Happy Christmas honey - here’s a divorce voucher 耶誕快樂,親愛的—這裡有張離婚禮券


Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Is your marriage or a friend’s going through a rocky patch? How about a divorce voucher? A London law firm is offering Christmas gift vouchers for divorce advice.


The firm, Lloyd Platt & Company, which normally charges 325 pounds an hour, said it had been swamped with enquiries since it launched the vouchers early last week. So far, more than 60 have been sold -- a snip at 125 pounds for a half hour session with a divorce lawyer.


A spokesman for the Church of England called the vouchers sad. "Divorce is a very personal matter and not really suitable for the idea of gift vouchers," he said.


Demand for the vouchers could soar over the next few weeks. Christmas tends to be a particularly stressful time for families, with a huge rise in people seeking advice each January, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, the firm’s founder, said.



be stuck for︰想不出來。be stuck on則指迷戀、特別喜愛。例句︰She is really stuck on her new teacher.(她實在喜歡她的新老師。)

a rocky patch︰困境。Their relationship has hit a rocky patch.(他們的關係已觸礁。)

be swamped with︰多到難以招架。例句︰We were swamped with telephone calls after our advertisement was put in the paper.(自從在報紙登廣告後,我們的電話就應接不暇。)

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