Cost of school formals soaring as teenagers glam-up



Parents used to save for their children’s weddings but now there’s another major rite of passage to fund before they even leave home--the school formal or prom, a booming industry which seems recession-proof.


Parties or balls to celebrate the end of school have become increasingly glitzy affairs in a list of countries from Britain, to Singapore, to India and Australia, emulating U.S.-style proms glamorized in the hit Disney movie "High School Musical". And parents are left with the dilemma of whether or not to splash out on their children’s big night.


Figures from Elk and Sons Consolidated Ptd Ltd, which organizes school proms, show that in Australia the high school formal market grew nine percent in the past year to be worth $170 million (US$ 155 million) in the city of Sydney alone.


A survey of nearly 2,000 Australian students aged between 15 and 18 found that on average girls were spending $1,330 each on the big night while boys were spending an average of $840.


Author Amy Best who studied the trend of upscaling proms found that the rising purchasing power of youth culture had made the prom into an industry in its own right.



glam-up:動詞片語,盛裝打扮。例句:She glammed herself up with fancy dress for the big night.(她為這重要一夜穿著華服盛裝打扮。)

rite of passage:名詞,(象徵進入人生新階段的)儀式或事件。Bearing children is a rite of passage for many women.(對許多婦女來說,生孩子象徵人生邁入新階段。)

in one’s own right:名詞片語,依靠本身的能力或條件而達到某種成就。例句:He got that position in his own right.(他靠自己的能力得到那個地位。)

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