Coffee and tea ’prevent diabetes’ 咖啡與茶預防糖尿病


Tea and coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a large body of evidence shows. And the protection may not be down to caffeine since decaf coffee has the greatest effect, say researchers in Archives of Internal Medicine.


They looked at 18 separate studies involving nearly 500,000 people. This analysis revealed that people who drink three or four cups of coffee or tea a day cut their risk by a fifth or more, say researchers. The same amount of decaffeinated coffee had an even bigger effect, lowering risk by a third.


Type 2 diabetes usually starts after the age of 40 and develops when the body can still make some insulin, but not enough, or when the insulin that is produced does not work properly. Type 2 diabetes is treated with a healthy diet and increased physical activity. In addition to this, medication and/or insulin is often required.


If the findings prove true, doctors may well start advising people to put the kettle on as well as take more exercise and watch their weight, say the researchers. When the authors combined and analysed the data, they found that each additional cup of coffee consumed in a day cut diabetes risk by 7%.



body:名詞,大量,許多。例句:There is a growing body of evidence to support their claim.(越來越多證據支持他的說法。)

be down to sth:片語,因為某事。例句:His failure is down to bad luck.(他失敗是因為運氣不好。)


I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith as soon as possible.我想預約史密斯醫師的門診,愈快愈好

Gina:Hello, Dr. Keller's Clinic. What can I do for you?

rene:Hello, I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith as soon as possible.
Gina:Well, the next opening available is at 2:00 p.m. the day after tomorrow. If it's urgent, you can make an emergency appointment for tonight, but we cannot guarantee that you'll see Dr. Smith in that case.
Irene:It's alright. I can wait till the day after tomorrow.
Gina:OK. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.


◎I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith as soon as possible.
Our clinic hours are+from+時間+to+時間.我們門診時間為……(時間)到……(時間)。
This is my first consultation.


◎as soon as possible儘快
=as soon as one can
例:Once you have made your decision, please let me know it as soon as possible.(一旦你做了決定,請馬上告訴我。)
◎emergency n. 緊急情況
例:Press the intercom button in case of an emergency.(遇到緊急情況,按下對講機通話鍵。)
◎guarantee vt. 保證╱擔保
guarantee+that 子句保證……
guarantee sb sth向某人保證某事
◎In that case, S+V 那樣的話,……

Do'nt call the fire brigade... this picture is not of a playground catastrophe—these children have grown up as part of a stunt family and are performing a trick here as part of a pilot for a reality TV show. Connor, 15, Ali, 11, and Austin, nine, and their parents Jim and Celia Dunn, already have a stunning CV of film work between them.



Thai police dupe fugitives with fake prize draw 泰國警方以假抽獎騙倒逃犯


Thai police nabbed 14 suspected criminals after telling them they were winners of a lucky draw and arresting them when they showed up to collect their prizes.


The wanted men came out of hiding to pick up televisions and cash cheques they were told they had won when their phone or national identification numbers were picked out in a draw, said Pol. Lt-Gen. Krisada Pankongchoen, who masterminded the scam.


"We’re happy with the result. We didn’t expect anyone to fall for this," he said. "They probably felt very stupid, especially those who were in hiding for months."


Police sent hundreds of congratulatory letters to the registered addresses of suspected criminals across Bangkok and the surrounding areas, among them rapists and thieves, Krisada said.


They waited at various locations in the city and pounced when 14 showed up expecting to receive their prizes. "Many of them have been on our wanted list for some time and had probably thought the police were no longer pursuing them, so they weren’t suspicious," he added.



dupe︰詐騙、愚弄,名詞為被人利用的傀儡。例句︰She has been making you her dupe for much too long.(她一直利用你,為時太久了。)

fall for︰上當、信以為真。例句︰We must not fall for such nonsense.(我們絕不能聽信這種胡言亂語。)

pounce︰猛撲、突然襲擊。例句︰He is ready to pounce at the phone when it rings.(電話鈴一響,他馬上就會衝過去抓起話筒。)

I was wondering if I could reschedule my appointment for Friday afternoon.我想知道是否能將預約改到星期五下午。

Hannah:Kay's Beauty Salon, Hannah speaking. How may I help you?

Nadia:Hello, I originally had an appointment for a facial tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., but I was wondering if I could reschedule my appointment for Friday afternoon.
Hannah:We have a slot available at 2:00 p.m. on Friday. Would that be OK?
Nadia:Do you have anything a little later?
Hannah:The only other slot available on Friday is at 4:00 p.m.
Nadia:That would be great. I'll take that slot.


◎I was wondering if I could reschedule my appointment for Friday afternoon.
reschedule one's / the appointment for + 時間
例:Can I reschedule my appointment for Saturday morning?(我可以將預約改到星期六早上嗎?)


◎originally adv. 原本地,原來地
例:The newlyweds originally planned to travel abroad for their honeymoon, but the bride got sick and they didn't go.(那對新婚夫婦原本要出國度蜜月,但新娘生病了,所以沒去成。)
◎appointment   n.約會;預約
make an appointment with sb for + 時間與某人約定在某時見面
◎facial   n.做臉
◎slot   n.空檔;時段

Bite of Discipline紀律之咬

This adult male lion lost patience with his attention-seeking son after the fun-loving cub spent hours tugging on his mane and chewing his fur. He snapped, whipping his head around with teeth bared before sinking his fangs into the cub’s head.



Intruder arrested while having a bath 闖入者在洗澡時落網


Police in America arrested an intruder who broke into an east Texas home - after they arrived at the crime scene to find the man having a bath in the house he’d broken into.


Police were called to the home in Tyler, Texas at around 3:30 in the morning, when a resident of the house reported that a man had kicked the front door in. The resident fled, but police en route to the scene were told the intruder was still there.


And indeed, when they arrived, they were surprised to find that the man had stripped naked and was having a bath.


After a brief, and presumably rather wet, struggle, the intruder - identified as 25-year-old Larry Ticey - was arrested, and jailed pending charges of misdemeanor criminal trespass.



break into︰片語,非法強行闖入、破門而入。例句︰We had to break into the house as we had lost the key.(因為弄丟了鑰匙,我們不得不破門而入。)

en route︰片語,在途中。例句︰They were en route from Kuala Lumpur to Paris.(他們在從吉隆坡去巴黎的途中。)

have a bath︰片語,洗一個澡。例句︰She is giving her child a hot bath.(她正在替她的小孩洗熱水澡。)

I want to invite you and your team out for a business lunch.我想邀請你和你的工作團隊共進商業午餐

Tom:Hello, can I speak to Henry, please? This is Tom.
Henry:Yes, speaking. What can I do for you, Tom?
Tom:I want to invite you and your team out for a business lunch. I thought it'd be a good chance for us to get to know each other better since we're going to be working together soon.
Henry:Sure, that's a great idea. Do you have a time and place in mind?
Tom:How about 1:00 p.m. next Friday at Joys Cafe?
Henry:That sounds good. I'll let the rest of the team know.


●I want to invite you and your team out for a business lunch. 我想邀請你和你的工作團隊共進商業午餐。
想邀他人外出做某件事,除了用invite,我們在電影中也常聽到一些口語用法,如:be up for sth(願意參與某活動)或come along(一同前往):
例:We're going to the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Are you up for it?(我們要去附近那家中國餐館。你要參加嗎?)


●invite   vt.邀請
●have...in mind  心中有……想法;心裡想到……
例:It was a nice apartment, but it was'nt what we had in mind.(那是棟不錯的公寓,但卻不是我們心裡想要的那種。)
●How about + N/V-ing?  ……如何?

Flying Robot 飛行機器人

Japan's Chiba University professor Hiroshi Ryu displays the flying robot, which flutters its wings 35 times a second like a humming bird, at his laboratory in Chiba city, on December 28, 2009. The hummingbird robot, 10cm in length and weighing only 2.6g, has four plastic-made wings, driven by a micro actuator.



Balloon proposal falls flat 熱氣球求婚洩氣


A US vicar’s romantic proposal to his girlfriend in a hot air balloon fell flat when he dropped the engagement ring.


James Ng, 27, had hidden the £2,000 diamond ring in his camera case. But as the pair floated above Ohio, Mr Ng accidentally fumbled his camera case over the side and watched in horror as it fell 500 feet into the woods, said the reports.


But his girlfriend Sonya Bostic caught on, leaving Mr Ng with little choice but to drop onto bended knee and pop the question with a £5 Wal-Mart ring. She said yes.


Unable to believe the ring was lost for good, the vicar mapped the ordinates of the balloon’s journey from the sky and searched for the bag over the following week.


After seven arduous days of searching the three-mile-square area, they found the camera bag. The only thing still inside it was the ring.


"I think the first thing I said was holy cow," said Mr Ng. "Then I called Sonya right away."


Now the couple plan to marry in June.



fall flat:動詞片語,失敗。flat原有氣球或輪胎洩氣、fall有墜落之意,本文中一語雙關。例句:The project which he has worked for a whole year eventually fell flat.(他努力了一整年的計畫最終還是失敗了。)

fumble:動詞,笨手笨腳或胡亂地用手摸索、拿某物;漏接(球);支支吾吾地說話。例句:He tried to explain but fumbled for words.(他試圖解釋,但是支支吾吾地說不清楚。)

holy cow:口語,表示非常驚訝到不敢置信。類似詞還有holy crap。

My battery is dying. 我的電池快沒電了

Rose:Hi Tania, it’s Rose here. I was just wondering if we’re still on for dinner on Tuesday.
Tania:Hi, Rose. Yes, we are. I’ve made a reservation at Liza’s for 7:00 p.m.
Rose:I don’t know where that is. Could you give me directions?
Tania:Hey, listen, my battery is dying. It’ll run out any minute now. I’ll email you the link to the restaurant later on.
Rose:Sure, no problem.
Tania:I’ll see you then.


◎My battery is dying.
.My battery is running out.= My battery is running low.(我的電池快用完了/快沒電了。)
.The battery in my phone died.=The battery in my phone is dead.(我的手機沒電了。)


◎direction n. 方向指示(常用複數);方向
.give sb directions to + 地方
例:Excuse me, I’m lost. Can you give me directions to the national museum?(不好意思,我迷路了。請問你可以告訴我國家博物館怎麼走嗎?)
◎run out用完
例:We are running out of gas. Is there a gas station nearby?(我們快沒汽油了。附近有加油站嗎?)
◎link n.(網際網路的)連結&vt. 連結
例:The new railroad links the eastern and western regions together.(這新鐵路連結東西區。)

Miniature Versailles 迷你凡爾賽宮

This exquisitely crafted miniature of a French 18th Century Hotel Particulier is a homage to the Palace of Versailles and would please even Marie Antoinette. Made by husband-and-wife team Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers, it was commissioned for ?70,000 by an American woman with a passion for France.



Black nativity angers Italy’s "White Xmas" party 黑色耶穌誕生圖激怒義大利的「白色耶誕」政黨


A nativity scene featuring a dark-skinned Jesus, Mary and Joseph that has gone on display in a Verona courthouse has created heated debate in a city with strong links to Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League party.


The nativity’s appearance coincides with the League’s controversial operation "White Christmas," a two-month sweep ending on Christmas Day to ferret out foreigners without proper permits in Coccaglio, a small League-led town east of Milan.


The Christmas scene -- featuring a dark-skinned baby Jesus dressed in a red shirt and lying in a manger -- was the idea of Mario Giulio Schinaia, the chief Public Prosecutor in Verona.


"History teaches us that baby Jesus and his parents were very probably dark-skinned," Schinaia said. "There shouldn’t be a white or black Christmas, only a merry Christmas for everyone, of every skin color, ethnic background and nationality."


The nativity has caused heated reactions in the rich northern town, where resentment toward foreigners has spread as the number of immigrants, particularly from north Africa and eastern Europe, continues to rise.


The Northern League, an ally of conservative Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with key cabinet posts including the interior ministry, has used its growing political clout to secure tough new laws including making illegal immigration a crime.



nativity:名詞,指出生、誕生,大寫時尤指耶穌的誕生或耶穌誕生圖,亦可泛指耶誕節。如nativity play,耶誕劇(通常由兒童在耶誕節演出、關於耶穌降生的戲劇)。

ferret:名詞原指雪貂、白鼬,作動詞時指仔細搜索、找出,如Officials say they will ferret out abuses in the welfare program.(官員們表示會仔細找出社福計畫中的弊病。)

clout:名詞,指對其他人或事物的影響力,如The Queen may have privilege but she has no real political clout.(女王或許擁有特權,但她沒有實質的政治影響力。)

There’s nobody here by that name.這裡沒有人叫這個名字。


Nancy:Hello, can I speak to Linda, please?
Casey:I’m sorry, but there’s nobody here by that name.
Nancy:Are you sure? Isn’t this 2552-3477?
Casey:Yes, it is. Perhaps you wrote down the wrong number?
Nancy:I guess you are right. Sorry to have troubled you.
Casey:Sure, no problem.


◎There’s nobody here by that name.這裡沒有人叫這個名字。
若接到打錯電話,禮貌上要向對方說明這裡沒有他要找的人,或告訴對方撥錯電話(dialed the wrong number)。另外還可用下列句型表示:
˙There’s no one here called / named + 名字.  這裡沒有叫……的人。
= There’s no + 名字 + here.
˙There’s no one called / named + 名字 + in + 部門.  某部門沒有叫……的人。
= There’s no + 名字 + in + 部門.
例:The number is correct, but there’s no one here named Brad.(號碼是對的,但是這裡沒有叫布萊德的人。)


◎perhaps  adv.可能;大概
例:We haven’t decided where to go for our vacation. Perhaps we will go to Italy or France.(我們還沒決定要去哪裡渡假。可能會去義大利或是法國吧。)
◎write down...  記下……
例:Mr. Johnson's secretary wrote down everything we said in the meeting.(強森先生的秘書把我們在會議上所說的每句話都記錄下來。)
◎trouble vt.打擾,麻煩 & n.麻煩
例:I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me how to get to the train station?(對不起打擾你,能不能告訴我火車站怎麼去?)


Cigarettes kill, but don't tell smokers? 香菸會致命,但別告訴菸槍?


Cigarette pack warnings that remind smokers of the fatal consequences of their habit may actually make them smoke more as a way to cope with the inevitability of death, according to researchers.


A small study by psychologists from the United States, Switzerland and Germany showed that warnings unrelated to death, such as "smoking makes you unattractive" or "smoking brings you and the people around you severe damage," were more effective in changing smokers’ attitudes toward their habit.


This was especially the case in people who smoked to boost their self-esteem, such as youth who took up the habit to impress or fit in with their peers and others who thought smoking increased their social value, the researchers said.


"On the one hand, death-related warnings were not effective and even ironically caused more positive smoking attitudes among smokers who based their self-esteem on smoking," the study said.


"On the other hand, warning messages that were unrelated to death effectively reduced smoking attitudes the more recipients based their self-esteem on smoking."



remind of:片語,提醒。例句:I remind him of his promise.(我提醒他許下的諾言。)

cope with:片語,意指對付、應付或處理,with後面接名詞。例句:There was more work than I could cope with.(工作多到超過我可以勝任的範圍。)

self-esteem:名詞,自尊。例句:He regains his self-esteem. (他重拾自尊心。)

I’m losing the signal.我電話收不到訊號了。

Rick:Hello, can I speak to Ms. Rita Allen, please?
Rita:Yes, this is she speaking.
Rick:I’m calling from JCT Electric Company. Ms. Allen, you haven’t paid your electric bill for the last two months.
Rita:Really? I wasn’t aware of that. There must be a mix-up at the bank.
Rick:Unless you do so by next week, I’m afraid we’re going to cut off your power supply.
Rita:I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you now. I’m losing the signal. Goodbye!


●I’m losing the signal. 我電話收不到訊號了。
例:I’m sorry. I’m losing you.(對不起,我聽不見你講話了。)
例:The signal is getting weaker.(手機訊號越來越弱了。)


●electric a.電的;用電的
electricity n.電
an electric bill 電費帳單
●mix-up n.(引起混亂的)錯誤
例:Ted was very angry at the airline about the mix-up with his reservation.(泰德很生氣航空公司將他的訂位弄混了。)
●aware a.知道的
be aware of... 知道……
●cut off...╱cut...off 切斷……(水、電等)
例:While I was talking with Sarah on my cell phone, the call was cut off all of a sudden.(我和莎拉正在講手機時,電話突然被切斷了。)
●power supply 電力供應


What’s in an unusual name? More than you might think 罕見名字有啥玄機?出乎你意料

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have thought twice about naming their daughter Suri if they’d known that it means "pickpocket" in Japanese, "turned sour" in French, and "horse mackerels" in Italian.


Today Translations, a London-based translation company, is offering parents-to-be -- particularly celebrities -- the chance to check the meaning of prospective baby names in other languages.


For 1,000 pounds, the company’s linguists will carry out a "basic name translation audit" of names, checking their meaning in 100 languages, or more for an additional cost.


While open to everyone, the firm said it expects the service to attract celebrity clients who are known for giving their babies unusual names.


Among other baby names the company could have warned about in advance are Kai Rooney, the newborn son of English soccer player Wayne Rooney, whose name means "probably" in Finnish, "pier" in Estonian, and "stop it" in the west African language of Yoruba.



think twice:片語,重新考慮,三思。例句:You should think twice before spending all that money on clothes.(你應該重新考慮是否要把錢全花在衣服上。)

turn/go sour :片語,惡化,變壞。例句:It looks like all my plans are going sour.(看來我所有的計畫都砸鍋了。)


Oh, have I caught you at a bad time?喔,我打來的不是時候嗎?

Helen:Hey, Linda? It’s Helen here.
Linda:Hi, Helen. Listen, I’m a little busy at the moment.
Helen:Oh, have I caught you at a bad time?I just want to ask you something quickly.
Linda:Well, OK. What is it?
Helen:Could I borrow your green sleeveless top for my date with John tonight?
Linda:Sure, it’s in the top drawer of my dresser. Make sure you don’t spill anything on it!


◎Oh, have I caught you at a bad time?喔,我打來的不是時候嗎?
例:Do you have a minute?I have something important to tell you.(你有空嗎?我有重要的事要告訴你。)


◎sleeveless a.無袖的
.sleeves n.袖子(恆用複數,因袖子有兩條)
.a long-sleeved shirt 長袖襯衫
◎top n.上衣
◎in the top / bottom drawer在最上層/最底層的抽屜
例:I always keep my socks in the bottom drawer.(我向來都是把襪子放在最底層的抽屜。)
◎make sure + that 子句務必……(that 可省略)
例:Make sure (that) you turn off all the lights before you leave.(你離開前務必要把所有燈都關掉。)
◎spill A on / over B把 A 潑到 B 上
例:Tom spilled coffee on my skirt by accident.(湯姆不小心把咖啡灑到我的裙子上。)


Female Viagra’ discovery claim 科學家宣稱發現女性威而鋼


A drug that failed tests as an antidepressant is being hailed as "Viagra for women" after surprising but not unpleasant side effects. In three separate trials, the drug flibanserin did wonders for women’s flagging sex drive despite doing nothing to lift mood.


The accidental discovery is akin to Viagra’s-it was originally designed as a heart medicine but failed.


The US work was presented at a sexual medicine meeting in Lyon, France.


Lead researcher Professor John Thorp, of the University of North Carolina, told the European Society for Sexual Medicine: "Flibanserin was a poor antidepressant. However, astute observers noted that it increased libido in laboratory animals and human subjects. So, we conducted multiple clinical trials."


The women in the studies who took 100mg of the drug once a day for their low libido reported significant improvements in their sexual desire and satisfactory sexual experiences, he said.



side effects:名詞,副作用。例句:Does this drug have any side effects?(這種藥有副作用嗎?)

wonder:名詞,奇蹟,奇觀,奇事。例句:We spent a week visiting the wonders of Ancient Greek civilization.(我們花了一個禮拜參觀古希臘文明奇景。)

flagging:形容詞,虛弱的。例句:The news will boost his flagging reputation.(這個消息將提振他委靡的聲勢。)

We’ve been experiencing problems with our phones all day.我們電話整天都怪怪的

Maurice:Hello, Royal Hotel, Maurice speaking. What can I do for you?
Celia:Hello, I was just making a booking, but I got cut off.
Maurice:Oh yes, I'm sorry about that. We've been experiencing problems with our phones all day.
Celia:Well, you should sort it out soon. You could lose a lot of business that way.
Maurice:Yes, you are absolutely right. So you'd like to make a booking for a double room from Jan 23 to Jan 25.
Celia:Yes, that's right.


◎We've been experiencing problems with our phones all day.
例:I'm sorry, but we are experiencing a problem with our computer system.
=I'm sorry, but we are encountering a problem with our computer system.


◎get cut off  (電話通話)被中斷
例:Something's wrong with our telephone line─I already got cut off three times today.
◎sort sth out  替某事找出解決辦法
例:You should sort your financial problems out before making any further investments.


Happy Christmas honey - here’s a divorce voucher 耶誕快樂,親愛的—這裡有張離婚禮券


Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Is your marriage or a friend’s going through a rocky patch? How about a divorce voucher? A London law firm is offering Christmas gift vouchers for divorce advice.


The firm, Lloyd Platt & Company, which normally charges 325 pounds an hour, said it had been swamped with enquiries since it launched the vouchers early last week. So far, more than 60 have been sold -- a snip at 125 pounds for a half hour session with a divorce lawyer.


A spokesman for the Church of England called the vouchers sad. "Divorce is a very personal matter and not really suitable for the idea of gift vouchers," he said.


Demand for the vouchers could soar over the next few weeks. Christmas tends to be a particularly stressful time for families, with a huge rise in people seeking advice each January, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, the firm’s founder, said.



be stuck for︰想不出來。be stuck on則指迷戀、特別喜愛。例句︰She is really stuck on her new teacher.(她實在喜歡她的新老師。)

a rocky patch︰困境。Their relationship has hit a rocky patch.(他們的關係已觸礁。)

be swamped with︰多到難以招架。例句︰We were swamped with telephone calls after our advertisement was put in the paper.(自從在報紙登廣告後,我們的電話就應接不暇。)

I got disconnected.電話斷線了

Jack:Hello, Ryan residence.
Kelly:Hello, could I speak to Ian please?I was speaking to him just a moment ago, but I got disconnected.
Jack:Oh, really?Let me just get him for you.
Ian:Hello, Kelly. I'm sorry about that. What were you saying?
Kelly:I was wondering if you were free to go out this weekend.
Ian:Oh no, the connections really bad. I'll call you later, OK?


◎I got disconnected. 電話斷線了。
.I / My call suddenly got disconnected.=I / My call suddenly got cut off.(我的電話突然斷線了。)
.We just got cut off. Sorry about that.(電話剛才斷線了,不好意思。)
.網路斷線則可說:The Internet was disconnected.(網路斷線了。)


◎a moment ago不久前
◎disconnect vt.切斷(電話╱電源等)
.connect vt. 使(電話)接通
例:Our Internet has'nt been connected yet.(我們的網路還沒接通。)
.connect A with B把A的電話轉接給B
例:Please connect me with Mr. Brown in the Marketing Department.(請幫我轉給行銷部的布朗先生。)
◎connection n.(電話╱線路的)連接╱通話


2 lions kill white tiger in Czech zoo 捷克動物園的兩隻獅子殺死一隻白虎


A rare white tiger has been killed by two lions in a zoo in northern Czech Republic, a zoo official said Thursday.


The lions, 14-year-old Sultan and 11-year-old Elsa, managed unexpectedly to enter an open-air area occupied by the 17-year-old tiger Isabella, by opening a trap door leading to it, Liberec Zoo spokesman Ivan Langr said.


He said authorities were not able to prevent the killing, which took place Thursday morning.


The lions and tigers in the zoo share the same pavilion overnight, which they leave for separate open-air areas during the day. The animals are allowed to enter various areas on a rotating daily basis and the lions likely were trying to enter the place where they spent the previous day, Langr said. He said the zoo will abandon the rotating system following the killing.


The pavilion was built in 1994 and the system has been in place since. No such accident has happened before.



open-air:形容詞,戶外的、露天的。例句:He wants to hold an open-air concert here.(他想在這裡舉行露天音樂會。)

trap door:名詞,活動門、活動天窗。例句:A trap door in the ceiling leads to the attic.(天花板的一扇活動門可通閣樓。)

in place:片語,在合適的位置,適當的、適時的。例句:Everything is in place. (一切準備就緒。)

I tried, but the line’s always busy.我試過了,但電話一直在忙線中

Susie:Hello, Alice?It’s Susie here. I’ve left my keys at home, and I was wondering what time you’re going to be home tonight.
Alice:I’m going to a party tonight, so I won’t be home till after midnight. Why don’t you try calling Laura at home?I think she is staying in tonight.
Susie:I tried, but the line’s always busy.
Alice:Maybe the phone’s off the hook. Have you tried her cell phone?
Susie:I did, but it’s not turned on. What should I do?
Alice:Well, I guess you’d better come to the party with me. Then we can go home together.


◎I tried, but the line’s always busy.我試過了,但電話一直忙線中。
.The line is engaged.(現在忙線中。)
.The line was busy; I couldn’t get through to him.(他的電話正在通話中,我打不進去。)


◎stay in 待在家裡╱不外出
例:I’m worn out today, so I just feel like staying in and watching TV tonight.(我今天累壞了,今晚只想待在家看電視。)
◎hook n.(電話的)聽筒架
.leave the phone off the hook將電話筒拿起來
例:If you don’t want to take any calls, you can leave the phone off the hook.(如果你不想接電話,可以將電話筒拿起來。)

Woodpecker and Snake Fight for Nest啄木鳥和蛇爭巢

The crimson crested woodpecker made repeated attempts to drive the snake out of the tree and was bitten by the snake five times. After a fight lasting about four minutes, the wounded bird left the area and is likely to have died of its injuries or been killed by a predator.



Baby-faced people ’live longer’ 長得娃娃臉的人「較長命」


People who look young for their age are already the envy of their peers, but those holding back the years haven’t just been blessed in the looks department.


Now they have another reason to be smug:not only do the wrinkles remain at bay, but the Grim Reaper takes longer to call, according to a new Danish study published online in the British medical journal BMJ.


In 2001, Danish researchers conducted physical and cognitive tests on more than 1,800 pairs of twins older than 70, as well as taking photos of their faces.


Three groups of people who didn’t know the twins’ real ages guessed how old they were. The researchers then tracked how long the twins survived over seven years.


The experts found that people who looked younger than their actual age were far more likely to survive, even after they adjusted for other factors like gender and environment.


The bigger the difference in perceived age within any twin pair, the more likely it was that the older-looking twin died first.



smug:形容詞,沾沾自喜的。例句:She has that smug look everytime she talks about her son.(她每次談到她兒子都有那張得意的表情。)

remain/hold/keep at bay:片語,不讓……接近,困住。The strategy worked and kept the enemy at bay.(戰略奏效,成功阻止敵人進逼。)

Grim Reaper:專有名詞,死神,原意為面目猙獰、拿著大鐮刀的收割者,傳說源自中世紀黑死病侵襲歐洲期間對死神面貌的描述。

I may need to take sick leave.也許我需要請病假

Scott:Hello, can I speak to Roger, please? It’s Scott.
Roger:Hello, Scott, what’s up? Why aren’t you at work yet? We’re very busy today.
Scott:I wasn’t feeling too well this morning, so I went to the doctor’s to have a check-up. It turns out that I have the flu, so I may need to take sick leave.
Roger:That’s terrible news! We really need you at work this week.
Scott:I’m really sorry. Perhaps you could get the weekend staff to come in and cover for me. I heard that Harry is looking for some extra hours.
Roger:Good idea, Scott. Hope you get better soon.


◎I may need to take sick leave.也許我需要請病假。
對話中 take sick leave 表「請病假」。此外,take paid/unpaid leave表「請支薪╱不支薪假」。關於請假的常見用法如下:
.take annual leave/be on annual leave  請年假╱請年假中
.take personal leave/be on personal leave請事假╱請事假中
.take maternity leave/be on maternity leave請產假╱請產假中
.take funeral leave/be on funeral leave請喪假╱請喪假中


◎flu n.流行性感冒(是influenza的縮寫,始終與the並用)
.have the flu  得了流感
◎cover for sb  替某人代班
例:I’m covering for Patrick while he is on annual leave.(派崔克休年假期間我暫代他的工作。)


Sarkozy provokes French left by honouring Albert Camus 薩科茲向卡繆致敬惹惱法國左派


French intellectuals have heaped scorn on a proposal by Nicolas Sarkozy to bestow the country’s greatest posthumous honour upon the writer Albert Camus, accusing the rightwing president of trying to cash in on the thinker’s popularity with little respect for his politics or personality.


Sarkozy said recently that he thought it would be an "extraordinary symbol" to transfer the Algerian-born author’s remains to the Pantheon, the resting place for heroes of France, on the 50th anniversary of his death in January.


But the idea of a rightwing leader often accused of authoritarian tendencies and anti-intellectualism celebrating the life of a man who made a career out of political resistance and literary endeavour has outraged many Camus experts.


They suspect Sarkozy is using a golden opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of a charismatic hero, whose ideas are being feted by the mainstream half a century after he died in a car crash.


"I don’t think Albert Camus has any need of Sarkozy. I think Sarkozy has greater need of some intellectual sparkle," said Olivier Todd, a biographer of Camus, on French radio.



heap/pour scorns on sb/sth:蔑視、嘲笑某事或某人,如Critics of the President have been pouring scorn on the plan ever since it was first proposed.(自從總統首度提出這項計畫後,批評者就不斷對其冷嘲熱諷。)

cash in on sth:片語,指自某事或某狀況中謀利、以不當手法佔便宜,如Should the families of criminals be allowed to cash in on their crimes by selling stories to the papers?(罪犯的家屬難道可藉著把犯罪故事賣給報紙,乘機從他們的罪行中大撈一筆嗎?)

pantheon:名詞,原指 古羅馬時代的萬神殿,現泛指眾神廟或先賢祠等場所,如Jupiter is head of the Roman pantheon.(朱彼特為羅馬萬神殿的眾神之首。)亦可指一群對某領域或事件有偉大貢獻、廣受各界崇敬的人,如the pantheon of modern physics.(現代物理學的大師們)。

...but the second page of the fax is missing.……但是缺了傳真的第2頁

Nina:FBC International, Nina speaking.
Anna:Hello, Nina, it’s Anna here.

Nina:Oh hello, Anna. Did you receive the fax I sent you this morning?
Anna:Yes, I got it, but the second page of the fax is missing. Do you think you could fax it over again, please?
Nina:Well, I’m a bit tied up at the moment, but I’ll make sure I get round to it after lunch if that’s OK.
Anna:Yes, that’s fine. I’ll let you know if there are any problems.


◎But the second page of the fax is missing. 但是缺了傳真的第2頁。
第幾頁╱第幾行等 is missing. 第幾頁╱第幾行等缺漏了╱不見了。
例:I received your fax, but the last two lines of the second page are missing. (我收到你的傳真了,但是第2頁的最後2行不見了。)


◎missing a.找不到的,不見的
例:Can I exchange this shirt for another one? There’s a button missing.(我可以更換這件襯衫嗎?有顆鈕扣不見了。)
◎be tied up 原為「被綁住」,引申為「忙得走不開」
例:I’m tied up at the moment. Can you pick up the children from school?(我現在忙得走不開。你可以去接小孩放學嗎?)
tie vt.(用線、繩索等)捆,綁
◎get round / around to + N/V-ing 抽出時間去做……
例:I’ll be in a meeting all day tomorrow, but I’ll make sure to get round to taking a look at your proposal. (我明天整天都在開會,不過我會記得抽時間看你的提案。)


Stress makes for more sleepless in Taiwan-study 研究:壓力致使台灣失眠人數增加

More than one in five people in Taiwan suffers from insomnia likely caused by stress due to the economic woes, a figure higher than the global average, researchers said on Wednesday.


The survey of 4,005 people found that 21.8 percent of the population has chronic trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, said Lee Hsin-chien, psychiatry chairman at government-run Shuang-Ho Hospital in Taipei.


Overseas, averages of 10 to 15 percent of the population reports insomnia, he said, while Taiwan’s rate was about 10 percent in 2000.


Stress due to recession on the export-reliant island earlier this year might have contributed to the increase, Lee said.


Diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression may also be driving insomnia as health generally declines in the face of an increasingly Western lifestyle, he added.



make for:意 指造成、有助於;例句:The large print makes for easier reading. (大型字體有利閱讀。)此片語亦可當作移向、衝向解釋,且通常用在速度很快且已有目標的情況;例句:It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter. (開始下雨了,所以她衝向最近的躲雨地方。)

insomnia:醫學名詞,失眠症。例句:I suffer from insomnia and have to rely on sleeping pills.(我患有失眠,要吃安眠藥。)

woe:名詞,困難;災難;不幸。例句:She told him all her woes.(她向他傾訴全部苦惱。)

You have one new message. To listen to your message, press 5…您有一通新留言。聽取留言請按 5

Welcome to Vodacom Voicemail. You have one new message. To listen to your message, press 5; to delete your message, press 6; to save the message, press 7; to listen to the message again, press 8.
歡迎來到富達康語音信箱。您有一通新留言。聽取留言請按 5;刪除留言請按 6;保留留言請按 7;重聽留言請按 8。
˙Interactive Voice Response(互動式語音回覆系統)
Welcome to JTV Cinema. For this week’s movie schedule, press 1; to book tickets, press 2; to speak to a service agent, press 3; to listen to the options again, press 4.
歡迎來到 JTV 戲院。聽取本週電影放映時間表請按 1;訂票請按 2;和工作人員通話請按 3;重聽選項請按 4。


˙You have one new message. To listen to your message, press 5… 您有一通新留言。聽取留言請按 5……
To + V, press +號碼.
Please enter your 數字-digit card number. 請輸入若干位數字卡號


˙delete vt.刪除
例:I accidentally deleted the file. Is there any way to restore it?(我不小心把檔案刪掉。可否回復?)
˙Interactive Voice Response互動式語音回覆系統(縮寫為 IVR)
˙cinema n.電影院(英式用法= movie theater)
例:Can you finish the report on schedule?(你能如期完成報告嗎?)
˙option n.選擇
例:We offer several options to meet your needs.(我們提供您多種選擇以滿足您的需求。)

1 Meter Long Lobster 1米長的龍蝦

This photo of Lizzy Sharp bravely holding what is probably the biggest lobster netted in British waters for 80 years is the only proof her fisherman husband has of his catch. Simon Sharp threw the creature, which measured more than 1m long, back into the sea after snapping it on his mobile phone. Daily Mail



Recession means smaller Christmas tree for SC



The recession is downsizing everything - even South Carolina’s Statehouse Christmas tree.


This year’s tree is about 30-feet tall and doesn’t even reach the top of the Confederate soldiers’ monument on the capitol’s front lawn.


"We’re like nonprofits and other groups everywhere. We’ve got to be a little more careful with our money," said Jane Suggs with the Columbia Garden Club, which has been putting up the tree along one of the city’s busiest streets for several years.


The height of the tree also creates a uniquely South Carolina touch. To anyone driving or walking down Main Street a few blocks from the Statehouse, it looks like the tree is topped with the Confederate soldier that sits atop the monument behind it.


Most people walking by the tree on a balmy fall afternoon said the Christmas spirit trumps the look of the tree.


"The size and shape of the tree didn’t matter to Charlie Brown," Paul McCormick said. "Why should it matter to us?"



downsize:動詞。縮小規模,裁員。例句:Corporations continued to downsize after the economy recovered.(企業在經濟恢復後仍持續裁員。)


A Charlie Brown Christmas:知名的史努比電視卡通特集「查理.布朗的耶誕節」,主角查理.布朗為追求耶誕節真諦,不介意地挑了一棵小樹當耶誕樹。

This is… It’s now… I’m calling to…


Hi Susie, this is Gina. I can’t find my Neil Dreyfuss CD. Did I lend it to you by any chance? It’s not urgent or anything. I was just sorting out my CD collection, and I noticed that it was missing. Call me back later. Bye.
This is Mathew White from GBS National. It’s now 10:25 a.m. on Tuesday October 5. I’m calling to arrange a meeting to discuss the proposal you sent. Please call me back at 3455-8877, extension 517.


●This is… It’s now… I’m calling to…
This is + 人名 (+ from 公司). It’s now + 時間. I’m calling to + 目的.


●lend vt.借出
lend sth to sb將某物借給某人
例:May I borrow your stapler? Kevin doesn’t want to lend his to me.
●by any chance 或許;可能
例:Did you leave your keys in the office by any chance?
●sort sth out / sort out sth 整理某物
例:The little boy was asked to sort out his toys.(那小男孩被叫去整理他的玩具。)


People ’get happier as they age’



Most people get happier as they grow older, studies on people aged up to their mid-90s suggest. Despite worries about ill health, income, changes in social status and bereavements, later life tends to be a golden age, according to psychologists.


They found older adults generally make the best of the time they have left and have learned to avoid situations that make them feel sad or stressed. The young should do the same, they told the American Psychological Association.


Work carried out by Dr Laura Carstensen, a psychology professor at Stanford University, asked volunteers ranging in age from 18 to mid-90s to take part in various experiments and keep diaries of their emotional state.


She found the older people were far less likely than the younger to experience persistent negative moods and were more resilient to hearing personal criticism. They were also much better at controlling and balancing their emotions - a skill that appeared to improve the older they became.



make the best of:片語,充分利用。例句:We should make the best of this valuable opportunity.(我們應該充分利用這個寶貴的機會。)

resilient:形容詞, 有彈性的。例句:She’s a resilient girl - she won’t be unhappy for long.(她是很有彈性的女孩,不會不快樂太久。)

envisage:動詞,想像、設想。例句:Train fare increases of 5% are envisaged for the next year.(火車車資明年預估將上漲5%。)

All our operators are busy at the moment, so we are unable to take your call.


Thank you for calling JP Deliveries. All our operators are busy at the moment, so we are unable to take your call. Please hold and your call will be answered as soon as an operator is available. Press one if you would like to hold or press two if you would like to leave a message.


◎All our operators are busy at the moment, so we are unable to take your call.
.Thank you for calling World Bank. Please dial the extension of the person you're trying to reach or zero for the operator.(感謝您來電世界銀行。請直撥分機號碼,或撥0由總機轉接。)
.Thank you for calling Super Trade Company. Our office is now closed. Please call back during regular business hours.


◎operator n. 總機╱接線生
◎at the moment 此刻╱現在
例:I'm very busy at the moment. I'll call you back as soon as possible.(我現在很忙。我會盡快回電給你。)
◎take the/one's call 接電話
例:I'll take the call in my office.(我到我辦公室接那通電話。)
◎available a. 有空的╱可提供的╱可獲得的
例:Will you be available this afternoon?=Will you be free this afternoon?(你今天下午有空嗎?)
例:This shirt is also available in red and black.(這件襯衫還有紅色和黑色可供選擇。)

Magician Parodies Beckham's Advert

Few men would dare emulate this pose by David Beckham. But Paul Daniels, a 71-year-old magician, slipped into some designer underwear and copied the footballer's tattoos to recreate his stance on an advertising poster for Armani.




FEMA suggests Christmas gifts for the disaster age



Imagine tearing open that large present under the Christmas tree with your name on it and finding inside... a fire extinguisher. Or a foldable ladder. Or a smoke alarm in that smaller box.


Those, plus a home disaster kit including food, water and prescription medications for 72 hours, or a first aid certification course are just some of the gifts that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is suggesting Americans give their loved ones this holiday season.

那些,加上裝有維持72小時所需的食物、水與處方藥品的家庭急難包,或一期的急救證書課程,正是聯邦急難管理署(FEMA) 建議美國人民在此耶誕假期給予所愛的一些禮物。

"Giving a gift of a fire extinguisher might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but for the guy who has everything, it might be perfect," FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate said.


FEMA also advised that, in addition to reading "The Night Before Christmas" to the kids, you take the occasion of having the whole family together to "develop a family disaster plan."


"What we’re saying is that the holidays are the only time families really get together. So it’s the ideal time to talk about a family plan in the event of a disaster," Fugate said.



disaster kit︰急難包。kit即是工具包、用品箱。比如,a first-aid kit(急救箱)。

spring︰在此有突然閃現之意。例句︰A rude remark sprang to my lips, but I managed not to say it.(一句無禮粗話突然來到我嘴邊,可是我總算沒說出來。)

take(seize)occasion︰趁機。例句︰I take occasion to tell him my work.(我趁機對他談談我的工作。)

Please speak after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言

Voicemail:Hello, youve reached the voicemail of Sandra Adams. Im away from my desk at the moment, but if youd like to leave a message, Ill get back to you as soon as possible. Please speak after the tone.
Richard:Hello, Ms. Adams. This is Richard Norman from Norton Electronics. Im calling to let you know that Im still waiting for you to fax me the information I requested. Could you do that as soon as possible? Its very urgent. Thank you.


◎Please speak after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言。
.Please leave a message after the tone.請在嘟聲後留言。


◎voicemail n. 語音信箱
.a voicemail message 語音信箱留言
◎be away from……離開……
例:Ill be away from home for two weeks. Can you take care of my cat?(我將會離家2個星期。你可以照顧我的貓嗎?)
◎tone n.(電話等發出的)電子聲音信號╱語調╱音調
.in a/an...tone 以……的語氣╱口吻
例:From Amys tone, I knew she was angry with me.(我從艾美的語調知道她對我很生氣。)
◎request vt. & n. 請求╱要求
.request sb to V 請某人從事……
例:Headquarters requested us to send them the quarterly report by July 1.(總公司要我們於7月1日前把季報告寄給他們。)
◎urgent a. 緊急的


London police explode illegally parked car



A British man said police told him they blew up his car because it was parked illegally near the prime minister’s office and raised terrorism fears.


Michael Raphel, 28, of Oxford, England, said he was visiting London to celebrate a friend’s birthday and parked his car Nov. 7 in an area that police later informed him was less than a quarter mile from 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s residence and office, and was along the route of parade due to take place the following day, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.


Raphel said he returned to his car at 2 a.m. to find it surrounded by anti-terrorism police.


"They explained that because I was seen running from the car, and because of the parades the next day, it had heightened their suspicions," he said.


He said police told him they carried out two controlled explosions on the car.


"When I got back to the car, the driver and passenger windows had been blown out and the bonnet and boot had come open with the force," Raphel said.



route︰名詞,路線、航線。例句:The car took the shortest route.(這輛車抄了一條最短的捷徑。)

take place︰片語,發生、舉行。例句︰The match takes place on Sunday.(比賽定於週日舉行。)

blow out︰片語,使爆裂、炸開。例句:The flat’s windows have been blown out by the explosion.(爆炸震破了這間公寓的窗戶。)

Hello, you've reached the home of Diana Simmons.


Answering Machine:Hello, you've reached the home of Diana Simmons. I'm unable to answer the phone right now, but if you leave a message after the beep, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Bye! Beep…
Julie:Hi, Diana. Its Julie here. I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie Friday night. That romantic comedy you wanted to see has just come out, so we could check it out. Anyway, call me later.


Hello, you've reached the home of Diana Simmons.
.Hi, this is + 人名s + answering machine.
.Hello, you've reached the+姓氏s.

◎unable a.不能……的
.be unable toV 不能/無法做……
.be able to V 有能力/能夠做……
◎beep n. 嗶嗶聲
◎catch vt. 觀看,觀賞
例:Lets go catch the exhibit at the gallery.(咱們去看那個畫廊的展覽。)
◎romantic a.浪漫的
例:Rick planned a romantic marriage proposal for his girlfriend.(瑞克為女友計劃了一場浪漫的求婚。)
◎comedy n.喜劇
.tragedy n.悲劇
◎come out 上映;出版,發行
例:The magazine usually comes out on the 15th of every month.(這本雜誌通常每個月的15日出刊。)


Berlusconi accused by Mafia hitman



Italy’s government was rocked by accusations made by a Mafia hitman that Silvio Berlusconi had made commitments to Sicily’s Cosa Nostra as he was about to enter politics 15 years ago.


Gaspare Spatuzza, the Mafia turncoat testifying in a court in Turin, claimed he had been told by a top Sicilian mobster that Mr Berlusconi and his long-time business associate, Marcello Dell’Utri, had given "everything" the Mafia had wanted.


"Thanks to the seriousness of these people, they have practically put the country in our hands," Mr Spatuzza quoted Giuseppe Graviano as saying.


The prime minister’s office rejected the allegations, accusing Mr Spatuzza of seeking to sabotage the government’s crackdown on Cosa Nostra.


The case is fuelling existing divisions in Mr Berlusconi’s coalition and is likely to exacerbate a war between the prime minister and judges he accuses of waging a political witch-hunt.


Adding to the image of a prime minister under siege, the court proceedings were broadcast live by Sky Italia, a satellite network owned by Rupert Murdoch, who Mr Berlusconi--a billionaire with his own media empire--has accused of joining the battle against him for commercial reasons.




witch- hunt:名詞,字面意義為獵巫,指的是為打壓異己而進行的迫害行動。例句:The people in authority launched a witch-hunt campaign to the so-called ’turncoats’ of the party.(當權派對黨內所謂「叛徒」展開追殺行動。)

under siege:處於被包圍狀態。例句:The city is under siege.(這座城市被包圍了。)

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite follow you.



Simon:Hello, Sunshine Travel, Simon speaking. How may I help you?
Susie:I’d like to book a ticket to Thailand for two people.
Simon:Can I have the dates for your departure and return?
Susie:Yes, we want to leave on September 24 and return on the 20.
Simon:I’m sorry, but I don’t quite follow you. Did you say you wanted to return on September 20?
Susie:Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. We want to return on October 20.


I’m sorry, but I don’t quite follow you.不好意思,我聽不太懂妳的意思。


vt.理解(= understand)
例:I just can't follow the teacher's explanation.(我就是聽不懂老師的解釋。)
◎book vt.預訂
例:I would like to book a table for six for tomorrow night.(我想要訂明天晚上6人的桌位。)
◎departure n.出發;(飛機或火車等)離開
.depart for + 地方前往某地
◎make oneself clear
例:Did I make myself clear?(我表達的夠清楚嗎?)

Bubbly Bubble Bath Banknote泡泡浴鈔票

An employee of Japan’s toymaker Bandai presents paper-thin, rose-aroma bath soap shaped like an American 100-dollar bill that dissolves in water in Tokyo on December 11, 2009.To avoid being mistaken for the real thing, the “Bubbly Bubble Bath” banknote features the winking face of former US president Benjamin Franklin, and the number 1,000 instead of 100.



Dylan song adopted for Copenhagen



Bob Dylan has star billing at the climate change summit in Copenhagen...or at least, his music does. The United Nations has adopted one of his songs, A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall, as its unofficial anthem for the talks.


This is a song best known for channelling the fears of a generation living under the threat of nuclear war.


Dylan performed it for the first time in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, shortly before a plan by Moscow to station atomic missiles in Cuba set off a crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union.


But Hard Rain has weathered well, and is now being invoked to highlight this generation’s fear of environmental calamity.


That is testimony to the enduring and universal power of its lyrics, says David Fricke, a senior editor at the Rolling Stone music magazine.


Regardless of what Bob Dylan did mean, A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall clearly remains an indictment, says Fricke, and a stark warning to today’s leaders. "It really shows that if we don’t address things, the hard rain is not only ’gonna’ fall," he says, "but it’s been falling already, and we’ve haven’t been paying attention."



star/top billing:billing為名詞,原指佈告或廣告,如Unfortunately, the show never lived up to its billing.(很不幸地,這場表演並不如廣告所宣傳的那麼好。)billing 亦可指節目表或電影中演員依重要性排序,star/top billing則指在廣告中被宣傳為最重要的演員、頭牌明星。

channell(英式拼法)/channel(美式拼法):動詞,指輸送、傳達,如He channeled the information to us. (他把那項消息傳達給我們。)

weather:動詞,指平安度過、禁受得住(風暴、危機等),如It was a difficult time for her, but she weathered through beautifully. (這段時間對她而言非常艱困,但她卻安然度過。)

Could you speak up a bit?


Luke:Hello, Kelly? It’s Luke here. I’m on my way home now. What did you want me to pick up from the grocery store?
Kelly:Can you get me three onions, five apples, some mushrooms, and five packs of spaghetti?
Luke:Could you speak up a bit? It’s very noisy here.
Kelly:Didn’t I give you a shopping list earlier?
Luke:That’s right. I totally forgot about that. I’ll just get it from my bag.


◎Could you speak up a bit?
若想要求對方說大聲一點,可用speak up,或用下列各句:
例:Can you speak up a little? I can barely hear what you’re saying.(你可以大聲一點嗎?我幾乎聽不到你講的話。)
例:You’ll have to speak louder. I can’t hear you.(你得說大聲一點。我聽不見你講話。)


◎speak up 說大聲點
例:Please speak up. We can’t hear you clearly from the back of the classroom.(請說大聲點。我們在教室後面聽不太清楚你說的話。)
◎pick up sth / pick sth up 購買某物(= buy sth)
例:Can you pick up some milk on your way home?(你回家的路上可以買些牛奶嗎?)
◎a grocery store 食品雜貨店
.grocery n.食品雜貨(常用複數)
例:Don’t forget to buy some groceries for me.(別忘了幫我買一些食品雜貨。)
◎pack n.小紙包,一包


Intel wants to stick chips in your brain



By the year 2020, you won’t need a keyboard and mouse to control your computer, say Intel Corp. researchers. Instead, users will open documents and surf the Web using nothing more than their brain waves.


Scientists at Intel’s research lab in Pittsburgh are working to find ways to read and harness human brain waves so they can be used to operate computers, television sets and cell phones. The brain waves would be harnessed with Intel-developed sensors implanted in people’s brains.


Intel research scientist Dean Pomerleau and his research teammates from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, are currently working on decoding human brain activity.


Pomerleau said the team has used Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) machines to determine that blood flow changes in specific areas of the brain based on what word or image someone is thinking of. People tend to show the same brain patterns for similar thoughts, he added.


Pomerleau said researchers are close to gaining the ability to build brain sensing technology into a head set that could be used to manipulate a computer. The next step is development of a tiny, far less cumbersome sensor that could be implanted inside the brain.



harness:動詞,利用;控制;駕馭。例句:The skills required to harness new technical innovations are growing every day. (利用新科技創新生產的技能每天都在增長。)

implant:動詞,植入;移植;灌輸;注入。例句:Teachers implant sound principles in the mind of children. (老師把健全的原則灌輸到兒童心中)

cumbersome :形容詞,麻煩的;笨重的。例句: his cumbersome writing style.(他沉重的寫作風格。)

What extension are you trying to call?



Mark:Hello, Maurice? It’s Mark here. I was wondering if we could postpone our meeting to 5:00 p.m.? Things are a bit hectic in our department at the moment.
Kevin:Sorry, this isn’t Maurice. What extension are you trying to call?
Mark:Isn’t this 556?
Kevin:No, this is 557 actually.
凱文:不是,這裡其實是 557。
Mark:Oh, I’m sorry. Can you transfer my call to Maurice?
Kevin:Well, he’s not in our department. It would be better if you redialed.


◎What extension are you trying to call?
What number / extension are you trying to reach?你要打的號碼/分機是幾號?


◎postpone vt.延期,延遲
=put off...
postpone + N / V-ing 延後(做)……
例:Because of the typhoon, we have to postpone our hiking trip until next weekend.(因為颱風的關係,我們必須把健行活動延至下周末。)
◎hectic a.繁忙的
a hectic life生活忙碌
例:It's hard for Lucy to adapt to the hectic life of the city.(露西很難適應城市緊張忙碌的生活。)
◎redial vi. & vt. 重撥
例:The number you dialed is no longer in service. Please check it and redial.(你撥的號碼是空號。請查明後再撥。)