People ’get happier as they age’



Most people get happier as they grow older, studies on people aged up to their mid-90s suggest. Despite worries about ill health, income, changes in social status and bereavements, later life tends to be a golden age, according to psychologists.


They found older adults generally make the best of the time they have left and have learned to avoid situations that make them feel sad or stressed. The young should do the same, they told the American Psychological Association.


Work carried out by Dr Laura Carstensen, a psychology professor at Stanford University, asked volunteers ranging in age from 18 to mid-90s to take part in various experiments and keep diaries of their emotional state.


She found the older people were far less likely than the younger to experience persistent negative moods and were more resilient to hearing personal criticism. They were also much better at controlling and balancing their emotions - a skill that appeared to improve the older they became.



make the best of:片語,充分利用。例句:We should make the best of this valuable opportunity.(我們應該充分利用這個寶貴的機會。)

resilient:形容詞, 有彈性的。例句:She’s a resilient girl - she won’t be unhappy for long.(她是很有彈性的女孩,不會不快樂太久。)

envisage:動詞,想像、設想。例句:Train fare increases of 5% are envisaged for the next year.(火車車資明年預估將上漲5%。)

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