Marriage ’cancer survival impact’



Married people are more likely to survive cancer, whereas those going through a break-up have the worst chance of beating it, a study shows.


US researchers from Indiana University analysed data on 3.8m people diagnosed with cancer between 1973 and 2004. They found people who were married had a 63% chance of surviving five years, compared to 45% of people who were separated, the journal Cancer reported.

美國印第安那大學的研究人員,分析380萬名在1973到2004年間被診斷出癌症的人。研究人員發現,已婚者的五年存活機率有63%,分居者45% ,「癌症」期刊指出。

The team said the stress of break-up probably affected survival rates. Previous studies have looked at the impact of marriage on health outcomes. Many have found a beneficial effect with experts suggesting the love and support of a partner is essential in battling against illness.This theory is supported by the findings of the latest study.


The researchers looked at five and 10-year survival rates for married, widowed, divorced and never-married patients as well as those going through a separation at the time of diagnosis. After marriage, never-married patients had the best outcomes, followed by those who had been divorced and then widowers.



whereas:連接詞,卻、而。例句:He must be about sixty, whereas his wife looks about thirty.(他一定有大概60歲了,不過他的太太看來大概30。)

go through:片語,經歷、通過。例句:A council spokeswoman said that the proposals for the new shopping centre were unlikely to go through.(議會女發言人表示,新購物中心的提案不可能通過。)

break-up:名詞,分手。例句:Long separations had contributed to their marriage break-up.(長期分居造成他們婚姻破裂。)

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