Baby-faced people ’live longer’ 長得娃娃臉的人「較長命」


People who look young for their age are already the envy of their peers, but those holding back the years haven’t just been blessed in the looks department.


Now they have another reason to be smug:not only do the wrinkles remain at bay, but the Grim Reaper takes longer to call, according to a new Danish study published online in the British medical journal BMJ.


In 2001, Danish researchers conducted physical and cognitive tests on more than 1,800 pairs of twins older than 70, as well as taking photos of their faces.


Three groups of people who didn’t know the twins’ real ages guessed how old they were. The researchers then tracked how long the twins survived over seven years.


The experts found that people who looked younger than their actual age were far more likely to survive, even after they adjusted for other factors like gender and environment.


The bigger the difference in perceived age within any twin pair, the more likely it was that the older-looking twin died first.



smug:形容詞,沾沾自喜的。例句:She has that smug look everytime she talks about her son.(她每次談到她兒子都有那張得意的表情。)

remain/hold/keep at bay:片語,不讓……接近,困住。The strategy worked and kept the enemy at bay.(戰略奏效,成功阻止敵人進逼。)

Grim Reaper:專有名詞,死神,原意為面目猙獰、拿著大鐮刀的收割者,傳說源自中世紀黑死病侵襲歐洲期間對死神面貌的描述。

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