Stolen wallet found 27 years later in NYC tree 紐約市樹上發現27年前被偷的皮夾


A woman whose wallet was swiped in Central Park 27 years ago got a blast from the past when it was discovered last week stuffed inside the hollow of a dying cherry tree.


"I remember it like it was yesterday," said Upper East Side resident Ruth Bendik, 69, referring to Oct. 24, 1982, when her wallet was snatched as she watched the New York City Marathon.


"I was in the park, walking over to greet the runners after they finished, and I was in a crush of people, and all of a sudden, I realized my purse felt very light."


The wallet was found by Josh Galiley, 32, a tree-care supervisor for the Central Park Conservancy, after he took down a dying black cherry tree near Rumsey Playfield at East 72nd Street.


The only thing missing was her $20.



swipe:動詞,(俚語)偷。例句:Who swiped my key?(誰偷了我的鑰匙?)

a blast from the past:俚語,往日記憶重現;某事或某人在被淡忘或缺席一段時間後重現,並讓人想起往日美好時光。blast,名詞,疾風;爆破;狂歡。例句:Hearing that song again was a real blast from the past.(聽著那首歌,往日美好情懷彷彿歷歷在目。)

all of a sudden:片語,突然,不可寫成all of the sudden。例句:All of a sudden it occurred to me that how ridiculous he looked.(我突然發現他看起來好可笑。)


Swearing ’helps to reduce pain’說髒話有助減輕疼痛


Uttering expletives when you hurt yourself is a sensible policy, according to scientists who have shown swearing can help reduce pain.


A study by Keele University researchers found volunteers who cursed at will could endure pain nearly 50% longer than civil-tongued peers.


Dr Stephens, from Keele’s school of psychology, came up with the idea for the study after swearing when he accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer as he built a garden shed. He recruited 64 volunteers to take part and each individual was asked to submerge their hand in a tub of freezing water for as long as possible while repeating a swear word of their choice.


They were then asked to repeat the experiment, this time using a more commonplace word that they would use to describe a table.


On average, the students could tolerate the pain for nearly two minutes when swearing compared with only one minute and 15 seconds when they refrained from using expletives.



expletive:名詞,咒罵語。例句:She dropped the book on her foot and let out a string of expletives.(她的腳被掉落的書砸到,咒罵連連。)

civil:形容詞,彬彬有禮的。例句:His manner was civil, though not particularly friendly.(他的態度彬彬有禮,不過並不特別友善。)

submerge:動詞,把……浸入水中。例句:She was taken to hospital after being submerged in an icy river for 45 minutes.(她浸在冰冷的河水中45分鐘之後,被送去醫院。)


Indian farmers fight bad monsoon with frog marriage印度農夫以蛙婚祈求季風雨

◎ 魏國金

Indian farmers are falling back on a local method to bring badly needed monsoon rains -- marrying off two frogs.


Villagers in West Bengal state pooled their money together this week to marry Rama and Sita, two frogs named after India’s most revered mythological couple from the epic Ramayana.


Following an ancient Hindu belief, the frogs’ heads were smeared with vermilion paint and the pair were held up in the air in a ritual in front of a traditional clay candle.


"We feted about 3,000 villagers and solemnized the marriage with every single ritual," Shobin Ray, head of a local council in Madhya Baragari village, told Reuters by phone.


The women at the wedding fasted beforehand and then invited the river to join the ceremony and give its blessing, he said.


India this year suffered its worst start to the monsoon rains in eight decades, causing drought in some states.



fall back on︰片語,(在無其他辦法時的)依靠、求助於。例句︰The UAE could fall back on foreign assets to cut deficit.(阿拉伯聯合大公國可能依賴海外資產來刪減赤字。)

pool︰動詞,共同集結(資金、能力、構想等) 。例句︰The pooled their money to buy a van.(他們湊錢合買一部貨車。)

solemnize︰動詞,隆重慶祝(紀念)、為……舉行宗教儀式。例句︰The marriage was solemnized in the cathedral.(婚禮在大教堂內依據宗教儀式隆重舉行。)


Library book return 46 years late 晚了46年歸還圖書館書籍


A man who borrowed a library book 46 years ago has finally returned it, but avoided a £2,500 fine.


David Hall borrowed the book, Engineering Workshop Practice, for his father from Derby Central Library.


Mr Hall, from Derby, was 10 when he took the book out in 1963 and only came across it again when he was clearing out a loft at his late father’s home.

來自德比市的霍爾,在1963年取走這本書時為10歲 ,直到他在過世父親的家中清理頂樓時,才再次和這本書不期而遇。

Derby City Council is currently running a books amnesty, which means Mr Hall does not have to pay the fine. The amnesty, organised by Derby City Libraries, lasts until Wednesday and anyone who has an overdue book on loan can hand it in at any library without being penalised.


The council said on average it raised about £40,000 a year in late fees, which is then reinvested into library services.


Library officials said that if the daily fine rate had been applied over the 46 years, Mr Hall would have faced a fine of approximately £2,500.



came across:片語,無意間發現、碰上。例句:I came across my old roommate yesterday.(我昨天偶遇我的老室友。)

on loan:片語,暫借的(地)。例句:He has my overcoat on loan.(他暫時借用我的大衣。)

on average:片語,按平均值。例句:On average I work ten hours a day.(我平均每天工作10小時。)


Cash-strapped California quizzes Jackson memorial costs 缺錢的加州質問傑克森追思會費用問題


Disgruntled Californians, their state broke and in budget meltdown, are asking why taxpayers should foot the bill for Michael Jackson’s million-dollar memorial.


While the largest state in the union has long reveled in its glitzy image as a home to the stars, some officials, faced with a deficit expected to stretch to 24 billion dollars within two years, are keen to pinch pennies.


Los Angeles councilman Dennis Zine has called for a review into how the city’s resources were used during Jackson memorial to determine whether the event’s promoters or producers might provide "reimbursement to the city to replenish the public safety and other critical funds."


He claimed the actual cost of Jackson-related events for Los Angeles may be as high as four million dollars, and urged the memorial’s promoters -- such as AEG -- to pick up the tab.



disgruntled:形容詞,不高興的。例句:His disgruntled girlfriend left the party early.(他心有不滿的女友提早離開派對了。)

foot the bill、pick up the tab:片語,買單、付帳。例句:Someone picked up the tab for us.(有人幫我們買單了。)

pinch pennies:片語,精打細算、錙銖必較。例句:You need to learn how to pinch your pennies and spend smart.(你需要學習如何精打細算,聰明消費。)


Drug czar says Jackson’s death a wake-up call 反毒官員稱傑克森之死為警訊


The government’s drug czar says that Michael Jackson’s death is a wake-up call to the nation about prescription drug abuse.


Gil Kerlikowske, chief of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, says more people are dying in the United States from drug overdoses than from gunshot wounds.


Kerlikowske said on CBS’ "The Early Show" that parents are the key to addressing the problem of misuse of prescription drugs.


Kerlikowske says he’s unable to talk about Jackson’s untimely death while an official inquiry is still under way. But the drug czar emphasized that Jackson’s death should alert the country to the peril posed by powerful drugs that can save lives when they are used properly.


Investigators looking into the cause of Jackson’s death have homed in on drugs that were administered to the musician to fight his insomnia.



wake-up call:名詞,原指(旅館的)電話叫醒服務,亦指提醒某人注意不利的行為或情勢、警告,如The poor turnout for the election will hopefully be a wake-up call to the government.(選舉的低迷投票率希望能成為對政府的一記當頭棒喝。)

prescription drugs:名詞,指處方、藥方、只有憑醫師處方箋才能買到的藥物,與over-the-counter drugs,也就是成藥(不需醫師處方箋就可在藥房買到的藥物)相對。

overdose: 名詞,非正式用語時可寫作OD,指故意或意外服用過量藥物,如When he was 17 he took an overdose of sleeping pills and nearly died.(他17歲時服用安眠藥過量,差點送命。)亦可用做動詞,如She overdosed on aspirin and died.(她服下了過量的阿斯匹靈不幸死亡。)

home in on sth/sb:動詞片語,非正式用法,指瞄準、鎖定某事或某人,如The missile homed in on the ship.(飛彈已鎖定了那艘船。)


French travel agents offer sunshine insurance 法國旅行業者推出陽光險 ◎陳成良

Sun-seekers whose holidays are spoiled by bad weather could be reimbursed after French travel agencies launched insurance cover for unwanted interruptions to the sunshine.


The insurance policy, launched by holiday groups Pierre et Vacances and FranceLoc, will allow holiday-makers to claim back part of the cost of their trip if they suffer at least four days of rain in any one week.


"Aon France allows Pierre & Vacances to propose its clients with automatic reimbursement for part of their stay...if weather conditions don’t meet expectations," the holiday group said in a statement.


Aon France will use satellite photos obtained by the French weather bureau to calculate how much money subcribers should receive.


Rain-spoilt holidays can now be worth up to 400 euros and holiday-makers would be informed by telephone text message or email if they are liable for compensation. They would receive a cheque a few days after returning home.



reimburse:動詞,正式用語,指償還、補償,如She was reimbursed by the gas company for the damage to her house.(瓦斯公司因為她的房屋受損而提供她補償金。)

policy:名詞,保險單;保險。例句:John took out a fire insurance policy for his house. (約翰為自己的房子辦理了一份火險保險單。)

liable: 指負有法律責任的、在法律上有權利或義務的。例句:The shipping company will be liable for damage.(運輸公司將對損壞負責。)亦可指容易…的,或可能…的,如︰Every man is liable to error.(每個人都可能犯錯。)


Dog-eaten passport cancels Wis. boy’s trip to Peru 護照被狗咬 威州男孩祕魯行泡湯


Dog-eaten passport cancels Wis. boy’s trip to Peru

護照被狗咬 威州男孩祕魯行泡湯

A Wisconsin teenager using a classic excuse for evading schoolwork missed a class trip to Peru despite his tale being true: The dog ate his passport.


Officials at Chicago’s O’Hare airport told 17-year-old Jon Meier the chewed-on document was fine, but authorities in Miami rejected it and wouldn’t let him board the southbound aircraft.


His family’s 1-year-old golden retriever, Sunshine, chewed a corner of the document, obscuring some numbers. Meier couldn’t get another passport in time to join the trip with his Spanish class from Eau Claire North High School.


Meier says he can’t blame anyone, not even Sunshine: "I love her too much."



chew: 動詞,嚼,咬;深思。例句:Please note: chewing gum or betel nuts are prohibited on the subway trains and platforms.(請注意:在地鐵車廂內與月台上禁止嚼食口香糖與檳榔。)

southbound:形容詞,往南的,南行的。bound,形容詞,打算前往的。inbound/outbound flight,入境/出境班機。例句:The flight is bound for Osaka.(這班飛機飛往大阪。)

in time (for something)/in time to do something:片語,及時去做某事。例句:I hope she gets here in time to listen the concert’s opening number.(我希望她及時趕到這裡以便能聆聽演奏會的開場曲目。)


Language predicts dementia risk 語言預測失智風險


People with superior language skills early in life may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease decades later, research suggests.


A team from Johns Hopkins University studied the brains of 38 Catholic nuns after death. They found those with good language skills early in life were less likely to have memory problems - even if their brains showed signs of dementia damage.

約翰霍普金斯大學團隊,在38名修女逝世後研究她們的大腦。他們發現,早年語言能力好的修女比較不會有記憶問題,即使是她們的大腦出現失智損傷跡象 。

The study appears online in the journal Neurology.


Dementia is linked to the formation of protein plaques and nerve cell tangles in the brain. But scientists remain puzzled about why these signs of damage produce dementia symptoms in some people, but not others.


They divided the women into those with memory problems and signs of dementia damage in the brain, and those whose memory was unaffected regardless of whether or not they showed signs of dementia damage.


And they also analysed essays that 14 of the women wrote as they entered the convent in their late teens or early 20s, assessing them for complexity of language and grammar. The study showed that language scores were 20% higher in women without memory problems than those with signs of a malfunctioning memory.



superior:形容詞,更好的。例句:She was chosen for the job because she was the superior candidate.(她拿到了這份工作,因為她條件比較好。)

tangle:動詞,糾結。tangled為形容詞,指糾結的,混亂的。a tangled jungle(密林)。

malfunction: 動詞/名詞,故障。例句:Shortly before the crash the pilot had reported a malfunction of the aircraft’s navigation system.(墜機前不久機長曾通報飛機導航系統故障。)


It takes 66 days to form a habit 養成習慣需時66天

◎ 魏國金

If you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise or eat healthily and do it daily until March 7, it is likely to stick - suggest researchers who claim that it takes 66 days for a "healthy" pledge to become an ingrained habit.


Reporting in the European Journal of Social Psychology, the researchers started to investigate how long it took for the repetition of behaviour to reach the ’automacity’stage - where it is performed whenever the situation is encountered without thinking, awareness or intention.


To reach the conclusion, the study’s volunteers were asked to choose a healthy eating, drinking or exercise behaviour that they would like to make into a habit, reports The Telegraph.


Results showed that whilst the average time to form a habit was 66 days, more complex behaviours took longer, whilst an exercise habit took longer to form than a healthy eating or drinking habit.



stick︰動詞,在此指堅持、忠於。例句︰She stuck through thick and thin.(在任何情況下她都堅定不移。)

ingrained︰形容詞,根深柢固的、徹頭徹尾的。例如︰an ingrained fool(十足的傻瓜。)例句︰The belief that one should work hard is ingrained in our culture.(人應努力工作的信念深印在我們的文化中。)

repetition︰重複、複製品、背誦。例如︰repetition compulsion(強迫性重複行為。)


Monkeys make a break from Scottish zoo 猴子從蘇格蘭動物園趁隙脫逃


The Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland said it closed part of its park after a troop of monkeys made a break for freedom during a transfer from one habitat to another.


Zoo officials told The Scotsman the Barbary macaques didn’t pose a threat, but as a precaution, they evacuated the 110-acre zoo.


Far from deterring visitors, the vast majority of people visiting the zoo said they were enjoying the unexpected bonus of seeing some animals out on the prowl.


It took several hours for zoo employees, using bananas and nets, to round them all up.


Zoo officials said the monkeys are social animals and remain in a group for the most part. None left the zoo grounds, The Scotsman reported.


It was the second monkey escape this year. One got out of a rabies quarantine area in February.



a troop of :片語,一群、一大批。例句:He was surrounded by troops of friends.(他被一群群的朋友圍住。)

round up:片語,圍捕。例句:The police are getting ready to round up people wanted by the law.(警方準備圍捕那些依法遭通緝的人。)

for the most part:多半、通常、在很大程度上。例句:For the most part, he is honest.(總的來說,他是誠實的。)


British spy chief’s cover blown on facebook 英國情報主管身分在Facebook網站上曝光


British spy chief’s cover blown on facebook


The wife of the new head of Britain’s spy agency has posted pictures of her husband, family and friends on Internet networking site facebook, details which could compromise security.


John Sawers is due to take over as head of the Secret Intelligence Service in November. The SIS, popularly known as MI6, is Britain’s global intelligence-gathering organisation.


In what the Mail on Sunday called an "extraordinary lapse", the new spy chief’s wife posted family pictures and exposed details of where the couple live and take their holidays and who their friends and relatives are.


The details could be viewed by any of the many millions of facebook users around the world, but were swiftly removed once authorities were alerted by the newspaper’s enquiries.


"There were fears that the hugely embarrassing blunder could have compromised the safety of Sir John’s family and friends," the newspaper said, the information "could potentially be useful to hostile foreign powers or terrorists".



blow sb’s cover:俗語,指揭發某人的真實身分、破壞某人隱藏身分的計畫,如The dog recognized me and blew my cover.(狗兒認出我來,暴露了我的身分。)

compromise:動詞,指連累,危及,如You will compromise your good name if you associate with these people.(如果你跟這些人來往,你的聲譽就會受損。)

lapse: 名詞,指意外的、暫時的失敗、錯誤,如a lapse of concentration(一時分心),或The management’s decision to ignore the safety warnings demonstrated a remarkable lapse of judgment.(管理部門決定忽略安全警告證明是重大的誤判。)


Family use urine to find lost dog 家人用尿尋找走失的狗


A distraught couple are trying to help their lost dog find his way home by laying a trail of their own pee.


Jonathan Baltesz, 44, and wife Louise, 43, are filling bottles to sprinkle on lampposts and trees around their home on the advice of doggy detective Jane Hayes, who runs website doglost.co.uk.


She explained: "A dog’s sense of smell is 3,000 times more powerful than ours. Where we recognise each other by sight they do it by smell."


The couple have roped in children Henry, 15, Clara, 13, and pals to help sprinkle the wee near their home in Redland, Bristol.


Teacher Louise, who got black Labrador Simon as a pup from the local dogs’ home, said yesterday: "It seems a bit embarrassing but it’s worked for other people."


Police say although urinating in public is a crime, a major part of that is exposing yourself. A spokesman added: "We won’t look into it unless we get complaints."



distraught:形容詞,極煩惱的;幾乎要發狂的。例句: She was distraught with worry. (她擔心得幾乎要發瘋了。)

rope in:俚語,說服、引誘。例句:He’s been roped in to help sell the tickets. (他已被說服出力幫助賣票。)

look into :片語,深入了解、調查。例句:The agent will look into the crux.(幹員會再看看癥結所在。)


Suspicious item in Ohio luggage: Pickled mangoes俄亥俄州的行李有可疑物:醃芒果


Suspicious item in Ohio luggage: Pickled mangoes


An Ohio airport summoned a bomb squad to detonate a suspicious item that turned out to be pickled mangoes.


X-ray equipment used by federal security screeners in Columbus could not detect what was inside a sealed canister in luggage being inspected around 7 p.m. Tuesday.


The container was labeled "baby food," but authorities say security personnel became suspicious when the woman who owned the suitcase claimed the canister held pickles.


A fire department bomb squad removed the item from the airport and detonated it, discovering the mangoes.



suspicious: 形容詞,起疑,懷疑。a suspicious character/shady character,可疑人物。例句:There is a suspicious character lurking about in the lobby. Please call the security.(大廳裡有一名可疑份子閒晃。快叫保全人員來。)

pickle:名詞,醃漬品。動詞,醃漬。in a pickle,陷入困境。例句:She thinks her husband should be responsible for her being in such a pickle.(她認為是她老公害她陷入此等困境。)

summon:動詞,召喚。 summon up,鼓起。例句:Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi summoned the US ambassador Thursday to express a strong protest on behalf of the Chinese government for the US Congress’ tribute to the Dalai Lama.(中國外交部長楊潔篪週四召喚美國大使以代表中國政府針對美國國會向達賴喇嘛致敬一事表達強烈抗議。)


Opera ’is music for the heart’ 歌劇是心臟的音樂

Listening to the right kind of music can slow the heart and lower blood pressure, a study has revealed. Rousing operatic music, like Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, full of crescendos and diminuendos is best and could help stroke rehabilitation, say the authors.


Music is already used holistically at the bedside in many hospitals.Not only is it cheap and easy to administer, music has discernible physical effects on the body as well as mood, Circulation journal reports.


Music with a faster tempo increases breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, while slower-pace music does the reverse.


Dr Luciano Bernardi and colleagues, from Italy’s Pavia University, asked 24 healthy volunteers to listen to five random tracks of classical music and monitored how their bodies responded. They included selections from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, an aria from Puccini’s Turandot, Bach’s cantata No 169.


Every musical crescendo "aroused" the body and led to narrowing of blood vessels under the skin, increased blood pressure and heart rate and increased respiratory rates. Conversely, the diminuendos caused relaxation, which slowed heart rate and lowered blood pressure.



rousing:形容詞,鼓動人心的。例句:She delivered a rousing speech full of anger and passion.(她滿懷憤怒與激情地,發表了一席激動人心的演說。)

holistic:形容詞,全面的。例句:Ecological problems usually require holistic solutions.(生態問題通常需要全面性的解決方法。)

discernible:形容詞,顯而易見的。例句: The influence of Rodin is discernible in the younger artist.(這位年輕藝術家明顯地受到羅丹影響。)


Miniskirts, cleavage upset male SKoreans 迷你裙、乳溝讓南韓男性心煩意亂

Almost three-quarters of South Korean male office workers feel uncomfortable when female colleagues show too much leg or cleavage in the workplace, a survey has revealed.


A poll of 1,254 employees by the job CareerNet found that 74 percent of men felt upset with the attire of their female co-workers.


Some 56 percent of them cited micro-miniskirts as their chief complaint, while 51 percent objected to excessive cleavage. Low-rise trousers that reveal women’s underwear, "killer heels" and flashy outfits in general were also cause for complaint.


Women meanwhile complained mostly of stains on the shirts and ties of their male colleagues.


Both sexes disapproved of colourful underwear under a white top, slippers or sandals and sleeveless clothes.


South Koreans in general still dress conservatively in the workplace, with an emphasis on suits and ties among men.



cleavage ︰乳溝、劈開、分裂,例如︰a cleavage in public opinion (輿論的分歧)

low-rise︰(建築物)低層的、層數少的,或指低腰的褲子,例如︰low-rise boot jean(低腰直筒牛仔褲)

in general︰一般說來、大體上、從整體上看。例句︰I like fish in general, and salmon in particular.(一般說來我喜歡吃魚,尤其是鮭魚。)


Man had boss killed to save job 男子殺老闆保工作

Spanish police have arrested a man whom they suspect hired a contract killer to murder his boss in a desperate bid to avoid being laid off, newspaper El Pais reported on Tuesday.


The head of audiovisual services at the Barcelona International Convention Centre contracted a Colombian man who shot and killed the director of the convention centre on Feb 9, according to police.


The director had planned to lay off the arrested man as part of a restructuring project, police said.


In fear of losing his job, the head of services, through his sister, contracted a team of six Colombians who planned and carried out the killing, El Pais reported.


Police have also detained the sister and six Colombians.


The shooting marks one of the most extreme actions by Spaniards who fear losing jobs, homes and businesses during a recession in which unemployment is rising faster than in any other developed country.



lay off:片語,資遣、解雇。例句:The firm had to lay off 100 workers.(公司必須資遣100名員工。)

in fear of:片語,擔心、為~提心弔膽。例句:We are in fear of more rain.(我們擔心再下雨。)

carry out:片語,實行、執行。例句:The government carried out a plan to rescue the economy.(政府執行一項拯救經濟計畫。)


That’ll do, zoo tells only pig. 可以了,動物園向唯一一隻豬說

Afghanistan’s only known pig released from quarantine June 4th., two months after he was locked away because of swine flu fears, to bask again in the mud at the Kabul Zoo.


The pig, a curiosity in Muslim Afghanistan where pork and pig products are illegal because they are considered irreligious, was quarantined because visitors to the zoo were worried it could spread the new H1N1 flu strain, commonly known as swine flu.


"When people began to realize the disease doesn’t come from the pig itself we decided to release the pig," zoo manager Aziz Gul Saqib said.


Some unsuspecting zoo visitors scattered as "Khanzir", Pashto for pig, dashed through the center of the zoo toward his enclosure.


One visitor, 17-year-old-Razaa, covered his nose and mouth with his t-shirt as the pig trotted past. "It’s a pig, it’s the dirtiest thing, it might give me a disease," he said.


But others were intrigued.


"I think it’s an interesting animal in terms of the way it looks," said a 22-year old biology student.



that’ll do:口語,這樣就行了,這樣就夠了。Try your best, that’ll do.(盡你所能,這樣就行了。)

dash:動詞,急忙奔跑、(希望)毀滅;dashed在口語中亦可做加強語氣使用,例句:Don’t you believe his dashed crap.(你別相信他的一派胡言。)

trot:動(名)詞,小跑步、快步。口語中,have the trots指拉肚子。


New Zealand airline issues nude safety video/紐西蘭航空推出裸體安全影片

New Zealand’s national airline has adopted a cheeky way to encourage passengers to watch its in-flight safety video: The cabin crew’s uniforms are nothing but body paint.


The "Bare Essentials of Safety," screening in the cabins of planes flying Air New Zealand’s main domestic routes, has gone viral online. It had 1.2 million YouTube views only four days after it was launched.


In the video, three cabin staff and a pilot, all in full body paint applied to look like their uniforms, talk viewers through the aircraft’s safety procedures.


A demonstration seat belt, life jacket and arm rests are strategically positioned during the 3 1/2-minute video to protect the cabin crew’s ... discretion. Passengers are shown ogling, mostly in appreciation.


"We think in tough times there’s a premium for making people smile, and it gives the opportunity to stand out in a crowd," Air New Zealand’s marketing general manager Steve Bayliss said.



bare essentials:bare為形容詞,原指光禿的、不加裝飾的,如Don’t walk around outside in your bare feet.(不要赤腳走到外面去)。bare essentials則指最基本的、最重要的東西,如There isn’t much time, so I’ll just give you the bare facts/details.(因為時間不多,所以我只能告訴你最基本的事實/細節。)文中的bare一字則為雙關語。

viral:形容詞,原指病毒性的、由病毒引起的,但用於電腦或科技相關的脈絡時,則尤指透過網路分享(如病毒般)迅速散播的資訊,如viral marketing(病毒式行銷)或viral video(病毒式影片)。

premium: 名詞,指獎金、獎品或額外的酬金、津貼、加價或溢價,如 We’re willing to pay a premium for the best location.(我們願意為尋找最適當的地點多付點錢。)at a premium則指某事物因稀少而特別重要,如Fresh water was at a premium after the reservoir was contaminated.(由於水庫遭到污染,淡水顯得格外珍貴。)


Scientists kill cancer cells with "trojan horse" 科學家用「木馬」殺死癌細胞

Australian scientists have developed a "trojan horse" therapy to combat cancer, using a bacterially-derived nano cell to penetrate and disarm the cancer cell before a second nano cell kills it with chemotherapy drugs.


The therapy has the potential to directly target cancer cells with chemotherapy, rather than the current treatment that sees chemotherapy drugs injected into a cancer patient and attacking both cancer and healthy cells.


Himanshu Brahmbhatt from Sydney-based biotechnology company EnGeneIC said the research -- outlined in the journal Nature Biotechnology -- had the potential to reduce the side-effects of cancer treatment and make it cheaper.


Brahmbhatt said the technology allowed medics to target cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue, a major problem with existing chemotherapy treatments.


While researchers have been working on using nano-cells against cancer for at least five years, Brahmbhatt said the latest version had proved 100 percent effective treating cancers in mice which were resistant to conventional chemotherapy.



Trojan horse:特洛伊木馬,取自「木馬屠城記」中那隻木馬的名稱。「特洛伊木馬病毒」(或稱木馬程式)就是駭客用來入侵受害者電腦的一種工具。

derive:不及物動詞,衍生出;導出[(+from)]。 文中「bacterially-derived 」,是指「從細菌上衍生的」。

side effect:名詞,(藥物等的)副作用。例句:Medicines sometimes have unpleasant side effects. (藥物有時具有令人不快的副作用。)


Mass. yellow lobster is a 1 in 30 million rarity 機率3千萬分之1 麻州珍奇黃龍蝦現身

This lobster will catch your eye, but not because you’re imagining its tail dipped in butter. It is bright orange and yellow, even though it’s never been near a boiling pot.


Specialists tell The Boston Globe it’s called a "yellow lobster" and it’s one in 30 million.


The lobster now named Fiona was recently caught off Canada. It was given by a friend to Nathan Nickerson, the owner of Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar in Eastham, on Cape Cod.


New England Aquarium director of research Michael Tlusty says a rare genetic mutation produces yellow lobsters.


Life isn’t easy for such animals. Their bright colors make it easy for predators to spot them.


Nickerson said the human predators at his restaurant will never get Fiona. He said it would be like steaming a Rembrandt.




catch one’s eye/get someone’s eye:俚語,吸引人注意,吸引人感興趣。catch (one’s) breath,屏息;喘口氣休息以便繼續。例句:The shiny new dress caught her eye.(那件閃亮亮的新洋裝引起她的注意。)

boil:動詞,煮沸,燒開。boiler,名詞,燒水壺。例句:Excuse me, can I have some boiled water?(不好意思,請給我一些開水。)


Free wedding for quitting smoking 戒菸成功 結婚免錢

A charity in the Saudi capital Riyadh has come up with a novel incentive to encourage young men to quit smoking-an all-expenses-paid wedding. Hundreds of men have expressed interest in the anti-smoking drive.


Banners in Riyadh are advertising the campaign slogan: "Kicking the habit is on you, and marriage is on us." The charity Purity says participants will complete a seven-day course to quit smoking. The name of the grand prize winner will be decided in a draw on 6 August. Twenty runners-up will get free furniture.


In much of the Arab world, the groom alone bears the cost of a wedding. The high expense for a wedding means that Arab men often put off marriage until they have saved enough money to take a bride.


Some in Saudi Arabia have criticised the campaign, suggesting it might devalue what they consider a holy union, while others called the concept sexist. But a spokesman for the charity said the aim was to create a smoke-free family.


It is estimated about a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s 27.6 million residents smoke.



novel :形容詞,新奇的。例句:Keeping a sheep in the garden is a novel way of keeping the grass short!(在花園裡養羊,是讓草長不長的新奇方法!)

kick the habit:片語,戒除惡習。例句:She used to be a heavy smoker but she kicked the habit last year.(她以前是老菸槍,不過去年戒了。)

put off :片語,延後。例句:The meeting has been put off for a week.(會議已經延後一週了。)


Thai burglar falls asleep on the job:police 警方︰一名泰國竊賊在行竊時睡著

A Thai thief broke into a house but promptly fell asleep inside before stealing anything and was eventually discovered by a housemaid on Friday morning, police said.


Prachak Jarkngooloem, 24, was found at a house in the coastal resort of Pattaya where he admitted planning to steal goods from the property.


"He told police that he entered the house yesterday evening hoping to steal something but he was tired and sleepy because he argued with his girlfriend the previous night and went for a drink with friends, so he slept," Lieutenant Colonel Ruengwit Rakchart of Pattaya police said.


"He did not get anything because the maid found him and informed the police," Ruengwit added. He said police were forced to break into the home when Prachak locked himself in after realising he had been caught by the maid and trying to buy time to escape.


Ruengwit said the burglar would be charged with trespassing at night and attempting to steal goods, offences which carry a prison term of five years.



on the job︰在工作、在忙著、在幹活。例句︰They were on the job.(他們在忙。)

buy time︰爭取時間、拖延時間。例句︰I feigned sickness to buy time.(我裝病以此拖延時間。)

break into︰非法強行闖入、破門而入,也有衝破障礙而進入之意。例句︰She wanted to break into movies.(她想打進電影界。)


Spanish bar invites insults from stressed customers 西班牙酒吧邀請壓力大的顧客上門侮辱

A bar in Spain is serving up free beer and tapas to recession-weary customers who insult its bartenders as a way to let off steam.


Casa Pocho in the beach resort town of Cullera near Valencia opened last week and says its promotional gimmick is working like a charm.


Bernard Mariusz, the bar’s Polish-born co-owner, said the free alcohol and snacks go only to those who come up with truly original insults.


"They can’t call me S.O.B., but they can call me jerk, idiot, clown, that kind of thing," Mr Mariusz said. "This works, because even people in their 70s come to insult me."

「他們不能罵我 S.O.B(指狗娘養的),但他們可以罵我混蛋,白痴,小丑,諸如此類,」馬流士說。「這管用,因為即便70多歲的人也來侮辱我。」

Mr Mariusz said he and Michal Lotocki, his business partner, came up with the idea to help people relax during the hard economic times.


Rather than argue about money at home with their spouses, he suggested they stop by and take it out on him.


"Nobody overdoes it," he said.



let off:片語,排放、釋放。例句:The riot police fired bullets over hundreds of protesters in Tehran and let off tear gas.(鎮暴警察對德黑蘭數百名抗議者發射子彈並釋出催淚瓦斯。)

come up with:片語,提出、想出。例句:He could always come up with a reason for them.(他總是能夠替他們想出理由。)

stop by:片語,過來坐坐、(順便)過訪。例句:Could you stop by the post office?(你可否順道去趟郵局?)


Moon-lovers remember Apollo with radio chit-chat月球愛好者以無線電哈啦紀念阿波羅登月

Hndreds of radio hams and amateur astronomers around the world spent the weekend bouncing radio conversations off the Moon to one another in commemoration of the Apollo 11 landings 40 years ago, organizers in Australia said on June 28.


Although they had some clear and extensive conversations, they had to be patient. It takes around 2.5 seconds for a radio signal to reach the Moon and bounce back to another part of the Earth, so it took around five seconds to get a reply.


Initiated a few months ago by science buffs in Australia and the United States, ’Moonbounce’ was just winding up on June 28. Australian time after a 24-hour special event that organizers hope will become annual.


It was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landings on July 20, 1969. But as the Moon does not orbit directly around the Earth’s equator, this was the nearest weekend organizers could arrange for practical reasons.



chit-chat:動詞,閒聊。We just had some chit-chat, nothing special.(我們只是隨便閒聊了一下,沒聊什麼特別的。)

buff:名詞,對某事很熱中的人。例句: He’s a sports buff who like to show off his knowledge about all kinds of game. (他是個運動迷,喜歡炫耀他對各種比賽的了解。)

wind up:動詞片語,使(某事)結束,使(某人)興奮、緊張、生氣。例句:Michael Jackson’s songs always wind me up.(麥可傑克森的歌總是讓我感到興奮。)


French enjoy flirty Chirac moment /法國人笑看席哈克調情

Former French President Jacques Chirac is known to be something of a ladies’ man - a fact both he and his wife of 53 years have in the past admitted to.


But new footage shows that, even at the age of 77, he still has an eye for a pretty lady - and it has caused much hilarity across France.


He is shown paying close attention to a woman as his wife makes a speech. The former first lady turns to deliver her husband a withering look, before continuing with her speech.


In a book in 2001, Mrs Chirac spoke about the difficulties of living with a "handsome" man who has "enormous success" with women. She explained that it was not just because of their two daughters and Vietnamese foster daughter that she decided to stay with him.


"Convention meant that in this kind of situation you put up a front and just kept going," she said. "In any case I warned him often enough, the day Napoleon left Josephine, he lost everything".



ladies’man: 或寫做lady’s man,名詞,指經常吸引女性注意、討女性歡心的男人,如Because women seemed to seek him out at parties, Brian got the reputation for being quite a ladies’ man. (因為女士們似乎常在宴會中找他聊天,布萊恩得到了女士殺手的稱號。)

have an eye for sth:片語,指具有擅於注意某種事物的能力,如She has an eye for detail.(她擅長注意細節。)

withering: 形容詞,使感到畏懼、毀滅性的,a withering look/remark等則指要讓某人感到羞恥、害怕的眼神或評語,如He said that Lizzie had been drunk at the time and I saw her shoot him a withering glance.(他說麗茲那時喝醉了,然後我看到她惡狠狠地瞪了他一眼。)


UK looks to young geeks to secure cyberspace 英國盼年輕技客保障網路安全


Britain is hiring former computer hackers to join a new security unit aimed at protecting cyberspace from foreign spies, thieves and terrorists, the country’s terrorism minister said.


Alan West said the technology-savvy staff will join efforts to trace the source of _ and prevent _ cyber attacks on Britain’s government, businesses and individuals. The country also will develop its capability to wage cyber warfare against the country’s foes, he said.


West said British government systems had probably come under cyber attack but that he did not know of any specific cases where sensitive data had been lost. British telecom BT Group PLC, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, estimates it has about 1,000 attempted cyber attacks per day on its systems, West said.


Jonathan Evans, the head of Britain’s domestic spy agency MI5, has previously warned that both China and Russia are using new technology to spy on Britain. Russia is accused of mounting large-scale attacks on Estonia’s computer systems in 2007.




savvy: 當動詞時,指懂得、知曉;當名詞時,指理解能力、見識、實務知識,例句︰He hasn’t got much savvy.(他的悟性不佳。)business/politcal savvy指商業/政治實務知識。文中的technology-savvy 則指熟悉科技。

wage:動詞,從事;進行(戰爭、鬥爭、選戰等)。用法如「wage a campaign」 (進行宣傳活動)。


Teacher allegedly tosses stapler, hitting student/教師涉嫌扔釘書機打中學生

A Philadelphia school teacher is under investigation for allegedly throwing a stapler that struck a student in the head. The mother of a 15-year-old boy said she took him to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he received four stitches in his forehead Friday afternoon.


School district spokesman Fernando Gallard confirms that the male teacher threw the stapler when his class became unruly. Gallard said the stapler bounced off a wall and struck the student.


The mother said the incident happened as her son was passing the classroom and stopped at the door to talk with a friend.


Gallard declined to name the teacher but said he has been reassigned to an administrative office pending a "full investigation."



stapler:名詞,釘書機。staple,名詞,釘書針;主要產品;主食。例句:Rice is a staple food for many Asian countries.(米是許多亞洲國家的主食。)


bounce: 動詞,(球)彈;(人)跳;退票。相關俚語,That’s the way the ball bounces.(球就是這樣彈的)/That’s the way the cookie crumbles.(餅乾就是這樣碎的),意指無法控制發生在自己身上的所有事,只能接受所面臨的壞事或不幸。例句:"I bought a lot of lottery tickets last week, but I still didn’t win! "That’s the way the ball bounces."(「我上週買了很多樂透彩券但卻沒中!」「這就是人生啦!」)


Right ear is ’better for hearing’ 右耳較適合聆聽

If you want to get someone to do something, ask them in their right ear, say scientists.


Italian researchers found people were better at processing information when requests were made on that side in three separate tests. They believe this is because the left side of the brain, which is known to be better at processing requests, deals with information from the right ear.


In the first study, 286 clubbers were observed while they were talking with loud music in the background. In total, 72% of interactions occurred on the right side of the listener. In the second study, researchers approached 160 clubbers and mumbled an inaudible, meaningless utterance and waited for the subjects to turn their head and offer either their left or their right ear. They then asked them for a cigarette.

在第一份研究中,研究人員觀察286名在吵雜的音樂聲中與人交談的夜店族。整體而言,72%的互動都 是發生在聆聽者的右邊。在第二份研究中,研究人員走向160名夜店族,在他們身邊發出聽不到,沒有意義的聲音,等待研究樣本轉過頭來,用左耳或右耳聆聽。 然後問他們有沒有菸。

Overall, 58% offered their right ear for listening and 42% their left.


In the third study, the researchers intentionally addressed 176 clubbers in either their right or their left ear when asking for a cigarette.


The researchers obtained significantly more cigarettes when they spoke to the clubbers’ right ear compared with their left.




mumble:動詞,含糊地說,咕噥著說。例句:"I’m sorry, " he mumbled.(他嘟囔著說:「我很抱歉。」)

utterance: 名詞,話語、發言。例句:The senator’s weekend utterances were promptly rebutted by three of his colleagues on Monday.(這位參議員週末的發言,週一迅速遭到三名同僚抵制。)


Michael Jackson’s death sparks bus brawl 麥可傑克森的死引發公車打鬥

A fight broke out on a Florida bus when news of Michael Jackson’s death sparked debate over whether he should be remembered as a great musical talent, and one passenger was charged with assault, police said.


The bus was moving through the city of North Lauderdale when passenger James Kiernan received a text message about Jackson’s death on his cell phone, and he read it aloud on the bus, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department said.


The unidentified bus driver opined that "Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago," prompting Kiernan, 60, to retort that "the world just lost a great musical talent," the police report said.


It said the last remark enraged another passenger, Henry Wideman, who started a swearing match with Kiernan, then pulled out a knife and chased Kiernan down the aisle with it.


The driver called his dispatcher and pulled over near a convenience store to wait for sheriff’s deputies, who arrested Wideman, 54. He was in jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.



brawl︰名詞,爭吵、打架或嘩嘩水流聲。例句︰This platform discussion would turn into a brawl.(施政綱領的討論將演變成一場爭吵。)

retort :動詞,反駁、反擊、頂嘴。retort blow for blow(一拳還一拳;一報還一報。)

aggravated assault ︰加重攻擊,aggravate指加重、加劇、使惡化,例句︰Somking aggravates cold.(抽菸使感冒惡化。)assault and battery為法律用語,指毆打暴行;人身傷害。