever orbited the Earth. This was a big event that people watched on TV worldwide. This was the second time two spaceships from different countries joined in space. It was also the 100th human space mission in American history.
對於俄羅斯及美國來 說,天空絕對不是夢想的極限。這兩個國家一直以來都十分熱衷於發展太空計劃,而他們也的確成就了不少豐功偉業。在1995年的這一天,美國太空梭《亞特蘭 提斯號》與俄羅斯的《和平號》太空站對接,共同組成了有史以來繞行地球最大的一顆人造衛星。當時全世界民眾都透過電視收看這場盛事。這是史上第二次兩艘來 自不同國家的太空船於太空中接合。這同時也是美國史上第100次的載人太空任務。


●passionate a. 熱衷的,熱切的
例:Rick is passionate about cooking and prepares most of his own meals.(瑞克熱愛料理,所以他的餐點大多是他自己準備的。)
●achieve vt. 完成,達到(目標、任務等)
例:Michelle achieved her goal of losing 10 kilograms before the wedding.(蜜雪兒達成在婚禮前減掉 10 公斤的目標。)
●space shuttle n. 太空梭
●dock vi.(太空船)連接;(船)進港
例:The cruise ship will be docking in about an hour.(那艘遊輪大約在一小時後就要進港了。)
●man-made a. 人造的;人工的
●satellite n.(人造)衛星
●orbit vt. 環繞……運行 & n.運行軌道


前文所提的《和平號》(圖左,右為亞特蘭提斯號,網路照片)為前蘇聯於 1976年開始研發的軌道太空站(orbital station)。和平號太空站是由7個不同模塊(module)所組成,分批由火箭或太空梭運載升空再進行組裝(assembly)。在和平號服役的 15年來,它總共繞行了地球8萬多圈、行程達35億多公里,且先後有135名太空人(astronaut)在上面工作,並進行1萬6千多次的科學實驗。不 過在2000年底,俄羅斯政府因和平號過於老舊且缺乏維修經費,決定讓它脫軌墜毀。最終,和平號於2001年3月23日墜入地球大氣層,為它對太空研究的 貢獻劃下句點。


’March of blondes’ cheers up crisis-hit Latvia 金髮尤物遊行幫遭遇危機的拉脫維亞打氣

Decked out in pink, their locks glinting in the sunshine, hundreds of blondes marched arm-in-arm through the Latvian capital Riga on May 29, in a bid to raise spirits in the slump-stricken Baltic state.
一身粉紅色穿著打扮、她們身上戴的墜子飾品在陽光下閃閃發亮,數百名 金髮尤物5月29日手牽手在拉脫維亞首都里加遊行,試圖提升這個陷入經濟蕭條的波羅的海國家的士氣。
Tourists and locals marvelled as more than 800 blondes wove their way through the streets for the second edition of what organisers say they hope will become a regular annual event.
800多名金髮尤物在街上穿梭,引起觀光客和當地人陣陣驚嘆,主辦單位希望 這場第二度舉行的遊行將成為年度例行活動。
"I feel very good to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. It’s great to be blonde," local student Linda said.
「被 這麼多美女圍繞,我覺得很棒。當個金髮美女很棒。」當地學生琳達說。
"It is just great to do something positive in Latvia and at the same time promote blondes as being fun, positive, intelligent people," said Ilze, a blonde helping out at the parade.
Started last year by a group of like-minded local blondes, the march aims to bring some cheer to Latvians who have had little cause to smile recently.
The Baltic nation of 2.2 million people is locked in the deepest economic crisis of the 27-nation European Union, after a boom went off the rails and sent its economy shrinking by 18 percent in 2009.
在繁榮榮景崩跌使其經濟在 2009年縮水18%之後,這個人口220萬的波羅的海國家,正陷入歐盟27國中最嚴重的經濟危機。
Money collected during the event will be donated to local charities.
這項活動期間的收入將捐給當 地慈善組織。
deck out:動詞片語,特別打扮自己顯得更吸引人。例句:The girls are all decking up for the party.(女孩們都在為了這場派對盛裝打扮。)
glinting:原形為glint(動詞或名詞),(因反射光線而)閃耀。例 句:The moonlight glinted on the lake.(月光在湖面上閃耀。)
weave one’s way through (ex. a crowd):動詞片語,曲折地穿過(例如:一群人)。例句:He wove his way through the crowd to find the girl.(他曲曲折折地穿過人群去尋找那名女孩。)

This Day in History June 28… 歷史上的今天 6月28日

On this date in 1969, the police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City. At that time, gay people did not have equal rights. There was a lot of tension among governments, organizations, and the gay community. After the raid started, many people in the neighborhood came to see what was going on, became upset, and started rioting. This started the gay rights movement in the US. Exactly one year later, the first Gay Pride parades took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.
1969年的今天, 警察臨檢了紐約市的石牆酒館。在當時,同性戀者並沒有跟一般人有同樣平等的權利。政府、各機構與同性戀團體之間的關係劍拔弩張。臨檢開始後,附近許多人都 前來圍觀一探究竟,進而變得憤恨不平而開始暴動。美國的同志平權運動就此展開。就在一年後,洛杉磯、芝加哥和紐約都舉行了首次的同志驕傲大遊行。


vt. & n.(警方)突然搜查;突襲
例 The pirates raided the village and robbed all the villagers of their valuables.
(海 盜突襲該村莊並搶走了村民所有的貴重物品。)
a. 男同性戀的
lesbian a.女同性戀的 & n.女同性戀者
a. 生氣的,不悅的
例 Amanda was very upset when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.
vi. & n. 暴動

In Bangkok, many people rioted in In Bangkok, many people rioted in the streets and set fire to buildings.
(在曼谷,許多民眾在街頭暴 動並放火燒建築物。)
n. 遊行
例 That famous department store always sponsors a parade on Thanksgiving.


在石牆暴動事件發生前,美國警方對同性戀酒吧和夜總會的搜捕行動為家常便 飯。警方通常會將取締到的同志姓名提供給報社刊登於報紙上,對同性戀者相當地不尊重。當時的同性戀者普遍不敢面對自己的性向(sexual preference),飽受社會的歧視(discrimination)和為難,「石牆事件」就在矛盾與不斷受刺激中爆發。一年後,紀念石牆事件的大規 模遊行於各地舉行,爾後更進一步將6月定為同志驕傲月(Gay Pride Month)(圖為前天巴黎同志遊行,歐新社)。

This Day in History June 26… 歷史上的今天 6月26日…

John F. Kennedy stood outside Berlin’s most famous city hall on this date in 1963. He was there to show America’s support of West Germany after East Germany had built the Berlin Wall. In his famous speech, Kennedy talked about how people the world over would be proud to be from Berlin. He used German to say, “I am a citizen of Berlin.” However, an urban legend states that because of a grammar mistake, he actually said, “I am a Berliner,” otherwise known as a jelly donut. Luckily, this wasn’t true, and the people of Berlin understood John F. Kennedy’s words of encouragement.
約翰.甘迺迪在 1963年的今天站在柏林最著名的市政廳外頭。在東德築起柏林圍牆之後,他的到訪表達出美國對西德的支持。在他著名的演說中,甘迺迪談到在世界各地的柏林 人都會以來自柏林自豪。他用德語說:「我是柏林人。」然而,卻有城市傳說提到,他因為犯了文法上的錯誤,所以說成:「我是柏林果醬甜甜圈。」因為 Berliner一字還有「果醬甜甜圈」之意。還好,這並非事實,柏林人也都聽得懂約翰.甘迺迪話中的勉勵。


●city hall n.市政廳;市政府
●an urban legend 來源不明或缺乏證據的都市傳說或軼聞(往往含有幽默、恐怖或教訓成分)
●state vt.陳述;聲明
例:Rachel stated plainly that she didn want to go to the movies.(蕾秋明白地說她不想去看電影。)
●be otherwise known as... 又稱為……,也叫作……
例:Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain, was once a steamboat pilot.(塞謬爾.克雷門斯,又名馬克.吐溫,曾經是蒸汽船的船長。)
●encouragement n.鼓勵
例:The depressed student was inspired by his teacher encouragement.(這名沮喪的學生受到老師鼓勵而振作起來。)
encourage vt.鼓勵
例:My friend encouraged me to try out for the school basketball team.(我的朋友鼓勵我去參加籃球校隊的甄選。)


德國首都柏林在二次世界大戰後被分割為東柏林(East Berlin)與西柏林(West Berlin),東德(East Germany)為了阻止東德人投向西德(West Germany),於1961年開始建造柏林圍牆,剛開始以鐵絲網為材料,之後才更換成磚牆。所以,柏林圍牆的建立是德國分裂和冷戰(Cold War)的重要象徵性建築。1989年11月9日,柏林圍牆倒塌(圖,資料照片),兩德統一。


Monster World Cup vuvuzela muted in Cape Town 開普敦的巨型世界盃呼呼塞拉被消音

Authorities in World Cup host city Cape Town have put a sock into plans to honk a 37-metre-long vuvuzela over fears its sound could trigger traffic chaos, a report said recently.
世界盃足球賽主辦城市之一開普敦當局已對吹響一支長37公尺的呼呼塞拉的計畫下達禁令,理由是擔心這支呼呼塞拉發出的 巨響會引發交通混亂,據最近的一項新聞報導指出。
The monster instrument, located on an unfinished flyover close to the city’s Waterfront shopping area, is said to be the world’s biggest trumpet and would have to be powered by the horn of a giant truck.
這支體積龐大的樂器位於接近開普敦市水岸購物區一座未完工的天橋上,據說它是全球最大的一支 喇叭,得用大型卡車的喇叭才能吹得響。
But South Africa’s Sunday Times reported that officials fear the deafening racket could cause mayhem on the roads below.
"It’s extrememly loud," said Francois Marais, marketing manager for Hyundai South Africa, makers of the giant vuvuzela, who said his firm was in talks with council chiefs in the hope they may allow it later in the tournament.
製造這支巨型呼呼塞拉的南非現代汽車公司行銷經理馬黑說,「它可是超級大聲」,馬黑還表示,公司正與市政府官員討 論,希望當局能准許在世界盃稍後的比賽中吹響這支呼呼塞拉。
"Hopefully, we are going to come to a compromise where we can blow it at special occasions, the final, the semi-finals and perhaps the quarter-finals," added Marais.
「希望雙方最終 能達成協議,讓我們在特殊場合,如決賽、準決賽或半準決賽時吹響喇叭,」馬黑補充說。
新 聞辭典
put a sock in:片語,非正式用語,指(用不禮貌的語氣)要求某人保持安靜、閉嘴,如Put a sock in it! Some of us are trying to work around here.(安靜一點!有人還在努力工作呢。)
racket: 名詞,指喧嚷、吵鬧聲,如They were making such a racket outside that I couldn’t get to sleep.(他們在外面大吵大鬧,弄得我根本沒辦法睡覺。)
mayhem:名詞,指混亂、失序的場面,或指有意傷害某人或破壞某事 物,如With twenty kids running round and only two adults to supervise, it was complete mayhem.(20個小孩跑來跑去,卻只有2個大人在旁監督,場面根本是一團混亂。)或Children are committing mayhem in the flower beds.(孩子們正在恣意踐踏花床。)

This Day in History June 27…

Trouble in Korea started after World War II. The US took control of the south, while the Soviet Union took over the north. Because of this, there was a difference in how the two sides developed. Soon, the people on each side were thinking differently and often fighting. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, and the Korean War started. Two days later on this date, US forces entered the war. What’s more, the Korean War has never officially ended. With the recent sinking of a South Korean submarine, the tension between the two Koreas is boiling over again.

歷史上的今天 6月27日…

韓國內部的紛爭肇始於第二次世界大戰之後。美國掌控了南部,而俄國佔領了北部。因為如此,南北韓的發展並不相 同。很快地,雙方人馬思考方式不同,也經常發生爭吵。1950年的6月25日,北韓入侵南韓,引發韓戰(圖,資料照片)。兩天後的今日,美軍加入戰局。尤 有甚者,韓戰從未真正結束過。隨著最近南韓潛水艇的沉沒事件,南北韓的緊張情勢又再度增溫。


◎take control of... 掌控……,控制……
例:The police took control of the situation in less than 15 minutes.(警方不到15分鐘就控制了情勢。)
◎invade vt. 入侵,侵略
例:As soon as aliens invaded the Earth, the whole world was in panic.
◎sink vi. 下沉
例:Everyone on board panicked when the ship started sinking.(當船開始下沉時,船上每個人都慌張了起來。)
◎submarine n. 潛水艇


Take condoms to war, Army tells female squaddies 軍方要求女兵帶保險套赴戰場


Army chiefs are urging female soldiers to carry condoms, after more than 140 pregnant women had to be sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Adverts in the Army magazine Soldier warn female squaddies, nurses and administrative staff to use contraception.
140多名懷孕女性從伊拉克及阿富汗送回國後, 軍方將領敦促女兵要帶著保險套。軍方雜誌「戰士」上的廣告警告女新兵、護士及行政人員要避孕。
The Ministry of Defence is understood to be concerned about the number of women becoming pregnant at military bases, where they are outnumbered 50 to one by men.
A ‘no touching’ rule applies in a war zone but sexual relations between soldiers of a similar rank are often tolerated, as long as they do not affect operations.
在戰區,按照規定是不允許男女士兵進行親密接觸,但相近軍銜的軍人發生性關係,只要不影響作戰行動,軍方往往睜一 隻眼閉一隻眼。
Free condoms are supplied at bases including Camp Bastion, in Helmand, home to 8,500 British men and 700 women.
在包括堡壘營地內的多個 軍營中,軍方已經免費提供保險套。堡壘營地位於(阿富汗)赫曼德省,共有8,500英國男兵及700名女兵駐紮在那裡。
Rules barring expectant mothers from frontline service mean they are immediately evacuated, at considerable cost.
軍方規定禁止準媽媽在前線服役,這意謂她們 要立即撤回國內,代價極高。
Last year, 102 pregnant British servicewomen were flown out of Iraq and 31 were sent home from Afghanistan between January 2003 and February 2009.
去年,有102名懷孕英國女兵被從伊拉克送回國。在2003年1月到2009年2月期 間,有31名駐阿富汗懷孕女兵被送回家。
squaddie: (英國口語)新兵;陸軍二等兵。
contraception:名詞,避孕(法)。例句:Study finds Coke not the real thing when it comes to contraception.(研究發現可樂並非真能避孕。)
expectant: 形容詞,臨產的;懷孕的。例句:She is an expectant mother.(她是一位準媽媽。)


Britons spend six months of their lives discussing weather 英國人花費6個月的生命討論天氣

 ◎ 張沛元
Famously weather-obsessed British people spend on average six months of their lives talking about whether it’s going to rain or shine, according to a survey published Friday.
Speculation about whether it’s going to be wet, complaints about the cold and exclamations about the heat are also the first points of conversation with strangers or business acquaintances for 58 percent of Britons, it said.
Nineteen percent of over 65s questioned also believe they can predict the weather as well as a professional weatherman.
19%的65歲以上的受訪者還相信,他們預 測天氣的能力,不亞於專業氣象人員。
The most usual explanation for the fascination with weather is that it is so changeable here -- although this does not explain why other meteorologically-challenged countries are not similarly interested.
(英國人)沉迷於天氣的最常見解釋,就是英國的天氣變化多端──儘管此說無法解釋為何其他天氣 多變的國家(的民眾)不像英國人對天氣感興趣。
Whatever the reason, "these findings prove that we really are a nation obsessed by our climate," said Paul Llewellyn of Lloyds TSB Insurance, which commissioned the poll.
無論 是什麼理由,委託進行這項調查的駿懋保險公司的保羅.呂艾林說,「這些發現證明我們(英國人)真的是一個很沉迷於氣候的國家。」

This Day in History June 25…歷史上的今天 6月25日…

Just one year ago today, the King of Pop died. Michael Jackson changed the world forever. He was the most successful entertainer, had the best-selling album, and created some of the best music videos of all time. Jackson changed the look of music videos into the style we know today. He started his career in 1964 at the age of six with The Jackson Five. Before his death, Jackson was preparing for a huge comeback. Over 50 concerts had already been sold out. Unfortunately for fans around the world, Jackson died of heart problems just three weeks before the first comeback concert.

歷史上的今天 6月25日…

就在一年前的今天,流行音樂之王逝世了。麥可.傑克森永久改變了這個世界。他是有史以來最成功的藝人,出過最 暢銷的專輯,也製作過幾支史上最棒的音樂錄影帶。傑克森把音樂錄影帶的風格改變成我們現在所熟知的形式。1964年,當時6歲的他以「傑克森五人組」之姿 出道。在他去世前,傑克森正在籌備盛大的復出表演。超過50場的演唱會門票已全數售鑿。但對全世界歌迷來說很不幸的是,傑克森在首場復出演唱會開演前3星 期死於心臟問題。


麥可.傑克森(圖,資料照片)是一位極具影響力的人物,他的身分包括流行 樂歌手、作曲家、作詞家、舞者、演員、導演、唱片製作人和慈善家。他的《顫慄》(Thriller)這張專輯至今仍是音樂史上銷量最高的專輯,全球銷售超 過1億張;而他也為Thriller這首單曲打造了全球首支擁有完整故事內容的音樂錄影帶,因此也被譽為有史以來最偉大的MV。此外,傑克森在金氏世界紀 錄(Guinness World Records)中還名列「全球捐助慈善事業金額最高的藝人」,目前已知捐款超過4億美元。


a.暢銷 的
˙best-seller n.暢銷書,暢銷品
例:The stylist changed Beth into a beautiful-looking young woman.(設計師把貝絲改造成一名年輕漂亮的女子。)
◎prepare for...
例:Judy spent the whole week preparing for the final exams.(茱蒂花了一整個星期為期末考做準備。)
n. 復出,東山再起
˙make a comeback 東山再起,捲土重來
例:That boy band is trying to make a comeback with their new album.(那個男孩團體想藉由他們的新專輯東山再起。)
◎be sold out
例:All the tickets to that play were sold out within an hour.(那場表演的所有門票在一小時內就賣光了。)
◎die of...


Weight key in kidney transplant 腎臟移植 重量是關鍵


Matching up the weight of donors and recipients boosts success in kidney transplants, suggests French research. A study of over 1,000 transplant patients found those receiving a small kidney in proportion to their weight were more at risk of complications.
法國研究顯示,配對捐贈者與移植者的重量,可提高腎臟移植的成功率。針對 1千多名移植病患的研究發現,移植與自身體重相比重量較輕的小腎臟,比較會有併發症風險。
In the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the researchers said the findings would give surgeons a new chance to improve long-term survival. But a UK expert warned a donor shortage would limit weight-based matches.
研 究人員在美國腎臟學會期刊說,這項發現賦予外科醫師改善長期存活率的新機會,但一名英國專家警告,捐贈者短缺,將限制以體重為基準的配對。
The team followed the transplant patients for an average of six years after their operation. Using a calculation based on the weight of the donor kidney, and the weight of the person having the transplant, they found that those receiving a small kidney for their size had more complications.
團隊在移植患者手術後追蹤平均6年時間,他們使用根據捐贈腎臟的重量,以及移植者的體重為基準來計算,發現 移植小腎臟的人,會有較多併發症。
These included high blood pressure, kidney scarring, and a 55% increased risk of transplant failure two years after the operation.
donor:名詞,捐贈者。例句:Thanks to a large gift from an anonymous donor, the charity was able to continue its work.(多虧了匿名捐贈者的大禮,這個慈善團體可以繼續工作。)
recipient:名詞,受贈者。例句:He was a recipient of the Civilian Service Award.(他是公民服務獎的受獎人。)
in proportion to:片語,與……相稱,與……成比例。例句:Do you think we are paid in proportion to the hours we work? (你覺得我們的工作與薪水成比例嗎?)

This Day in History June 24…

For years, Roswell, New Mexico, has been famous for strange things. Many people believe that in 1947, parts of an alien spaceship were found in the area. Since then, locals and visitors have claimed that they have sighted UFOs near Roswell. According to the US government, however, no spaceship parts were ever found. Stories about what was happening around Roswell, the nearby Air Force base, and the secret Area 51 grew and grew. On this date in 1997, US Air Force officials released a report that denied all claims of a UFO crash in 1947. However, ufologists didn't believe the report, and Roswell and Area 51 remain places of great mystery to this day.

歷史上的今天 6月24日…

多年來,新墨西哥州的羅斯威爾一直都因為發生了一些古怪的事件而聞名。許多人相信在1947年,當地尋獲了一 艘外星人太空船的部分殘骸。自那時起,當地居民和外來訪客都紛紛宣稱他們在羅斯威爾附近看見幽浮。然而根據美國政府所稱,當地從來就沒有發現過任何太空船 殘骸。對於羅斯威爾當地、鄰近的空軍基地,以及神秘的51區中所發生的事件,相關的各種傳聞日漸甚囂塵上。在1997年的今天,美國空軍的官員發布了一份 報告,當中對於1947年幽浮墜毀事件的所有指稱都予以否認。然而幽浮學家卻不相信這份報告,而羅斯威爾及51區至今依然籠罩在謎雲之中。


羅斯威爾的幽浮事件及51區激發了美國大眾對外星生物 (extraterrestrial life)的興趣,也進而影響了當地的通俗文化(圖為飛碟及外星人模型,資料照片)。許多從好萊塢出產、與外星人有關的影視作品都免不了提及這兩處,著名 的影集《X檔案》(The X-Files)就是三句不離這兩個地方的最佳例子。此外,由於51區位於內華達州(Nevada),因此以拉斯維加斯為主場的小聯盟3A球隊The Las Vegas 51s就以此為命名靈感,連隊徽(team logo)上都有一個尖臉大眼睛的外星人圖樣。當初台灣首位挑戰美國大聯盟的球員陳金鋒,在小聯盟磨練時就隸屬這支球隊呢。


◎alien a.外星人的& n.外星人
◎spaceship n.太空船
◎sight vt.(通常指從很遠處或經過一番尋找後)看見,發現
例:The sailors all cheered when they sighted land.(水手們在看見陸地時全都歡呼了起來。)
◎UFO n.幽浮(為 unidentified flying object「不明飛行物體」的縮寫)
.ufologist n.幽浮學家
◎release vt.公開發表,發布
◎deny vt.否認,否定
.deny + N/V-ing否認(從事)……
◎mystery n. 謎,神秘的事物


Got any spare change? Give it to Romania 有多的零錢嗎?捐給羅馬尼亞吧!

 ◎ 魏國金
Got any spare change? Romania’s cash-strapped government is asking for donations to a fund set up to boost budget revenues and cushion the impact of the economic crisis, the finance ministry said.
有任何多餘的零錢嗎?現金短缺的羅馬尼亞政府要求國民捐款給一個為 增加歲入預算,並緩和經濟危機衝擊而成立的基金,該國財政部長說。
Earlier this week, the centrist coalition cabinet narrowly won a no-confidence vote in parliament over sharp public sector wage and pensions cuts, key to keeping afloat its 20 billion-euro aid package led by the International Monetary Fund.
本 週初,中間派的聯合內閣才驚險贏得國會就大幅刪減公部門薪資與退休金案的不信任投票,該措施是維持國際貨幣基金所主導的兩百億歐元援助計畫的關鍵。
"Every person in Romania, except for legal entities, can donate cash into this account," the finance ministry said in a statement introducing its "solidarity fund."
When enforced, pay cuts will buy Romania time to reform its inefficient public administration and counter tax evasion, which should boost budget revenues.
But with tax receipts expected to disappoint in the first half of the year, every little bit that can be spared is a help.
但隨著預料今年上半年的稅入將令人失 望,因此任何多出的小錢都有助益。
Officials said the new fund is aimed at public officials who earn additional income on top of regular wages by serving on administrative boards of companies entirely or partially owned by the state.
keep(stay)afloat︰片語,維持、應付自如。例句︰A government subsidy will be needed to keep the newspaper afloat.(為了使這份報紙維持下去,將需要一筆政府補助。)
pay cut︰減薪。Most workers are willing to take a pay cut during the recession period.(在經濟衰退期間,大部分的勞工願意接受減薪。)
on top of︰除了…之外。例句︰On top of his accident, he caught pneumonia.(除了發生意外,他還染上肺炎。)也有完全掌握之意,例如︰a man on top of his job(對工作駕輕就熟的人。)

This Day in History June 23…

A signal light shines in the dark sky. It is a call for help for the Dark Knight. On this date in 1989, the famous DC comic book character Batman appeared on the big screen. Tim Burton's film Batman was the first in a series of Batman films made by Warner Bros. Pictures. Michael Keaton played the famous role of Batman, while Jack Nicholson was the movie's villain, the Joker. Batman was an immense success, and Burton's creative style showed how modern superhero films should be.

歷史上的今天 6月23日…

訊號燈的光線劃過夜空,這是呼叫黑暗騎士的求救訊號。1989年的今天,著名的DC漫畫角色蝙蝠俠現身大螢 幕。提姆.波頓所執導的《蝙蝠俠》是華納兄弟公司製作的蝙蝠俠系列電影中的第一部。知名的蝙蝠俠一角由米高.基頓擔綱演出,而傑克.尼克遜則飾演電影中的 反派角色──小丑。《蝙蝠俠》為一成功鉅作,而提姆.波頓極具創造力的風格也展現出現代超級英雄電影該有的樣貌。


在所有知名的超級英雄中,蝙蝠俠是唯一一位毫無超能力的角色,他打擊罪惡 所依靠的工具是財富(fortune)、智慧(wisdom)和各種高科技器具(high-tech gadgets)。蝙蝠俠會化身為暗夜裡的超級英雄(圖,資料照片),是因為小時候親眼目睹父母被歹徒所殺害,長大後便決定以蝙蝠俠的身分來對抗罪惡。蝙 蝠俠的個性及裝備的許多靈感都來自於1930年代的大眾文化(pop culture),包括了電影,雜誌、漫畫等。創作者鮑勃.凱恩(Bob Kane)提過蒙面俠蘇洛(Zorro)、魅影俠(The Shadow),與福爾摩斯(Sherlock Holmes)等人物在他創造蝙蝠俠的過程中都有很大的影響。


◎signal n.信號,訊號&vt.發出信號
.signal sb to V向某人打手勢,要某人……
例:The teacher gave us a signal to begin our test.(老師給了我們一個信號,要我們開始考試。)
◎shine vi.發光,照耀
例:The sun shone brightly in the sky while we were driving to Grandma's house.(我們開車到外婆家時豔陽高照。)
◎knight n. 騎士,武士
◎the big screen 大螢幕(指電影)
例:The award-winning director's latest movie is going to hit the big screen this summer.(那位得獎導演的最新力作將在今年夏天上映。)
◎play the role of... 扮演……的角色
例:Patty was chosen to play the role of the witch in the school play.(佩蒂被遴選演出校劇中巫婆的角色。)


Baby born while mom drives to hospital 嬰兒在母親開車去醫院時出生

A Minnesota couple said their son was born while his mother was behind the wheel of her car en route to the hospital.
Amanda McBride, 29, said she left work at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when she began feeling labor pains and picked up the child’s father, Joseph Phillips, 33, on her way to North Country Regional Hospital in Bemidji, the Bemidji Pioneer reported Monday.
29歲的阿曼達.麥克布萊德說,她在週二晚間11:30左右開 始感到分娩陣痛,於是離開工作崗位,在前往貝密吉市「北國地區醫院」的路上,接走小孩的父親、33歲的約瑟夫.菲利普,「貝密吉先鋒報」週一報導說。
McBride said she had to drive the car because Phillips suffers seizures, but the couple said Phillips had to grab the wheel when McBride’s water broke mid-drive.
麥克布萊德說,她必須開車是因為菲利普會發病,但這對夫妻表示,當麥克布萊德羊水在開車途中破了的時候, 菲利普必須抓住方向盤。
"She yelled at me to grab the wheel," Phillips said. "And then, all of a sudden, I heard this little waaa (cry)."
「她吼著要 我抓住方向盤,」菲利普說。「接著,說時遲、那時快,我聽見這個小娃兒哇哇哇(哭聲)。」
The mother, who has two older sons, said the birth was quick.
"The baby just came right out," she said. "I was just sitting on the seat and he just slid out. It really wasn’t bad at all."
「小寶寶就這樣出世,」她說。 「我就坐在座位上,而他就這麼滑出來。這真的還挺不賴的。」
The baby, Joseph Dominick Phillips, was found to be healthy and weighed 8 pounds, doctors said.
小寶寶約瑟 夫.多明尼克.菲利普經檢查很健康,有8磅重,醫師說。
behind the wheel:片語,在駕駛或掌舵。例句:They took turns behind the wheel.(他們輪流開車。)
en route to:片語,在途中。例句:They were en route from New York to Paris.(他們在從紐約到巴黎的途中。)
all of a sudden:片語,出乎意料地、冷不防地。例句:All of a sudden the lights went out. (燈突然熄了。)

This Day in History June 22歷史上的今天 6月22日

After 74 years of being a photographic icon, the Eastman Kodak Company decided it needed a change. Kodak surprised many of its loyal customers when it discontinued its production of the oldest brand of color film, Kodachrome, on this date in 2009. This was because Kodachrome was the first color slide film to be mass-marketed. Many world-famous photos have been captured using Kodachrome. Why the change? One reason is that processing it was rather complex. Another reason was that digital photography has become extremely popular. Even so, many photographers agree that no other film can compare to Kodachrome's quality.

歷史上的今天 6月22日

伊士曼柯達公司身為攝影界的指標長達74年的時間後,他們決定需要做些改變。當柯達在2009年的今日宣布不 再製造最老牌的彩色底片Kodachrome時,震驚了許多忠實顧客。這是因為Kodachrome是第一個進行大眾行銷的彩色幻燈片底片。許多世界知名 的照片都是利用Kodachrome來捕捉畫面。為什麼會做出這種改變呢?其中一項原因是沖洗過程相當複雜。另個原因是因為數位攝影變得非常普遍。即使如 此,許多攝影家都同意沒有其它一種正片底片的品質能與Kodachrome相比。


伊士曼柯達公司,前身為喬治.伊士曼(George Eastman)和柯林.克萊福(Colin Craft)共組的伊斯曼乾版公司(Eastman Dry Plate Company)。該公司在生產名為「柯達」(Kodak)的傻瓜型膠捲相機(roll film camera)後(圖,資料照片),由於廣受歡迎,便將「柯達」納入公司名稱中。而作為底片和第一部給非專業人士使用的相機研發者,柯達仍然是世界上最大 的底片供應商之一。現在因順應時代改變,也把生產主力放在數位攝影和沖印上。


◎photographic a. 攝影(術)的
◎loyal a.忠誠的,忠心的
be loyal to…… 對……忠誠= be faithful to……
例:Jack has been loyal to his girlfriend ever since they met.(打從相識後,傑克就對他女友很忠實。)
◎discontinue vt.中斷,停止
例:The Sunday paper discontinued my favorite comic strip.
(這 份報紙周日版停止刊登我最喜歡的連環漫畫。)
◎film n.底片(不可數)
.a roll of film 一卷底片
◎mass-marketed a.以大眾為行銷導向的
◎slide n.幻燈片,正片
◎process vt.沖洗(底片)
例:You can get your film processed at the photo shop next to my office.(你可以把底片拿到我公司隔壁的相館去沖洗。)
◎compare to…… 比得上……(常用於否定句或疑問句中)


This Day in History June 21歷史上的今天 6月21日

On this date in 1982, Princess Diana of Wales gave birth to her first son. Prince William didn't have a public appearance until he was nine. As a child, he dreamed of being a police officer. He is left-handed and was given the nickname Willie Wombat by his parents. Prince William is the second in line to the throne of England. Although he is still a young man, he has accomplished a lot and has big goals. He has graduated from university, traveled, and been a member of the military. These days, he is training to become a full-time helicopter pilot for the UK's search and rescue team.

歷史上的今天 6月21日

1982年的今天,威爾斯王妃黛安娜生下了她的第一個兒子。威廉王子直到9歲時才首次公開亮相。他小時候夢想成為一名警察。他是個左 撇子,還被他的父母暱稱為「威利袋熊」。威廉王子是英國王位繼承人的第二順位。雖然他還年輕,卻已有許多成就,並且志向遠大。他完 成大學學業,遊歷各地,也曾經從軍。最近,他正在接受訓練成為英國救難隊的全職直升機飛行員。


威廉王子的祖先,不論是父系還是母系,都可追溯到英國的歷代先王。他母親 黛安娜王妃的其中兩名祖先─格拉夫頓公爵和里察滿公爵,都是英王查理二世(Charles II, 1630-1685)的私生子。威廉王子(圖,資料照片)若繼承王位,其名號將為「威廉五世」(William V),但有報導指出,王子可能會選擇一個「史無前例的名字」作為自己國王的名號,很有可能是從他的中間名亞瑟(Arthur)、菲利普(Philip)或 路易斯(Louis)取其一。而他的小名Willie Wombat(威利袋熊)是他還在襁褓時期和父母到澳洲訪問時獲贈的。


◎give birth to... 生產……(孩子)
例:Larry was in shock when his wife gave birth to triplets last night.(賴瑞的太太昨晚產下3胞胎讓他大為震驚。)
◎left-handed a.左撇子的
˙right-handed a.右撇子的
◎wombat n.袋熊(產於澳洲)
◎the first/second/third/... in line to N/V
例:Frank is first in line to take over the company when James retires.(詹姆士退休時,法蘭克是首位有望接管公司的人。)
◎accomplish vt.完成,實現
˙accomplish one's goal實現某人的目標
◎rescue n.救援
˙come/go to ones rescue

Two-year-old toddler smokes 40 cigarettes a day 2歲童1天抽40根菸


Taking a deep drag on his cigarette while resting on his toy truck, Indonesia 2-year-old boy Ardi Rizal smokes 40 cigarettes a day, and the 25-kg toddler’s health has been so ruined by the habit that he is far too unfit to run around with other children.

坐在他的玩具卡車上大口抽菸,印尼2歲男童阿迪.黎薩爾1天要抽40根菸,而且這個習慣已經把這名體重 25公斤的幼童健康給搞壞,他現在已經無法和其他小孩一起玩。

But, despite local officials’ offer to buy the Rizal family a new car if Ardi quits, his parents feel unable to stop him from smoking because he throws massive tantrums if they don’t indulge him.

儘管當地官員提出,如果阿迪戒菸,他們願意買輛新車給黎薩爾家,但他的父母覺得無法阻止他抽菸,因為 他們若不遷就他,他就會大發脾氣。

Ardi’s mother wept: ’He’s totally addicted. If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.’ His fishmonger father, however,said: ’He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem.’

阿迪的媽媽流著淚說,「他嚴重上癮了。如果他得不到菸,就會生氣、大叫,用他的頭去撞牆。他告訴我他覺得頭暈、不舒 服。」然而,他的魚販爸爸卻說,「在我看來他相當健康。我不認為有問題。」

The boy is the extreme of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency showed 25 per cent of Indonesian children aged three to 15 have tried cigarettes, with 3.2 per cent of those active smokers. The percentage of five to nine year olds lighting up increased from 0.4 per cent in 2001 to 2.8 per cent in 2004.

這名男童是一個令人困擾趨勢的極端例子。中央統計局資料顯示,印尼3歲到15歲的兒童中有25%抽過菸,其中 3.2%是主動抽菸。5到9歲兒童抽菸的比例,從2001年的0.4%增加到2004年的2.8%。


take a drag on cigarette:動詞片語,抽菸。例句:The picture of the super idol’s taking a big drag has undermined his image.(這名超級偶像大口抽菸的照片已經破壞他的形象。)

light up:俚語,抽菸。

throw tantrums :動詞片語,發飆。例句:The movie star threw tantrums right in front of the audience when being asked about her divorce.(當這名電影明星被問到她離婚的事情時,當場在觀眾面前發飆。)


A World Cup wager between the US and UK ambassadors has ended in stalemate. 對賭世足賽 美英大使和局收場


America’s ambassador to the UK and his British counterpart had bet a steak dinner on the England-USA game.


Brtain’s man in Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, had said England’s chances of losing were the same as how he liked his meat - "rare".

英國駐華府大使沈沃 德爵士在賽前曾說,英格蘭隊輸球的機會,跟他喜歡牛排煮熟的程度一樣──「罕見」(亦指半熟的)。

But Robert Green’s howler in front of goal saved US ambassador Louis Susman from having to fork out. The 1-1 draw means they will now split the bill.

但英格蘭隊門 將格林在球門前犯下的嚴重錯誤,讓美國大使蘇斯曼免於被迫買單。英美兩隊以一比一打平,表示兩國大使現在得要平分帳單。

In his Foreign Office blog on 10 June, Sir Nigel had written: "If England win, Ambassador Susman buys me lunch at a steakhouse in DC;if the US pulls off an astonishing steal, I buy him a fine lunch at a London pub.

沈 沃德爵士在6月10日的外交部網誌中曾寫道,「如果英格蘭隊獲勝,蘇斯曼大使得在華府的牛排館請我吃飯,假如美國隊意外盜壘成功,那我就請他在倫敦的酒館 裡吃飯。」

"As Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, I will tell you that I am supremely confident about England’s chances."

「身為英國 駐美國大使,我可以明白地說,我對英格蘭贏球的機率超級有信心。」

However, his chance of a meal at the American ambassador’s expense slipped away when Robert Green spilled a limp shot from USA striker Clint Dempsey over his own line just before half-time.

但隨著英格蘭隊門將格林在中場前,於球門外漏接美國前鋒丹普西一記軟弱無力的射門後,他想讓美國大使 請吃飯的機會也就跟著溜走。

The transatlantic bet, brokered by aides, is now off but the pair will still meet up for dinner, Mr Susman says.

這場跨大 西洋賭局是由雙方助理從中安排,現在已經宣告取消,但蘇斯曼說,兩國大使仍會碰面吃飯。

新 聞辭典

stalemate:名詞,指陷入僵局、(棋局)無子可動,如Tomorrow’s meeting between the two leaders is expected to break a diplomatic stalemate that has lasted for ten years.(兩國領袖明天的會議預料可打破長達十年的外交僵局。)

howler:名詞,非正式用語,指愚 蠢而明顯的錯誤,尤指某人所說或所寫下的錯誤,如I called her by the name of his first wife, which was a bit of a howler.(我把她叫成他第一任妻子的名字,真是錯得離譜。)

fork out (sth):動詞片語,非正式用法,指付錢,尤指在不情願的情況下付錢,如I forked out ten quid for/on the ticket.(我心不甘情不願地拿出十塊錢買票。)

This Day in History June 20… 歷史上的今天 6月20日

This date is an important one in French history. In 1789, 577 people held a meeting at an indoor tennis court. They were all from the Third Estate, which was made up of people that were not rich clergymen or French royalty. All but one of the 577 people signed the Tennis Court Oath that day. It was a pledge to ignore King Louis XVI’s orders and to keep meeting even though it was illegal at that time. What the people wanted was a new French constitution. The signing of the Tennis Court Oath was one very critical step at the beginning of the French Revolution.

今天在法國歷史上是 很重要的一天。1789年,有577個人在室內的網球場召開了一場會議。他們都來自「第三階級」,也就是富有的神職人員及王宮貴族以外的人民所組成的階 級。在這577人中除一人以外,其他人皆在當天簽署了網球場宣言(圖,翻攝網路)。這份宣言宣誓他們將不顧法王路易十 六的命令而繼續開會,即使這樣的會議在當時是違法的。人民所想要的是新的法國憲法,而網球場宣言的簽署正是展開法國大革命非常關鍵性的一步。


◎estate n.社會階級
◎clergyman n.神職人員;牧師,教士
◎royalty n.皇族/王族成員
◎oath n.宣誓,誓言
◎pledge n.誓約,誓言
◎constitution n.憲法
◎critical a.關鍵性的,重要的
例:Efficient management is of critical importance to a successful company.(有效率的管理對一家成功的公司極其重要。)
◎revolution n.革命


Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report 報告:美國人遭致癌物質「轟炸」


Americans are being "bombarded" with cancer-causing chemicals and radiation and the federal government must do far more to protect them, presidential cancer advisers said on Thursday.

美國人正遭受致癌化學物及放射線的「轟炸」,聯邦政府必須更致力保護他們,美國總統 的癌症顧問群周四說。

Although most experts agree that as many as two-thirds of cancer cases are caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise, the two-member panel said many avoidable cancers were also caused by pollution, radon gas from the soil and medical imaging scans.

雖然多數專家同意,多達2/3的癌症病例是由生活型態的選擇,諸如吸菸、飲食不當、缺乏運動等導致,但這個兩 人成員的小組認為,污染、來自泥土的氡氣,以及醫療造影掃描,也是很多本可避免的癌症元兇。

The report offered some of its own advice to consumers.


For instance, the report said that although large studies have found no links between cell phone use and cancer, people would be prudent to wear headsets and make calls quickly.

舉例而言,該報告稱,雖然很多研究沒有發現使用手機與癌症之間的關 係,但戴耳機不失為審慎之舉,並縮短通話時間。

But the American Cancer Society said the report downplayed known risks that cause most cases of cancer including tobacco, obesity, alcohol, infections, hormones and sunlight.

不過美國 癌症協會表示,上述報告淡化了菸草、肥胖、酒精、感染、荷爾蒙和日照等已知的大部分致癌因素。

"The report is most provocative when it restates hypotheses as if they were established facts," the society’s Dr. Michael Thun said in a statement.

「上述報告把 一些學術假設重申為既定事實,因此挑撥意味十足」,該協會的麥克.宋恩博士在一份聲明中說。


bombard:動詞,砲擊;轟炸。另一個常見意思是「向……連續提出問 題」,例句:The candidate was bombarded with questions.

(人們向候選人連珠砲似地提出許多 問題。)

downplay:動詞,對……輕描淡寫;不予重視;貶低;低估。例句:The government downplays this piece of news.(政府對這則新聞冷處理。)

hypotheses:名詞;假設,為hypothesis的複數形 態。

This Day in History June 19… 歷史上的今天 6月19日

Fathers are important people. Since they are so special and help us in so many ways, a holiday was created for them. On this date in 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated. Sonora Dodd helped create this holiday because she wanted to honor men like her father. He was a war hero, and after his wife died, he worked hard to raise his six children single-handedly. The first celebration got support from the YMCA and local churches. People wore roses that day to honor their fathers. Dodd traveled around and handed out gifts to fathers in need. It took a while for the holiday to become official, but now we happily celebrate Father’s Day every year.

父親是很重要的人 物。因為他們是如此特別,而且在許多方面都給予我們很大的幫助,所以便為他們設立了一個節日。1910的今天是首次慶祝父親節的日子。桑諾拉.達德因為想 推崇像她父親一樣的男士,因此協助創立了這個節日。她的父親是一位戰爭英雄,他在喪偶之後努力工作獨力扶養他的6個小孩。首次父親節的慶祝活動獲得基督教青年 會及當地教會的支持。在當天,人們別上梅桂來表示對他們父親的敬意。達德更穿梭各 地,將禮物分發給那些需要幫助的父親。雖然父親節花了一段時間才成為正式的節日,但現在我們每年都很開心地慶祝父親節。


honor vt.推崇,表彰;紀念
This building was built to honor the founder of this university.(蓋這棟建築物是用來紀念這間大學的創辦者。)

single-handedly adv.獨力地
The fire fighter single- handedly rescued six people from the burning house.(那位消防員獨力從那棟失火的房子中救出6個人來。)

support n.支持(不可數)& vt.支持
The policy never gained much public support.(這項政策從未得到大眾的大力支持。)

YMCA 基督教青年會
(為Young Men’s Christian Association的縮寫)

hand out...分發……
Free newspapers are handed out at the MRT station every weekday morning.(每周一到周五的早上都有人在捷運站分送免費的報紙。)

in need 在困頓中
A friend in need is a friend indeed.(患難見真情。─諺語)



包括美國在內,世界上有52個國家在6月的第三個星期天慶祝父親節(圖為 美國紐約商店父親節促銷,新華社),其中有很大的原因是為了與母親節(Mother’s Day,多為5月的第二個星期天)相呼應。而台灣的父親節則選在8月8日,主要是為了「八八」與「爸爸」音韻相近之故。


Minnesota city stops providing free doggie bags 明尼蘇達州一城市停止供應免費狗糞袋

◎ 張沛元

Need to scoop up after your pooch in the affluent Minneapolis suburb of Edina? You’ll now have to bring your own bag after the city stopped providing freebies. The Star Tribune reported Edina has been hit by thefts of city-provided dog poop bags, and also is looking to save money. So this year the city stopped providing the free bags at stations in Edina parks.

當你家狗狗在富饒的明尼亞波里 斯郊區艾迪納市便便後,得要鏟起狗便便的你,現在得自備狗糞袋了,因為該市已停止免費供應。「星辰論壇報」報導,艾迪納一直飽受狗糞袋失竊之苦,此外也想 撙節開支。所以,該市今年停止在艾迪納各公園服務站免費供應狗糞袋。

Director of Parks and Recreation John Keprios said park workers would fill dispensers in the morning and find them empty by noon.

公園與休閒娛樂處處長約翰.凱布雷歐斯說,公園養護人員一早才在分發器裡裝滿袋子,到了 中午就發現袋子全被拿光了。

Keprios said, "People walk up and take them until they’re gone." He says it was "not just one isolated incident. It’s everywhere and often."

凱布雷歐斯說,「民眾走過來拿袋子直到袋子被拿光。」他說,這「並非單一事件。到處都是如此 而且經常發生。」

It cost about $12,000 a year to keep the dispensers full at the eight parks with the stations.

裝滿設有服務站的8座公園裡的狗糞袋分發器,1年就要花費1 萬2000美元。


doggie bag:名詞,又做doggy bag,原本指的是客人上餐廳用餐並要求將吃剩食物打包帶走時店家所提供的袋子,但本文指的是裝狗糞的袋子(dog poop bag)。例句:Can I have a doggy bag for this?(我可以打包這些剩菜嗎?)

scoop something up:片語,鏟、掏或舀的方式來蒐集與移除某物。scoop,名詞,鏟斗或勺子。例句:She scooped those sweets up and put them in a paper bag. (她把那些甜食鏟起來然後放進紙袋裡。)

freebie: 名詞,俚語,免費提供的商品或服務。例句:When you’re on vacation, ask your hotel if they have any freebies.(度假時不妨問問飯店是否提供任何免費服務。)

This Day in History June 18…歷史上的今天 6月18日…

To meet one's Waterloo means to meet one's defeat. This saying comes from the Battle of Waterloo, which ended on this date in 1815. Emperor Napoleon had been in exile but was later back in control of the French Empire. Blucher from Prussia and the Duke of Wellington wanted Napoleon stopped. Therefore, they marched their armies to the French border. Napoleon wanted to attack the armies before they could be joined by more troops. However, it didn't go well for the French. In only a few days, Wellington and Blucher defeated the French, and Napoleon eventually surrendered.

歷史上的今天 6月18日…

某人慘遭滑鐵盧的意思是某人遭受慘敗。這句諺語來自在1815年的今日所結束的滑鐵盧之役。拿破崙皇帝原本被 放逐,但爾後重新掌控了法國政權。普魯士的布呂歇爾和威靈頓公爵想阻止拿破崙,於是他們率軍來到法國邊境。拿破崙想在更多軍隊與他們會合前向他們發動攻 擊,但事情的進展卻對法軍不利。在短短幾天內,威靈頓公爵和布呂歇爾率軍擊敗了法國,最後拿破崙也投降了。


自從法國大革命(French Revolution)開始,歐洲的強國包括英國、奧地利、俄國、德國(當時稱為普魯士)、西班牙等,組成反對法國的軍事聯盟,先後和法國打了7次大戰, 歷史上稱為「反法軍事聯盟戰爭」(War of Coalitions)。1812年,反法軍事聯盟在第6次戰爭中得到勝利,要求法國無條件投降,拿破崙(圖,資料照片)因此退位,並被放逐到地中海義大 利旁邊的厄爾巴小島,由路易十八復位。但在1815年,拿破崙偷渡回法國重登王座,引發第7次的反法軍事聯盟戰爭。一開始拿破崙擊敗普魯士軍,指派部下格 魯希元帥消滅逃跑的普軍,自己則趕到滑鐵盧村要攻打英軍,但格魯希未能達成軍令,反讓普軍擺脫追蹤,赴滑鐵盧協助英軍而取得勝利。拿破崙腹背受敵最後大敗 被放逐到聖海連娜小島。


◎Waterloo n. 滑鐵盧(比利時中部的城鎮);慘敗
.meet one's Waterloo某人遭到慘敗
例:The champion boxer met his Waterloo for the first time last night.(那名拳王在昨晚首遭慘敗。)
◎defeat n. 失敗,挫敗 & vt. 擊敗,戰勝
例:Tom was defeated in the recent election.(湯姆在最近這次選舉中落敗。)
◎exile n. 放逐;流亡
例:The police found that the criminal had died while in exile.(警方發現那名罪犯已在逃亡時喪命。)
◎eventually adv. 最終,最後
例:Ted couldn't stand his wife's bad temper and eventually divorced her.(泰德受不了他太太的壞脾氣,最後和她離婚了。)


High meat diet linked to early periods 肉吃比較多 月經較早來

Girls who eat a lot of meat during childhood tend to start their periods earlier than others, a study suggests.
UK researchers compared the diets of more than 3,000 12-year-old girls. They found high meat consumption at age three(over eight portions a week)and age seven(12 portions)was strongly linked with early periods.
英 國研究人員比較3000多名12歲女童的飲食,發現在3歲(一週超過8份)與7歲(12份)之間攝取大量肉類,與月經來得早有密切關聯。
Writing in Public Health Nutrition, the researchers said a meat-rich diet might prepare the body for pregnancy, triggering an earlier puberty.
研究 人員在《公共衛生營養》撰文指出,富含肉類的飲食,或許讓身體為懷孕做準備,才會導致較早進入青春期。
During the 20th Century, the average age at which girls started their periods fell fairly dramatically. This is widely thought to be due to better nutrition and rising levels of obesity, which has an impact on hormones.
在 20世紀,女孩初經年齡顯著下降。這種情況普遍被認為是因為營養較好與肥胖程度增加,對荷爾蒙都有影響。
period:名詞,月經,正式名稱為menstrual period 。例句:She’d missed a period and was worried.(她月經沒來很擔心。)
consumption: 名詞,攝取(食物),動詞為consume。例句:As a nation, our consumption of junk food is horrifying.(以國家而言,我們的垃圾食物攝取量相當可怕。)
puberty:名詞,青春期。例句:At puberty, pubic hair develops and girls begin to menstruate.(青春期到來時,陰毛會開始長出,女孩子開始行經。)

This Day in History June 17…歷史上的今天 6月17日…

On this date in 1994, a white Ford Bronco led police on a slow-speed chase through Los Angeles. Inside the vehicle was OJ Simpson, a famous football star. The police were after him because he was the main suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. Eventually, the chase ended and Simpson was arrested. This was just the beginning of one of the most famous trials in American history, partly because the trial was broadcast on national TV. Simpson was acquitted in the end, but many people believed he was guilty.

歷史上的今天 6月17日…

1994年的今日,一輛白色的福特Bronco休旅車以緩慢的速度與警方在洛杉磯追逐。坐在這輛車內的是知名 美式足球明星OJ辛普森。警方追捕他是因為辛普森為謀殺他前妻及其友人的頭號嫌犯。最後這場追逐結束,辛普森遭到逮捕。但這只是揭開美國史上其中一場最著 名審判的序幕而已,部分是因為它經由全國電視轉播。辛普森最後被無罪釋放,但許多人心中認為他有罪。


1994年6月12號,OJ辛普森的前妻妮可(Nicole Brown)和友人被發現於洛杉磯的住家中身亡。嫌疑最大的辛普森在刑事審判中被判無罪(圖為辛普森當年出庭畫面,資料照片),但在之後的民事審判中敗 訴,要支付美金3350萬的高額賠償金給死者家屬。當初也有人質疑辛普森的律師團隊刻意挑選有色人種作為刑事審判時的陪審團員,才導致他無罪釋放。


n. & vt. & vi.追逐
n. 嫌犯
例:We eventually found out why Joyce always looked so tired.(我們終於弄清楚為何喬依絲總是看來這麼疲倦。)
vt. & n.逮捕
vt. & n.廣播,播放
例:The TV station broadcasts news all over the world.(那家電視台在全世界播放新聞。)
a. 全國的;國家的
acquit sb of...宣告某人無……罪
例:The jury acquitted Jimmy of theft.(陪審團宣告吉米的偷竊罪名不成立。)
例:The evidence shows that Billy is guilty of arson.(證據顯示比利犯下縱火罪。


Venezuela’s Chavez offers cure for kids’ insomnia 委內瑞拉的查維茲提供治小孩失眠的對策

 ◎ 魏國金
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is offering parents a cure for children who don’t want to go to sleep. Have them watch his televised speeches.
委內瑞拉總統查維茲提供父母對付不想睡 覺的孩子妙方:讓他們看他的電視演說。
In a television appearance on Thursday to extol the virtues of a portable computer his socialist government plans to introduce at public schools, Chavez said youngsters had stopped him in the street to tell him they saw him on television.
在週四一個對其社會主義政府,計 畫引進公立學校的手提電腦之長處大加吹捧的電視節目上,查維茲說,曾有小孩在街上擋下他,告訴他,他們在電視上看到他。
"It seems that there are mothers who, instead of putting their kids to sleep with cartoons, put them to sleep with Chavez," he said.
「似乎有媽媽們不是用卡通影 片,而是以查維茲讓她們的小孩入睡,」他說。
"And the child dozes off and dozes off, and Chavez speaks and speaks and speaks. And the child falls asleep," said the loquacious leader, well known for speeches that can last for hours.
「孩 子打起盹、昏昏欲睡,而查維茲說、再說、一直說,然後孩子沉睡,」這位以滔滔不絕演說數小時功力而聞名的健談領袖表示。
Venezuelan TV stations are interrupted regularly for Chavez’s speeches, which can range from global politics to the nationalizing of businesses. Every Sunday, he hosts his "Hello President" program, which starts at 11 a.m. and often lasts most of the day.
委內瑞拉的電視台常受查維茲範圍從全球政治到企業國營化等題材的演說干 擾。每週日他主持「哈囉總統」節目,該節目從上午11點播出,常一播就是大半天。
新聞辭 典
put to sleep︰片語,使入睡,也有消除、打消之意。例句︰You always seemed so well-behaved that my fears were put to sleep.(你似乎總是如此的舉止有禮,我的擔心也就打消了。)
doze off︰片語,打瞌睡。例句︰I dozed off in the middle of the boss’s speech.(老闆講話時,我打了一會兒瞌睡。)
loquacious︰形容詞,多話的。例句︰The brandy make him a bit loquacious.(喝了白蘭地,他的話多了起來。) 也可指(鳥)啁啾不休的、(水)潺潺不息的。

This Day in History June 16… 歷史上的今天 6月16日

The Great Depression was a dark time in American history. Many people were out of work and didn't have enough food to feed their families. Everyone was feeling low and helpless. President Roosevelt passed the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) on this date in 1933. Everyone hoped the NIRA would help the economy grow. However, many unexpected problems happened. Only a few years later, measures had to be taken to fix the NIRA. Although it was thought of as a general failure, the NIRA did set up the public works program, which created jobs for people and got many dams and railroads built.
經濟大蕭條是美國歷史上一段黑暗的時期。許 多人因為失業沒有足夠的食物養家活口。人人都覺得心情低落、徬徨無助。當時的小羅斯福總統在1933年的今天通過《國家工業復興法》。大家都希望該法案能 幫助經濟成長。然而,許多無法預測的問題一一浮現。短短幾個月後就必須提出修正《國家工業復興法》的措施。雖 然該法案被視為成效不彰,但它確實推動了公共工程計劃,為人民創造工作機會,並建造許多水壩和鐵路。
n. 蕭條,不景氣
be out of work
John has been out of work for a long time.(約翰已經失業很久了。)
三態為:feed, fed, fed
recover vi. 恢復,復原(常與介詞 from 並用)
take measures to V
例:The fishermen took measures to protect their boats from the oncoming storm.(漁夫們採取行動保護他們的船隻以防範即將來臨的暴風雨。)

美國經濟大蕭條(The Great Depression)發生在1929至1933年間。小羅斯福總統(圖中坐者,資料照片)1933年就任後,開始實行一連串經濟政策,其核心是3個 R:Relief(救濟)、Reform(改革)和Recovery(復興),並制定《緊急銀行法令》、《國家工業復興法》等。《國家工業復興法》是以恢 復工業生產為目標,將生產環節置於國家的監督下, 減少盲目生產,並由國家出面調節企業與勞資雙方關係,為企業復興創造良好條 件。


Woman hid in coffin to escape custody, police say 警方稱女子躲在棺材內逃避羈押


Authorities say a Philadelphia woman hid in a coffin at a central Pennsylvania funeral home to escape custody.


Nicole April Kelly was arraigned Monday on charges stemming from the escape.

妮 可.艾普.凱莉因這起脫逃事件衍生的控罪,於週一遭到傳訊。

Police say the 19-year-old Kelly was being transported to jail by Juniata County deputies on Thursday to await extradition to another county on other charges. Authorities say Kelly escaped from the deputies, prompting a search that lasted several hours.

警方表示,19歲的凱莉因另涉及其他控罪,週四被朱尼亞特郡警官準備移送入監,以等候引渡至另一個郡。當局表示,凱莉擺脫警官 逃逸,引發持續數小時的搜索行動。

Investigators say the owner of the Brown Funeral Home found her in the coffin and held her until police arrived.

調查 人員指出,「布朗殯儀館」的老闆發現她躲在棺材裡,於是扣住她直到警方抵達為止。

Kelly remains jailed in lieu of $75,000 bail. It’s not clear whether she has an attorney.

凱 莉繼續監禁,並未以7萬5千美元交保。目前不清楚她是否有聘請律師。

The funeral home is seek restitution for damage to the coffin.



arraign:動詞,傳訊、提訊(在押嫌犯)。例句:He was arraigned on a charge of theft.(他被依竊盜罪傳訊。)

stem from:片語,起源於、由~所造成。例句:The present wave of strikes stems from discontent among the lower-paid.(當前的罷工浪潮起因於低工資者的不滿。)

in lieu of:片語,代替。例句:He used an inked thumbprint in lieu of signature.(他用按手印來代替簽字。)

This Day in History June 15… 歷史上的今天 6月15日…

On this date in 1994, the hearts of people around the world were captured by images of Africa. This was not due to a documentary about the lives of real animals. Actually, the world fell in love with Disney's animated movie . The movie is about a young lion that runs away from home but later returns to rescue his family. Created by Elton John, Tim Rice, and Hans Zimmer, the soundtrack won an Academy Award. earned more money than any other traditionally animated film. On top of that, it became a Broadway musical.

在1994年的今 天,世人的心都被非洲的景象給擄獲了。這並不是因為關於真實動物生活的紀錄片。事實上,全世界都愛上了迪士尼製作的動畫電影《獅子王》。這部電影描述一隻年輕的獅子離家後又返鄉拯救家人的故事。本 片的配樂由艾爾頓.強、提姆.萊斯與漢斯.季默共同製作,並贏得了奧斯卡獎。《獅子王》的獲利比其它傳統動畫電影都來得多。除此之外,它還成為一部百老匯 音樂劇。


《獅子王》(圖,資料照片)為華特迪士尼影業(Walt Disney Pictures)的第32部動畫長片,該片從莎士比亞的《哈姆雷特》(Hamlet)取得靈感,運用當時先進的動畫技術,再搭配宏偉的交響樂 (symphony),並且融合非洲當地原始音樂。片中歌曲榮獲了奧斯卡最佳原著音樂(Best Music, Original Score)和最佳電影主題曲(Best Music, Original Song)。而根據電影改編的《獅子王》音樂劇於1997年7月首演,自10月起開始常駐於美國百老匯公演後便大獲好評,並於當年獲得11項東尼獎 (Tony Award)提名,其中得到包括最佳音樂和最佳導演在內的6大獎項。


◎capture vt. 吸引(注意等);捕獲
例:Gary tried hard to capture the hearts of his girlfriend's parents.
◎be due to + N/V-ing 由於……,起因於……
例:Henry's health problems are due to a lack of sleep.(亨利的健康問題起因於睡眠不足。)
◎actually adv. 事實上;其實
例:That mean-looking dog is actually harmless.(那隻看起來很兇的狗其實是不會傷人的。)
◎animated a. 動畫的
◎on top of... 除……之外
例:On top of the history report, I have to finish my math homework.(除了歷史報告外,我還必須完成數學作業。)


Man dressed as Snoopy in ’worst attempted jail-break ever’ 男子扮史努比犯下「史上最糟糕劫獄行動」


Police have collared a man who was trying to break into HMP Isle of Wight’s Albany siteprison to spring an inmate while dressed as SNOOPY.

警方逮捕一名男子,他打扮成史努比試圖闖入懷特島阿 爾巴尼監獄劫囚。

Jail workers were stunned when confronted by the lovable Peanuts character waving a gun.


When the comic-strip beagle and an accomplice failed to break down a staff door, they pelted prison officers’ cars with concrete missiles.

這個 連載漫畫狗狗和一名同夥闖入監獄員工專用門不成,就用石塊飛彈猛砸獄方人員的車子。

A prison service source said yesterday: "It’s not every day you see a giant cartoon dog going on the rampage after failed in trying to break into a prison."

一名獄方人 員說,「一隻大卡通狗闖監獄不成後抓狂大鬧的場面,可不是天天見得到的。」

"They weren’t exactly inconspicuous - but it was taken seriously because they appeared to have a gun. They caused a real commotion and it was only later they were found to be armed with a water pistol."

「他們實在太引人注目了,但這起事件也被嚴肅看待,因為 他們顯然帶著槍。他們的確引發緊張,只不過後來才發現,他們手上的武器是水槍。」

The duo were arrested and it then emerged they had targeted the WRONG jail - the family member they wanted to free was banged up elsewhere.

這對雙人組被捕後才發現他們闖錯監獄了,他們 想解救的親戚被關在其他地方。

Snoopy and his un-costumed sidekick tried to get into HMP Isle of Wight’s Albany site, while the relative was in the complex’s Camp Hill jail.

這隻史努比和他沒偽裝的同夥試圖闖入懷特島阿爾巴尼監獄,而他們的親戚被關在坎普丘監 獄。

The insider explained: "This has got to rank as one of the worst attempted jail breaks ever."



collar: 動詞,抓住、逮捕(罪犯)。例句:The police collared the suspected thief.(警察抓住竊賊嫌犯。)

go on a(the) rampage:動詞片語,憤怒發狂。例句:The boss went on a rampage after learning that we lost the big case.(老闆得知我們丟了這個大案子後抓狂發飆。)

bang up:動詞片語,把某人關起來。例句:The judge banged him up for hit-and-run.(法官因他肇事逃逸把他關起來。)

This Day in History June 14… 歷史上的今天 6月14日…

The Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom started on April 2, 1982 because soldiers from Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. These islands are in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina, but they had been controlled by Britain for years. Argentina had always believed that the Falklands belonged to them. Therefore, they thought they were justified in taking back what they rightfully owned. Britain felt very differently. Although the war only lasted 74 days, around 900 people were killed during the fighting. On this date in 1982, the war ended when Argentina left the Falklands. Even now, the issue of who the rightful owner of the Falklands is continues to be contested.

阿根廷與英國之間的 福克蘭群島戰爭始於1982年的4月2日,這是因為阿根廷軍隊入侵福克蘭群島。該群島位於大西洋近阿根廷外海,但多年來卻由英國管理。阿根廷一直認為福克 蘭群島屬於他們所有,因此他們認為奪回屬於自己的領土是理所當然的事。但英國並不這麼認為。雖然戰爭只打了74天,卻造成約9百人死亡。1982年的今天 阿根廷自福克蘭群島撤兵,戰爭宣告結束。即使到現在,誰合法擁有福克蘭群島的主權仍持續引起激烈的爭辯。


英國和阿根廷於今年2月再度因為福克蘭群島(圖,資料照片)而關係緊張。 由於福克蘭群島是英國屬地,有好幾家英國公司準備在這個地區鑽探石油,該舉動招來阿根廷的強烈不滿。今年2 月阿根廷總統費南德茲(Cristina Fernandez)簽署行政命令,明定所有經由阿根廷港口和水域前往福克蘭群島的船隻,都必須事先申請並獲得許可。阿根廷外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)除了表示英國的舉動已經威脅到阿根廷的國家利益外,更在2月向英國駐阿根廷大使提出抗議。


例 The soldiers invaded the city before dawn.
◎belong to...
例 The house where I live actually belongs to my uncle.
adv. 正當地
例 This necklace is rightfully mine.p

例 The country is currently divided over the issue of the capital punishment.
(目前該國對 死刑的議題意見分歧。)
& n. 爭論;比賽
例 Kent contested his father’s will after he found out that his sister was given the family business.


Israel’s Gaza blockade baffles residents 以色列的加薩走廊封鎖政策令居民困惑


Israel’s Gaza blockade baffles residents


Military bureaucrats enforcing Israel’s blockade of Gaza allow frozen salmon filet, facial scrub and low-fat yogurt into the Hamas-ruled territory. Cilantro and instant coffee are another matter _ they are banned as luxury items.

負 責執行以色列對加薩走廊封鎖政策的軍方官僚准許冷凍鮭魚片、臉部去角質霜和低脂優格進入這塊由哈瑪斯組織統治的地區。香菜和即溶咖啡卻是另一回事──它們 被列為禁運的奢侈品。

Over the past three years, Israel has determined down to the tiniest detail what gets into the Gaza Strip and to its population of 1.5 million, using secret guidelines to differentiate between humanitarian necessities and nonessential luxuries in its blockade meant to squeeze the Islamic militant group Hamas.

過去三年 來,以色列決定了所有能夠運進加薩走廊及其150萬居民手中的大小物品,並且使用秘密準則來區分人道救援必需品及非必要奢侈品,這項封鎖令的目的是要對伊 斯蘭好戰組織哈瑪斯施壓。

The results are often baffling. "Frozen salmon _ we never had it before the blockade," said perplexed salesman Abed Nasser.

結 果經常令人感到困惑 。「冷凍鮭魚──在封鎖令開始前,我們根本就沒有這種東西,」不解的商人納薩爾表示。

Critics have long maintained that Israel’s blockade has not just been confusing, but counterproductive. The blockade has failed to dislodge Hamas and has hurt Gaza’s poor and blocked reconstruction after Israel’s devastating three-week military offensive two years ago.

批評者向來主張,以色列的封鎖令不但令人困 擾,而且根本適得其反。封鎖令非但未能把哈瑪斯逐出加薩,反而重創加薩的窮人,同時阻擋加薩在兩年前遭以軍發動三週毀滅性攻擊後的重建工作。


luxury:名詞,指奢侈、奢華時為不可數名詞,如They live in luxury.(他們生活豪奢。)指奢侈品、享受或樂趣時為可數名詞,如I like to buy myself little luxuries from time to time.(我喜歡偶爾給自己買一點奢侈品。)

counterproductive:形容詞,指適得其反的、造 成不良後果的,如Improved safety measures in cars can be counterproductive as they encourage people to drive faster.(改良汽車安全設備恐造成反效果,因為這反而可能鼓勵人開快車。)

dislodge: 動詞,指用力設法移動、逐出、取出,如We need two wins to dislodge the French team from first place.(我們得連贏兩場才能把法國隊擠下第一名寶座。)

This Day in History June 13

Change happens whether people like it or not. In 1517, Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses stated his opinion about what was wrong with the Catholic church. Then, Luther challenged the Catholic church even further. Luther was a priest, so he was not allowed to get married. However, on this date in 1525, Luther married Katherina von Bora, a former nun. Later, Luther translated the Bible into the language of the ordinary people. He wrote hymns to inspire people and started the tradition of singing during church services. Today, the people who follow the teachings of Martin Luther are called Lutherans.

歷史上的今天 6月13日…

不管人們喜歡與否,改變仍會發生。1517年,馬丁.路德(圖)發表了《九十五條論綱》,陳述他對當時存在於天主教教派中一些問題的意見。之後,他更進 一步挑戰天主教教會。馬丁.路德是一名神父,因此他並不可以結婚。然而在1525年的今日,路德娶了曾經是修女的凱慈琳.馮波拉。後來路德還將聖經翻譯成 一般人使用的語言。他還寫聖歌激勵大眾,因而開始了做禮拜時唱聖歌的傳統。如今,遵循馬丁.路德教義的人被統稱 為路德教徒。


◎whether...or not 是否……
例:Whether Judy goes to the movies or not depends on her schedule.(茱蒂會不會去看電影得視她的行程而定。)
◎be allowed to V 被允許(做)……
例:The students at this school are not allowed to wear street clothes to class.(該校的學生不准穿便服去上課。)
◎translate A into B 將A翻譯成B
例:David is translating the English book into a Chinese version.(大衛正在把這本英文書翻成中譯文。)
◎teachings n. 教義(恆用複數)
例:That religious leader's teachings have influenced many people.(那名宗教領袖的教義影響了許多人。)


North Korea 10 years late with software system 北韓推出軟體系統 水準落後10年


North Korea 10 years late with software system

北韓推出軟體系統 水準落後10年

North Korea has developed its own computer software operating system that is heavy on security, greatly influenced by Microsoft and about 10 years out of date.


North Korea is one of the world’s most isolated states that tries to cut off the flow of information from the outside world. It teaches students about the Internet by showing them photocopied papers of computer monitors.

北韓是舉世最孤立的國家之一,竭力切斷與外界的資訊流通,當要向學生講解何謂網際網路時,北韓只會向學生展示電腦螢幕的 紙張影印本。

The Korean language system whose name translates as "Red Star" is about as advanced as systems that came out a decade ago and is likely not coming to computers in the outside world anytime soon, a South Korean government think tank said in a report.

這套譯名為「紅星」的韓文作 業系統,水準相當於10年前問世系統,且不大可能被北韓以外的電腦採用,一個南韓政府智庫在報告中說。

"Due to few applicable programmes available, Red Star will not even be easily distributed in North Korea," the Science and Technology Policy Institute said after obtaining the software and running a detailed analysis.

南 韓科技政策研究院稱,「因為應用程式寥寥無幾,『紅星』連在北韓國內推廣起來都不容易。」該研究院取得該作業系統,並對其進行了詳細分析。

Red Star uses the Korean folk song "Arirang" as its start-up music and numbers years using its its "juche" (self-reliance) calendar, which starts counting from the birth of state founder Kim Il-sung.

「紅星」系 統開機音樂為韓國民謠「阿里郎」,日期上採用開國領袖金日成出生日算起的「主體」日曆。

The Linux-based Red Star system borrows heavily from early versions of Microsoft and has knock-off copies of the computer giant’s word processing, spread sheet and power point programmes, the report said.

以Linux為基礎的「紅星」系統大量借用微 軟早期的作業系統,且模仿了該電腦巨擘的文書處理、試算表與power point簡報軟體,報告指出。

新聞辭典 Dictionary

out of date:過時的;陳舊的。例句:This kind of machine is out of date. (這種機器過時了。)

folk song :民謠;民歌。

knock-off:俚語,假的、仿冒的東西。These bags are just cheap knock-offs. (這些包包不過是廉價仿冒品。)

This Day in History June 12… 歷史上的今天 6月12日

Who hasn't heard of William Shakespeare? A lot of his characters, like Romeo and Juliet, are world famous. But do you know the Globe Theatre? It was the playhouse built and used by Shakespeare's theater company. Unfortunately, the original theater burned down during a fire in 1613. However, all was not lost. On this date in 1997, Queen Elizabeth II reopened the new Globe Theatre. It was built just a short distance from where the first one stood. The new theater was built to resemble the original.

有誰沒聽過威廉.莎 士比亞的大名呢?許多他筆下的角色,像是羅密歐與茱麗葉,可是全球知名。但你可知道環球劇場(大圖,網路 照片)?這是莎士比亞所屬劇團所建造的劇院,作為他們表演之用。遺憾的是,原先的劇場在1613年被一場大火燒毀。不過劇院並沒有因此就完全消失。 1997年的今日,女王伊莉莎白二世重新啟用新建的環球劇場,位置離原址並不遠。


人稱莎翁的威廉.莎士比亞(圖,資料照片)除了是出名的劇作家 (playwright)和詩人(poet)外,他也是名演員。他曾任職於1594年成立於伊莉莎白一世女皇的宮內大臣劇團(Lord Chamberlains Men),同時也是該劇團合夥人之一。伯爵亨利.凱里(Henry Carey)為第一代的贊助人,伯爵去世後,由他的兒子亨斯頓伯爵接手,曾一度短暫改名為亨斯頓劇團,直到1603年詹姆士國王上台,並出資贊助後,更名 為國王劇團(Kings Men)。


◎hear of... 聽說/知曉……
例:I am so happy to hear of your engagement.
◎character n.(小說、戲劇等)人物,角色
例:Do you know who the main character in that movie is?
◎unfortunately adv.遺憾地;不幸地
fortunately adv.幸運地
例:Eddie enjoyed working in this company. Unfortunately, he had to quit for personal reasons.
(艾迪喜歡在這家 公司工作。遺憾的是,他因為私人因素必須辭職。)
◎original a.原先的,最初的& n.原物,原件
例:Our original plan was changed at the last minute.


Gay dog’ refused entry to Australian restaurant 澳洲餐廳拒絕「同志狗」入內

◎ 張沛元

An Australian restaurant that refused a blind man entry because a waiter thought his seeing-eye dog was "gay" has been ordered to apologise and pay compensation.

澳洲的一 家餐廳拒絕讓一名失明男子入內,理由是該餐廳的一名侍者以為他的導盲犬是「同志」,最後法庭判決該餐廳需向該男子道歉以及提出賠償。

Ian Jolly was told he could not take guide dog Nudge into Adelaide’s Thai Spice last May because a member of staff objected, The Sunday Mail reported.

週日郵報報導,依恩.裘利去年五月被告知他不能把他的導盲犬「納吉」帶進阿德雷德的「泰辣」餐廳,理由是該餐廳員工之一 拒絕讓他這麼做。

The restaurant’s owners said a misunderstanding had arisen between Jolly’s female companion and a waiter who understood the woman "to be saying she wanted to bring a gay dog into the restaurant".

該 餐廳老闆表示,裘利的女性同伴與一名侍者之間有所誤會,該侍者以為這名女子「說的是她要把一隻『同志』狗帶進餐廳。」

"The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog," the owners said in a statement to South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

「這名工作人員真的以為,『納吉』是一條被閹割後變成同 志犬的普通寵物狗,」餐廳老闆在寫給南澳洲的公平機會法庭的聲明中如是說。

The tribunal on Friday ordered the restaurant to pay Jolly 1,500 dollars (1,400 US) and offer him a written apology for discriminating against him on the grounds of disability.



guide dog :導盲犬,文中餐廳侍者把guide dog 聽成gay dog,以致引發誤會。

desex:即desexualize,動詞,閹割,除去性徵。寵物閹割口語常用fix。例 句:When should I have my dog fixed?(我何時該找人閹了我的狗?)

on the ground of:慣用語,因為,以…為理由。例句:The house was demolished on the ground of illegal encroachment on the church’s land.(這棟房子被以非法侵占教會土地的理由拆除。)

This Day in History June 11… 歷史上的今天 6月11日

The American Civil Rights Movement changed the US forever. On this date in 1963, one of the movement's important events took place. In the state of Alabama, Governor George Wallace tried to stop integration at the University of Alabama. He stood at the door of the school's auditorium and would not let two African-American students register for classes. However, the Alabama National Guard was called in, so Wallace was forced to step aside. That evening, President John F. Kennedy gave his historic civil rights speech on national TV and radio, which promised the change that was soon delivered.

美國的民權運動徹底地改變了這個國家。1963年的今 天發生了民權運動中一個很重要的事件。阿拉巴馬州的州長喬治.華萊士試圖阻止阿拉巴馬大學廢除種族歧視。他站在學校禮堂的門口,不讓兩名非裔美國學生註冊 入學。然而,該州的國民警衛隊被召來協助處理,因此華萊士被迫讓開。那天傍晚,甘迺迪總統透過國家電視和廣播發表他深具歷史意義的民權演說,他在演說中所 承諾的種族平等改變很快就獲得了實現。


●civil rights n.公民的權利,民權(恆用複數)
●take place 發生
●register for... 註冊……;報名參加……
例:You have to register for the summer term by May 1.(你必須在5月1號前完成暑期班的註冊手續。)
●call in sb/call sb in 找某人來,請來某人
例:The bank manager called the police in to investigate the robbery.(那位銀行經理請警方來調查這件搶案。)
●be forced to V 被迫(做)……
例:Terry was forced to wait in the emergency room for three hours.(泰瑞被迫在急診室等了3個小時。)
●step aside 讓開;站到一旁
●promise vt.保證,允諾
promise to V 保證……


美國聯邦最高法院早在1954年規定,在公立學校實行種族主義隔離制度是違憲的,只是許多美國南部的學校並 沒有服從這項規定。甘迺迪總統除了在1963年派遣國民警衛隊(United States National Guard)強制要求阿拉巴馬州州長喬治.華萊士,讓非裔的詹姆斯.霍德(James Hood)和薇薇安.馬龍.瓊斯(Vivian Malone Jones)入學外,前一年他也派了400名法警和3000名士兵去保護非裔學生詹姆斯.莫瑞德斯(James Meredith)去密西西比大學(University of Mississippi)上課,因為莫瑞德斯在上學途中受到白人大學生的百般阻撓。


Comparing income with peers causes unhappiness 與同儕比收入讓人不開心


Comparing your income with those of family and friends is a recipe for unhappiness, a study has suggested. Researchers analysing data from a Europe-wide survey found three-quarters of those asked thought it important to compare their incomes with others. But those who compared salaries seem less content, especially if they looked at those of friends and family rather than work colleagues.

研究顯示,與親朋好友比較收入,是讓你不開心的方法。研究人員分析歐洲調查的 資料發現,4分之3的受訪者認為,與別人比較收入是很重要的事情,但那些會去比較薪水的人似乎比較不滿足,特別是如果他們與朋友和家人、而非同事比較的 話。

The researchers, from the Paris School of Economics, used data from the European Social Survey covering 19,000 participants in 24 countries. They found that those who compared their incomes with others tended to be less happy.

巴黎經濟學院的研究人員,使用涵蓋24國1萬9000名受訪者的歐洲社會調查數據,發現 與他人比較收入的人似乎較不快樂。

There was no difference seen between men and women in how much they compare their income with those around them. But limiting comparisons to work colleagues seems to be the most innocuous - as comparisons with friends appeared to be twice as painful as comparisons with colleagues.

在與周遭的人比較收入上,男性與女性沒有什麼差別,但是把比較限於同事,似乎 最無害;與朋友相比的痛苦,似乎比與同事相比要痛苦兩倍。

People in poorer countries were found to compare their incomes more than people in richer ones and, within countries, poorer people were more likely to compare their incomes than richer people.

在較貧窮國家的人,比較富裕國家的人還會比較收入,而在同一個國家內,較貧窮的人可能比較富裕的人還會比較 收入。


recipe: 名詞,食譜,訣竅、方法。

content:形容詞,滿意的。例句:He seems fairly content with (his) life.(他似乎相當滿意他的生活。)

innocuous:形容詞,無害的。例句:Some mushrooms look innocuous but are in fact poisonous.(有些菇類看來無害其實有毒。)