Swindler thanks tellers with cream pie 騙子用奶油派向銀行出納員致謝


A Swedish man fooled bank employees into giving him almost $2 million and then presented them with a cream pie as thanks for their fine service, officials said.


The 36-year-old man, of Farsta, near Stockholm, Sweden, was arrested during the summer and has been sentenced for fraud and unrelated drug offenses, local media reported Monday.


The man handed two phony checks to bank tellers and gave a fake telephone number to verify his checks. The teller phoned the number, spoke with the man’s accomplice and approved the checks.


Two days later the fraudster came to the bank to pick up his loot. Dressed in a suit and exuding confidence, the man appeared on security camera footage walking with an employee to a vault to take out gold bars and euro notes.


After gaining possession of the money, the man handed a pie to the bank staff as a gesture of thanks.



fooled ~ into︰片語,愚弄、欺騙。例句︰He’s fooled a lot of people into believing he is a rich man.(他騙許多人相信他是有錢人。)

teller︰ 名詞,銀行出納員。例句︰He handed the bank teller a note that demanded money and indicated there was a bomb in the box.(他交給銀行出納員一張要錢的紙條,還表明箱子裡有炸彈。)

take out︰片語,拿走、取出。例句︰He took his pen out and signed on the spot.(他掏出筆並當場簽名。)

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