Balloon proposal falls flat 熱氣球求婚洩氣


A US vicar’s romantic proposal to his girlfriend in a hot air balloon fell flat when he dropped the engagement ring.


James Ng, 27, had hidden the £2,000 diamond ring in his camera case. But as the pair floated above Ohio, Mr Ng accidentally fumbled his camera case over the side and watched in horror as it fell 500 feet into the woods, said the reports.


But his girlfriend Sonya Bostic caught on, leaving Mr Ng with little choice but to drop onto bended knee and pop the question with a £5 Wal-Mart ring. She said yes.


Unable to believe the ring was lost for good, the vicar mapped the ordinates of the balloon’s journey from the sky and searched for the bag over the following week.


After seven arduous days of searching the three-mile-square area, they found the camera bag. The only thing still inside it was the ring.


"I think the first thing I said was holy cow," said Mr Ng. "Then I called Sonya right away."


Now the couple plan to marry in June.



fall flat:動詞片語,失敗。flat原有氣球或輪胎洩氣、fall有墜落之意,本文中一語雙關。例句:The project which he has worked for a whole year eventually fell flat.(他努力了一整年的計畫最終還是失敗了。)

fumble:動詞,笨手笨腳或胡亂地用手摸索、拿某物;漏接(球);支支吾吾地說話。例句:He tried to explain but fumbled for words.(他試圖解釋,但是支支吾吾地說不清楚。)

holy cow:口語,表示非常驚訝到不敢置信。類似詞還有holy crap。

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