2 lions kill white tiger in Czech zoo 捷克動物園的兩隻獅子殺死一隻白虎


A rare white tiger has been killed by two lions in a zoo in northern Czech Republic, a zoo official said Thursday.


The lions, 14-year-old Sultan and 11-year-old Elsa, managed unexpectedly to enter an open-air area occupied by the 17-year-old tiger Isabella, by opening a trap door leading to it, Liberec Zoo spokesman Ivan Langr said.


He said authorities were not able to prevent the killing, which took place Thursday morning.


The lions and tigers in the zoo share the same pavilion overnight, which they leave for separate open-air areas during the day. The animals are allowed to enter various areas on a rotating daily basis and the lions likely were trying to enter the place where they spent the previous day, Langr said. He said the zoo will abandon the rotating system following the killing.


The pavilion was built in 1994 and the system has been in place since. No such accident has happened before.



open-air:形容詞,戶外的、露天的。例句:He wants to hold an open-air concert here.(他想在這裡舉行露天音樂會。)

trap door:名詞,活動門、活動天窗。例句:A trap door in the ceiling leads to the attic.(天花板的一扇活動門可通閣樓。)

in place:片語,在合適的位置,適當的、適時的。例句:Everything is in place. (一切準備就緒。)

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