Don’t turn our churches into nightclubs, urges Vatican 梵蒂岡敦促,別把我們的教堂變成夜店


The Vatican warned Italy’s bishops against letting deserted churches be transformed into nightclubs if the decision was taken to sell the places of worship.


Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican’s new culture commissar, urged "the greatest caution" after announcing that Roman Catholic churches with few worshippers could be sold off.


He gave the example of a church in Hungary which was "transformed into a nightclub and where striptease took place on the altar."


The archbishop, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said dwindling numbers of worshippers at some churches meant it now made sense to sell, or even destroy, the buildings.


Italian bishops’ groups would be responsible for deciding whether the sites should be sold, said Ravasi, adding each case would be separately assessed.



deserted︰形容詞,被遺棄的,sb.’s deserted wife(被某人遺棄的妻子);人跡罕至的、空無一人的,例句︰The streets are completely deserted.(街道空寂無人。)

dwindle︰動詞,逐漸變小、衰弱。例句︰Her voice dwindle into silence.(她的聲音越來越小終至無聲。)

make sense︰片語,講得通、合情合理。例句︰The plan made sense.(這個計畫是合理的。)

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