Annie Leibovitz, photographer of stars, faces ruin 明星攝影師安妮萊波維茨面臨破產


Annie Leibovitz is as famous as the people she photographs. The stylized, hyper-realistic portraits she produced, had a long line of celebrities beating a path to Leibovitz’s door. But now the genius behind the lens is close to financial ruin -- a victim, some say, of her own relentless artistic ambition.


Among the qualities making Leibovitz, 59, the most sought after portrait photographer in the world are legendary perfectionism and the pouring of resources into lavish sets. Yet behind a facade of unlimited financial means, Leibovitz was spending her way into nightmare.


Despite moving in such glamorous circles, Leibovitz has never been known for having a knack for finance. In what now appears as a disastrous decision to raise funds, Leibovitz took a 24-million-dollar loan from Art Capital Group (ACG) in December 2008 using her own photographs as collateral.


That debt is due September 8 and if she can’t pay up, the over-leveraged photographer could lose her life’s work.



beat a path to someone’s door:片語,蜂擁前往造訪。例句:Filmmakers will beat a path to your door after you made a name.(你闖出名號後,製片家就會爭相上門。)

over- leveraged:形容詞,過度借貸的、財務槓桿操作過頭的。例句:Some over-leveraged enterprisers went broke during this economic crisis.(有些財務槓桿操作過頭的企業家在這波經濟危機中破產。)

have a knack for:片語,擅長某項技能,特別是指能輕而易舉完成某種難以學習的事情。例句:Since when did you have a knack for picking up girls?(你什麼時候開始懂得把妹了?)


Knut the polar bear to get Italian girlfriend 北極熊克努特將找到義大利女友


Knut the polar bear to get Italian girlfriend


Knut the polar bear, who became a worldwide media sensation as a cub in 2007, will soon be joined in Berlin zoo by Gianna, a female companion originally from Italy, German reports said.


The two-year-old Gianna will be moved from Hellabrunn zoo in Munich and introduced to the strapping snow-white Knut in mid-September, daily Tagesspiegel said, citing a zoo official.


Knut drew an outpouring of sympathy around the globe after his mother cast him out as a cuddly cub. He is now also two and will only reach sexual maturity in another two years. Because he has not encountered other polar bears since his early childhood, special measures will be put in place to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.


The paper quotes Heiner Kloes, bearkeeper at Berlin zoo, as saying he is confident the good-natured Knut will instinctively get on well with Gianna.


However, Gianna herself is carrying some baggage. She had to be separated from another bear, 10-year-old Yoghi, as the two did not see eye-to-eye.



sensation: 名詞,指引發轟動、激動的人或事物,如 The scandal about the president caused a sensation.(總統的醜聞造成大轟動。)或The show was an overnight sensation.(這場表演立即引起轟動,意指迅速成功。)形容詞則為sensational,形容(正面的)非常好、令人激動或特殊,如She looks sensational in her new dress.(她穿著那件新禮服顯得非常動人。)

strapping:形容詞,指魁梧的、高大健壯的,如A big strapping lad like you shouldn’t have much difficulty lifting that!(像你這樣高壯的年輕人,拿起那東西應該是輕而易舉!)

baggage:名詞,原指行李、裝備等,文中則為非正式用語,形容影響到未來的原有知識或經驗,如We all carry a lot of emotional baggage around with us.(我們每個人身上都背負著許多情感包袱。)


Flu drugs little use for children 流感藥物對兒童效用不大


British doctors say Tamiflu should not be given to children suffering from flu because it does little good and increases vomiting and other side effects.


They called for a rethink of current widespread use of antivirals among under-12s in the light of an analysis of clinical data from past seasonal flu outbreaks showing scant benefits and potentially harmful side effects.


Governments around the world have built up large stockpiles of Roche’s Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s Relenza to deal with the current H1N1 flu pandemic.


In Britain, hundreds of thousands of doses of Tamiflu have been handed out to people with the disease, of whom around half are children.


But Dr. Matthew Thompson from the University of Oxford said that while antivirals shortened the duration of flu in children by around a day, they didn’t reduce asthma flare-ups or the likelihood of children needing antibiotics.



in the light of :片語,考慮到;根據;鑑於;從……的觀點。例句:He rewrote the book in the light of further research. (他根據進一步的研究重寫了那部書。)

scant:形容詞,微小的;不足的;欠缺的。例句:I paid scant attention to what she was saying. (我沒太注意她在說什麼。)

flare-up:名詞,(疾病等的)突然發作;(怒氣、激烈情緒等)爆發。例句:Talking too much in class will cause the teacher to flare up.



Ohio man routinely mistaken for famous astronaut 俄亥俄州男子經常被誤認為知名的太空人

◎ 張沛元

Sharing a name with someone who lives in your area isn’t usually a big deal - unless your name is Neil Armstrong.


Thirty-eight-year-old Neil Allen Armstrong, a financial services professional from Symmes Township in suburban Cincinnati, says he constantly gets calls and packages from autograph seekers, school kids and reporters. He tries to explain he’s not the Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon. But people don’t always believe him.


Neil Alden Armstrong, the 78-year-old former astronaut, lives in nearby Indian Hills. He rarely appears in public but was back in the news recently with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.


Armstrong, the non-astronaut, says he has never met his namesake but would welcome the opportunity. For now, he’ll continue telling people he’s not that Neil - just an average Joe.



mistake A for B:片語,把A誤當作B(A與B可以是人或物)。例句:The building of a funeral home is always mistaken for a grand hotel.(那棟殯儀館大樓總被誤認為是一間大飯店。)

not a big deal:俚語,(某事)不困難或麻煩;沒什麼大不了。

joe:俚語,傢伙;咖啡(美式用法)。例句:Would you like to have a cup of joe before you go?(你走之前要不要來杯咖啡?)


Facial expressions not global臉部表情並非全球一致


A new study suggests that people from different cultures read facial expressions differently. East Asian participants in the study focused mostly on the eyes, but those from the West scanned the whole face.


In the research carried out by a team from Glasgow University, East Asian observers found it more difficult to distinguish some facial expressions. The work published in Current Biology journal challenges the idea facial expressions are universally understood.


In the study, East Asians were more likely than Westerners to read the expression for "fear" as "surprise", and "disgust" as "anger".


The researchers say the confusion arises because people from different cultural groups observe different parts of the face when interpreting expression. East Asians participants tended to focus on the eyes of the other person, while Western subjects took in the whole face, including the eyes and the mouth.



distinguish:動詞,分辨。例句:I sometimes have difficulty distinguishing Spanish from Portuguese.(我有時候不太能分辨西班牙文與葡萄牙文。)

arise:動詞,產生。例句:Should the opportunity arise, I’d love to go to China.(如果有機會,我很願意去中國。)

take sth in:片語,觀看(電影與表演等)。例句:I thought we might get something to eat and then take in a movie.(我原本以為我們可能會吃點東西然後看電影。)


Drunk-driving lottery winner tries to bribe cop 酒駕樂透得主試圖行賄警察

◎ 魏國金

A French EuroMillions lottery winner has been found guilty of trying to bribe traffic police after they caught him drunk at the wheel of a souped-up Ferrari, his lawyer said.


Pascal Brun, a 39-year-old former butcher who began collecting Italian sportscars after scooping a 26-million-euro jackpot in 2004, was nabbed on France’s Atlantic coast near Bordeaux, local media reported.


Police noticed the millionaire seemed heavily drunk after asking him to move his yellow Ferrari, which was badly parked near the seafront. A breathalyser test showed him to be four times over the limit.


Brun invited the two traffic wardens to his house for an aperitif -- and offered each of them 1,000 euros to turn a blind eye, the paper said.


Convicted of drunk-driving and of trying to corrupt a public official, the millionaire was handed a six-month jail sentence. His driving licence was revoked again and the court impounded his car, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

由於被判定酒駕與試圖行賄公務員罪,這位百萬富豪被處以6個月徒刑。他的駕照再度被吊銷,法院並沒收他的法拉利Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano。

In Brun’s defence, lawyer Pierre Blazy said he been increasingly lonely since his lottery win, and that cars were his "only passion".



souped-up︰馬力(效率、力量)增強的。soup有增強、變得更生動之意。例如,soup up an old story(給老故事添枝加葉,使之更生動。)

turn a blind eye︰視而不見、視若無睹。例句︰The president turned a blind eye to corruption within his administration.(總統對政府中的貪腐現象視若無睹。)

hand︰在此指宣判。例句︰The jury handed down a verdict of guilty.(陪審團宣判被告有罪。)


Sudanese woman in trouser case banned from travel蘇丹女子因穿褲而被禁止旅遊


Sudan has barred Lubna Hussein, a woman who faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers in violation of decency laws, from travelling abroad.


Hussein said she tried to leave for Lebanon on Tuesday after a television channel asked her to appear in a programme there.


"It emerged when I tried to get an exit visa that my name was on a blacklist," she told Reuters. "There is no way to get out of Sudan."


Hussein was arrested at a party in July and, with 12 other women, charged with being indecently dressed. A former reporter, Hussein has publicised her case, posing in loose trousers for photos and calling journalists to support her.


Her defence lawyer Nabil Abdalla told Reuters that Hussein, who is on bail, should be free to travel. To bar her from travel, he said a court would have to issue a specific order and Hussein would have the right to challenge it.



lash:名詞,指鞭子、鞭打,亦可當動詞用。例句:He gave the prisoner ten lashes.(他抽了囚犯10鞭。)

blacklist: 名詞,黑名單。例句:A number of governments around the world have taken steps to avoid being placed on the blacklist.(世界各地許多政府已採取步驟,避免被列入黑名單。)

on bail:片語,交保。例句:There was no reason to suggest Allen would intimidate any witnesses if released on bail.(沒有理由指稱艾倫如果交保獲釋就會恫嚇任何目擊證人。)jump/skip bail指棄保潛逃。


Happy ending for love letter pair情書傳情情侶的快樂結局


A man has married an old-flame after a love letter he wrote 10 years ago was discovered behind a fireplace by workmen.


Steve Smith met Spaniard Carmen Ruiz-Perez 17 years ago when she was an exchange student in Devon. The pair had been engaged but their relationship fizzled out after Ruiz-Perez went to live in Paris.


Smith sent her a letter via her mother’s home in Spain. The letter was put on the mantlepiece and forgotten about before it slipped down the back of the fireplace. It was only ten years later when workmen carrying out renovations removed the fireplace that they discovered the letter.


Ms Ruiz-Perez rang her former boy friend and then they met up in Paris. Like a storyline straight from Hollywood, the pair, now both aged 42, fell in love all over again and tied the knot on July 17th.


Mr Smith said: ’’We met up and fell in love all over again. Within 30 seconds of setting eyes on each other we were kissing."


"I never got married and now I’ve married the man I have always loved," Ms Ruiz-Perez, who has now become Mrs Smith, said.



old flame:俚語,舊情人。例句:She bumped into her old flame on that party.(她在那場派對上與舊情人不期而遇。)

fizzle out:片語,失敗、以令人失望的情況結束。例句:Our romance fizzled out, just like that.(我們的戀情就突然成為幻影。)

set eyes on:片語,第一眼看見。例句:I know when I set eyes on him that he is the one I’m looking for.(我第一眼看到他,就知道他就是我在找的人。)


Fire risk ’super’ ants discovered 造成火災風險的「超級」螞蟻被發現


Ants believed to have a "kamikaze attraction" to electricity have been discovered in one of England’s finest National Trust gardens.


Colonies of lasius neglectus, the so-called Asian super ant, have being found at Hidcote Manor, near Chipping Campden, in Gloucestershire.

這種被稱為亞洲超級螞蟻、學名為lasius neglectus的大群蟻巢已在格洛斯特郡契平坎頓附近的希迪寇特莊園內被發現。

It is thought to be the first recorded sighting in the UK, although they have been spotted in mainland Europe. They are naturally drawn to electrical currents so can pose a fire risk.


The species was first identified in Budapest 20 years ago. The ants look like a common black garden variety.


English Heritage and the National Trust carried out investigations into infestations within the Hidcote estate to identify them as lasius neglectus.

英格蘭遺產協會與國民信託組織針對莊園內的蟻害進行調查後,確認這種螞蟻即為lasius neglectus。

Their compulsion to follow electricity is stronger than their need for food or drink. Swarms of ants around electrical cables can cause blackouts. The National Trust said 35,000 ant carcasses were found in one electrical junction box at Hidcote.



kamikaze:名詞,指(二次世界大戰時日本軍國主義的)神風特攻隊飛行員或其戰機,形容詞則指神風特攻隊式的、自殺式的(通常置於名詞前),如a kamikaze attack/mission(一次自殺式攻擊/任務)。

infestation:名詞,指(動植物的)寄生蟲侵擾,如a flea infestation(跳蚤肆虐),動詞為infest。

garden- variety:名詞,指常見品種,用於形容詞則必須置於名詞前,指常見品種的,或指普通的、平凡的,如It’s just a garden-variety shopping mall, large but not special in any way. (這只不過是間普通的購物中心,面積雖大卻毫無特殊之處。)


Toshiba to Launch Fuel-cell Charger Soon 東芝近期將推出燃料電池充電器


Toshiba plans to launch an external battery charger based on a DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) in the next two months, its new president said on Wednesday.


The charger will be a portable device that can be used to charge the batteries in portable gadgets such as cell phones, music players and portable game devices instead of plugging them into an electrical outlet.


DMFCs produce electricity from a reaction between methanol, water and air. The only by-products are a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide, so DMFCs are often seen as a greener source of energy than traditional batteries. Another advantage is that they can be replenished with a new cartridge of methanol in seconds.


The new charger will be on sale before the end of the first half of Toshiba’s current financial year, which is the period from April to September.


Following the launch of the portable charger Toshiba will look at commercializing DMFCs for cell phones and laptop computers, it said.



gadget:名詞,(夠酷、很炫的)小器具;小裝置;小玩意。例句:She likes those clever little gadgets. (她喜愛那些做得很巧妙的小玩意兒。)

replenish:動詞,補充;重新裝滿;給……再添燃料。例句:We need to replenish manpower. (我們需要補充人力。)

look at:片語,考慮;著眼於。例句:What he looks at is its economy.(他是從經濟角度看問題的。)


NY baseball team celebrates expectant moms at game 紐約棒球隊在比賽中為準媽媽慶祝

◎ 張沛元

A New York City minor league baseball team has pulled off an unusual pre-game warmup.


The Brooklyn Cyclones offered a Lamaze class in center field before Sunday night’s game. It was one of the activities as part of the "Bellies and Baseball: A Salute to Pregnancy" event.


Other activities at the theme night for the affiliate of the New York Mets included expectant moms running - or walking - the bases without shoes before the game, women in their third trimesters throwing out ceremonial first pitches and pregnant women singing on the field during the seventh-inning stretch.


There was a craving station consisting of pickles, ice cream and pizza.


The team says any expectant mom who agrees to name her child Brooklyn or Cy gets free season tickets for life.

該棒球隊表示,任何同意將她的孩子命名為「布魯克林」或「 Cy 」的準媽媽,都能獲得終生免費季票。


pull off something:片語,努力實現某事,成功做到某件困難或未料想到的事。例句:Nobody thought that he would be able to do it, but he pulled it off in the end.(沒有人認為他能做到,但他最後還是辦到了。)

belly:名詞,肚皮。諺語,A growing youth has a wolf in his belly,成長中的年輕人肚裡有匹狼,形容發育中的年輕人食量大。

for life:片語,終生。例句:The accident caused him to become handicapped for life.(那件意外導致他終生殘障。)


Face shape clue to mental decline 臉型是心智衰退的線索


Men with symmetrical faces are less likely to lose their memory and intelligence in later life, according to researchers. Psychologists at the University of Edinburgh found a link between facial symmetry and mental performance between the ages of 79 and 83.


The researchers analysed results of the 1932 Scottish Mental Survey and mapped the faces of subjects from photographs. They said it could show a link between physical condition and mental decline.


Facial symmetry, the researchers argued, may indicate a man has experienced fewer genetic and environmental disturbances such as diseases, toxins, malnutrition or genetic mutations during his development.


Dr Lars Penke, who led the study, said: "Previous research has suggested that cognitive decline is an aspect of body-wide ageing. This link could show that facial symmetry can be used as a marker which could predict this decline."


The team was unable to find comparable results in women. One explanation suggested by the researchers was that DNA has a different effect on ageing among women. Another theory was that mental decline is delayed in women because, on average, they live longer.



decline:名詞/動詞,衰退。例句:Home cooking seems to be on /in the decline.(在家開伙的人似乎漸漸減少。)


malnutrition:名詞,營養不良。例句:Many of the refugees are suffering from severe malnutrition.(許多難民有嚴重的營養不良。)


Many Britons too lazy to change TV channel: poll 民調︰許多英國人懶到電視不轉台

◎ 魏國金

Britons are so lazy that one in six cannot be bothered to change television channel if the remote control is not working, according to a study.


More than half said they would take the lift rather than climb two flights of stairs to their workplace, while three quarters had too little energy for sex at the end of a long day.


An entire generation risks being blighted by idleness, warned Nuffield Health, a non-profit organisation which commissioned the poll. "The nation has fallen into a vicious circle of laziness that we must put a stop to," said Doctor Sarah Dauncey, its medical director.


In the poll of more than 2,000 adults, 15 percent said that, if the television remote was broken, they would rather continue watching the same channel than getting up and switching to another programme.


Thirty-six percent said they would not run to catch a bus, and 52 percent of dog owners said they could not be bothered to walk their pet.



cannot be bothered︰不願找麻煩、不想出力、懶得。例句︰He behaved as though he could not be bothered.(他表現出不願出力的樣子。)

vicious circle ︰惡性循環。vicious 意指邪惡的、不良的。例句︰The city has been chained to a vicious circle of violence.(這個城市深陷在變本加厲的暴力事件中。)

put a stop to︰使停止、制止。例句︰Let’s put a stop to all this nonsense.(讓我們別再這樣胡鬧了。)


Thief thanks cops for rescuing him小偷感謝警方出手相救

◎ 羅彥傑

An Italian thief thanked police officers for arresting him and putting an end to a beating from Korean tourists whom he had robbed in Rome, police say.

在羅馬搶劫韓國遊客以致遭到修理的一名義大利小偷,感謝警官逮捕他, 讓他不再被打,警方說。

"I must thank you; they were massacring me,’’ the 48-year-old criminal told police after he was arrested near the Theatre of Marcellus, one of the monuments in Rome’s historic centre.


The thief, from the northern region of Liguria, stole a handbag from a Korean family when they were not paying attention. He threatened the family with a knife when he was spotted and then tried to flee.


Two men from the family, in their 20s, chased him for several hundred metres before they got him down with tae-kwondo moves. They disarmed the thief and continued to beat him.


A patrolling police officer intervened, separated the three and arrested the thief. "Normally tourists will just call us and report the incidents,’’ the officer said.



put an end to:片語,使終止、毀掉。例句:The discussion was put an end to by his sudden arrival.(他的突然到來使得討論終止了。)

get down:片語,撂倒、拿下。例句:When he left the car, three men came out of the car and got him down with a blow on the face.(當他離開車子時,3名男子走出車外,當面給他一擊,把他撂倒。)

intervene:動詞,干預、介入。例句:The central bank will continue to intervene in the foreign exchange market.(央行將繼續干預外匯市場。)


Man scandalises Saudi Arabia with TV sex confession 男子上電視談性史引起沙國憤慨


Man scandalises Saudi Arabia with TV sex confession


A Saudi divorcee with four children has shocked Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative countries in the world, with details of his sexual exploits on an Arabic television show.


Mazen Abdul-Jawad, 32, was detained July 31 for questioning after appearing on Lebanese channel LBC where he spoke to camera from his bedroom in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah about how couples can spice up their sex lives.


"Everything happens in this room," he said on the salacious show, before launching into descriptions of foreplay techniques and tricks for cruising women on the streets of Jeddah.


Clips of the racy confessions from the TV show, which can be seen via satellite in Saudi Arabia, have had nearly half a million hits on YouTube.


More than 200 people have filed legal complaints against Mazen Abdul-Jawad, dubbed a "sex braggart" by the media, and many Saudis say he should be severely punished and authorities in Saudi Arabia have shut down all local operations of a Lebanese TV station.



scandalise:動詞,使震驚、使憤慨。例句:His racist remarks scandalised his friends.(他的種族主義言論令他的朋友憤慨。)

spice up:動詞片語,增加某事趣味、刺激感,增加食品風味。例句:They invited some girls to spice up the party.(他們邀了些女孩,讓派對更好玩。)

cruise:動詞,獵艷。例句:He bragged about his crusing in night clubs.(他吹噓自己在夜店獵艷史。)


French police warn drivers against speeding 法國警方警告駕駛人不要超速


French police warn drivers against speeding


Drivers beware! As millions of French people get ready to hit the roads on the busiest weekend for summer vacation departures, police are warning them to go easy on the gas after a very deadly month of June.


French police also will have their eyes out for foreign drivers, especially heavy footed Germans, Dutch and Spaniards, who may be caught speeding through the historical lands of Gaul.


France is the No. 1 tourist destination in the world, and its fine network of highways also is crisscrossed each summer by millions on their way to sunnier destinations to the south in Spain, Portugal, Italy and even the increasingly popular Adriatic destinations.



hit the road:片語,出發、上路,如It’s getting late - I’d better hit the road.(時間不早了,我最好出發。)

go easy on sb:非正式用語,指避免過度使用某物,如Go easy on/with the cream - I haven’t had any yet.(奶油少吃一點,我都還沒吃哩。)亦可指寬容、溫和地對待某人,如They’ll probably go easy on him since he hasn’t been in trouble before.(因為他從不曾惹過麻煩,他們大概會對他高抬貴手。)

have a heavy foot:非正式的美式英語,指開車速度太快,如She has a heavy foot - does the trip in half the time it takes me! (她愛開快車,她開這段路只花了我一半的時間。)形容詞為heavy-footed。


Nanotech targets and kills cancerous tumors 奈米科技鎖定並殺死癌腫瘤


Scientists have long known that heat is an effective weapon against cancerous tumors. The problem, though, has been how to heat the tumors to the point that it kills them without damaging surrounding tissue.


Now researchers at MIT think they have the answer: nanotechnology.


The school announced this week that the researchers have developed gold nanoparticles that can target tumors and heat them with minimal side effects to nearby healthy cells.


While the gold nanorods were used in the study to find and home in on tumors, they also might be able to diagnose cancer, according to the researchers.


The researchers said that tumors in mice that received the nanorod treatment disappeared within 15 days. The cancer did not reoccur for the duration of the three-month study.


Cancer researchers have long been trying to figure out a way to better attack cancer cells without harming healthy cells as well. That has been one of the major drawbacks of chemotheraphy and radiation therapy, which often have debilitating side effects because of the difficulty in targeting just the cancerous tissue.



home in on:片語,鎖定、朝向;把…集中於。例句:The missile homed in on its target. (飛彈鎖定目標 。)

for the duration:片語,直到…結束;在整個…期間 。例句: The bus drivers refused to work for the duration of the summer. (公車司機拒絕在夏天工作。)



Single spelling mistake can derail job application 單個拼字錯誤搞砸求職


Typing mistakes in a job application can kill a would-be employee’s chance of landing a job as employers bet that a sloppy resume means the applicant will do a sloppy job.


A telephone survey of 100 senior Canadian executives showed that more than a fifth of executives said a single typo on a resume or cover letter could cost a potential employee a job, while 28 percent said two mistakes would kill their chances.


Common mistakes include: "Dear Sir or Madman", "I’m attacking my resume for you to review", "Following is a grief overview of my skills" and "Have a keen eye for derail.



derail:動詞,出軌;突然停止。例句:What is the cause of the train derailment?(火車出軌原因是什麼?)

bet:動詞,(如打賭般)有自信地宣稱。例句:I bet they’ll be back.(我敢說他們一定會回來。)



例一 誤:Dear Sir or Madman(親愛的先生與瘋人) 正:Dear Sir or Madam(親愛的先生或女士)

例二 誤:I’m attacking my resume for you to review(我攻擊我的履歷供您過目)

正:I’m attaching my resume for you to review(我隨信附上我的履歷供您過目)

例三 誤:Following is a grief overview of my skills(以下是針對我的能力的一段哀傷的概述)

正:Following is a brief overview of my skills(以下是針對我的能力的一段簡短的概述)

例四 誤:Have a keen eye for derail(對出軌具有敏銳眼光)

正:Have a keen eye for detail(對細節具有敏銳眼光)


Iced coffees "a meal in a drink" 冰咖啡一杯等於一餐


Some iced coffees being sold on the high street contain as many calories as a hot dinner, a cancer charity warns. The chief offender had 561 calories, others contained more than 450, and the majority had in excess of 200.


It is the combination of sugar, full-fat milk and cream which appear to push some of the cool coffees into the upper echelons of the calorie scale. The World Cancer Research Fund, which identified the drinks’ calories, noted healthier versions were available.


The "venti" or largest version of Starbucks’ Dark Berry Mocha Frappuchino - a limited offer for the summer - contains 561 calories - more than a quarter, WCRF notes, of a woman’s daily calorie intake. Take away the whipped cream and it has 457 calories. The smallest version, without whipped cream, provided 288. But even some options with skimmed milk are high in calories.


WCRF said it was highlighting calorie content, because after not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight "is the most important thing you can do to help prevent cancer".


Earlier this year it estimated that 19,000 cancers a year in the UK could be prevented if people lost their excess weight.



echelon:名詞,階層。例句:These salary increases will affect only the highest echelons of local government.(這些加薪只會影響到地方政府最高層級。)

intake: 名詞,攝取量。例句:It says on the packet that four slices of this bread contains one half of your recommended daily intake of fibre.(包裝上寫著,這種麵包4片包含每日纖維攝取量的一半。)

hightlight:動詞,強調、凸顯。例句:The report highlights the need for improved safety.(這份報告強調增強安全的必要。)


Best Pals: The Blind Dog And The Guide Dog 最佳夥伴︰盲犬與導盲犬


It’s not unusual for visually-impaired humans to rely on a guide dog - but now a shelter in Norfolk has found a blind border collie with his own inseparable canine companion.


Best friends Bonnie and Clyde were brought to the animal shelter in Norfolk after they were found wandering the streets in a rain storm.


When the pair are together Clyde, five, seems as capable as a fully sighted dog - but he won’t move unless Bonnie, two, is close.


Bonnie guides him on walks or towards food and lets him rest on her when he becomes disorientated.


Cherie Cootes, who runs the Meadow Green Dog Rescue Centre, said: "He totally relies on her the whole time. When she walks she tends to stop and make sure he’s there - she does look out for him."


Vicky Bell, a spokeswoman for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said she had never heard of a dog voluntarily acting as a guide for another dog. "This is a very unusual case - it’s such a lovely story," she said."Some dogs take to guiding better than others because they naturally have the right temperament."



rest on︰片語:仰賴、依靠。例句︰I rest on your promise.(我相信你的承諾。)

disorientated︰形容詞,迷失方向的、不知所措的。disorient為動詞,指使迷惘、使迷失方向。例句︰The strange streets disoriented me.(陌生的街道使我迷失方向。)

temperament︰名詞,氣質、性格、稟賦。例句︰He is highly nervous and volatile in temperament.(他生性十分神經質、喜怒無常。)


Girl left in cab; driver faces punishment 女童留在計程車內,運將被罰


Supporters of a Boston taxi driver say he should not be the one punished after a family left a 7-year-old girl behind in his cab.


Joseph Cohen picked up six adults and the child at Logan International Airport Sunday and gave them a ride in his minivan to their home in the city’s Mattapan neighborhood.


About 20 minutes after the drop off, the driver received a call alerting him that the little girl had inadvertently been left sleeping in the back of the van. He immediately turned the cab around and returned the child to her relieved family.


The Boston Police division that regulates taxis says Cohen faces suspension for violating rules requiring drivers to inspect their cabs for forgotten items after dropping off a fare.


Cohen can continue to drive while he appeals.



give ~ a ride:片語,讓~搭車、送~一程。例句:Can you give me a ride to the station?(你能讓我搭車去車站嗎?)

drop off:片語,讓~下車、把~放下,此為口語的用法。例句:Drop me off at the gate.(讓我在大門口下車。)


turn around:片語,轉身、倒轉。例句:She turned all the furniture around.(她把全部家具調了位置。)


Scary Music Scarier with Eyes Closed 閉眼聽恐怖音樂會更恐怖

◎ 管淑平

New research suggests the brain regards creepy music as even more frightening when eyes are closed rather than open.


A lot of times people like to close their eyes while listening to music to feel more immersed in it, said neuroscientist and psychiatrist Talma Hendler. Intriguingly, she noted that past studies revealed that closing one’s eyes could alter one’s brain waves.


Scientists had 15 volunteers listen with their eyes open or closed to music clips with scary "Hitchcock-like, frightening themes," Hendler said, as well as comparatively emotionally neutral melody-less musical tones.


As expected, the researchers found that closing one’s eyes enhanced the responses the volunteers felt toward the more emotionally charged scary music. Brain scans revealed that activity ramped up in the amygdala, a primary center for emotion in the brain. In turn, the amygdala fired up brain regions linked with vigilance to the environment and regulation of emotion.


These findings were not seen when volunteers were placed in complete darkness with their eyes open. This suggests these effects are not related to vision alone.



creepy:形容詞,恐怖的、陰森的。例句:That creepy house is deemed being haunted.(那棟陰森的房子被認為鬧鬼。)

ramp up:動詞片語,提升、增加。例句:We have to ramp up our production capability to meet the competition.(我們得提升產能以因應競爭。)

immerse:動詞,使沉浸於。例句:Peter immerses himself in his research the whole life.(彼得這輩子都埋首他的研究。)


Nazi-salute gnome ’not illegal’ 行納粹舉手禮的地精「並未違法」


German prosecutors have decided to take no action against an artist who created a garden gnome raising its right arm in a Nazi salute.


They say the gold-painted gnome was mocking the Nazis rather than promoting their return.


Artist Ottmar Hoerl, 59, became embroiled in the row when one of his "Nazi" gnomes was put on display at a Nuremburg art gallery recently.


But after a preliminary inquiry, city prosecutors have ruled that the statue was poking fun at Nazism, rather than promoting it and therefore was not illegal.


The prosecutors quoted Mr Hoerl as saying: "It is pretty clear that garden gnomes are silly and that they do silly things. In 1942 I would have been shot by the Nazis for this."


Although Nazi salutes and symbols are illegal in Germany since the end of World War II, prosecutors said they could be allowed if they were clearly used to counter the fascist ideology.



salute:名詞,行禮、致敬,如The soldier gave a salute and the officer returned it.(士兵舉手敬禮,軍官也向他回禮。)亦可作動詞,指向某人、某事致敬或迎接某人、某事,如A stench saluted our nostrils.(一陣臭味撲鼻而來。)

embroil:動詞,指使混亂、捲入糾紛,如The United Nations was reluctant to get its forces embroiled in civil war.(聯合國不願讓其部隊捲入內戰。)或Please do not embroil me in your squabbles. (請別把我扯進你們的糾紛裡。)

poke fun at sb:片語,指嘲笑、譏諷某人,如The students poked fun at the inexperienced teacher.(學生嘲弄這位沒經驗的老師。)


Red wine may help fight inflammation 紅酒可能有助抗發炎


Drinking red wine may help fight inflammation in the body, according to research published by scientists at the University of Glasgow.


Researchers found that resveratrol, an anti-oxidant found in red wine, protected mice when they were exposed to a strong inflammatory agent.


Mice that were not pre-treated with resveratrol developed a serious reaction similar to the inflammatory disorder sepsis. The study found that it blocks two major proteins in the body that trigger inflammation.


Previous studies have found that resveratrol can help prevent blood clots and combat cancer. The anti-oxidant is found in the skin of grapes but it occurs in greater quantities in red rather than white wine.


The study was outlined in the FASEB Journal -- published by the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology. "The therapeutic potential of red wine has been bottled up for thousands of years," said Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of the FASEB Journal.


"Now that scientists have uncorked its secrets, they find that studies of how resveratrol works can lead to new treatments for life-threatening inflammation."




be exposed to:片語,暴露於;面臨;接觸;接受。例句:When Judy goes to college, she will be exposed to a lot of new ideas. (當茱蒂上大學後,她將接觸到很多新觀念。)

uncork:動詞,拔去(瓶子)塞子。cork是酒瓶的軟木塞,把酒瓶的塞子打開稱uncork,例如「to uncork a bottle of wine」(開一瓶紅酒)。uncork常見的意思還有「開口;洩漏;透露」等。


At 84, US man gets high school diploma 84歲美國男子獲得高中文憑


There’s at least one guy with a new high school diploma who’s not worrying about getting into college or finding a job.


After all, Takeshi Murata is 84.


Murata was 18 and a student at University High School in Greeley, Colorado, in 1944 when he was drafted to fight in World War II, according to the Greeley Daily Tribune newspaper.


Though he was the son of Japanese immigrants, he grew up speaking English. In the Army, he was trained in an intelligence unit and given some studies in Japanese. After the war, he was sent to serve in U.S. military headquarters in Tokyo.


"I really didn’t know Japanese that well," Murata told the Tribune. "But I’d learned a little in the intelligence schools, so they sent me." He met his wife, Chikako, there, he said. They married in Japan and in 1947 returned to northeast Colorado.


The high school finally granted Murata’s diploma after a teacher heard his story and found his old report cards.



draft:動詞/名詞,徵兵,徵募(美式)。draftee指被徵召服兵役者,draft dodger則指逃避兵役者。


report card:學生的成績報告單。例句:I failed my final exams; I’ll be dead when my parents see my report card.(我期末考搞砸了;我爸媽看到我的成績單時會宰了我。)


Jobless graduate sues her college 失業畢業生控告母校


A New York woman who says she cannot find a job is suing the college where she obtained a bachelor’s degree, the New York Post reports.


Trina Thompson, 27, filed a lawsuit last week against Monroe College in Bronx Supreme Court. She is seeking to recover $70,000 she spent on tuition to get her information technology degree.


Monroe College spokesman Gary Axelbank said Ms Thompson’s lawsuit was "completely without merit".


The ex-student, who received her degree in April, says the college’s Office of Career Advancement did not provide her with the leads and career advice it had promised. "They have not tried hard enough to help me," she wrote about the college in her lawsuit.


Her mother, Carol, said her daughter was "very angry at her situation" having "put all her faith" in her college. With her student loans coming due, the family would be saddled with more debt, the graduate’s mother added.


Monroe insists it helps its graduates find jobs. "The college prides itself on the excellent career-development support that we provide to each of our students, and this case does not deserve further consideration," its spokesman said.



sue:動詞,控告。例句:He was so furious about the accusations in the letter that he threatened to sue.(信裡的指控讓他氣憤到揚言提告。)

merit:名詞,優點,這裡指「法律依據」。without merit指一無是處,沒有價值。

saddle:動詞,負擔。例句:The company is saddled with debt.(這家公司債務纏身。)


Church of England offers ’2-in-1’ wedding and baptism英國聖公會提供婚禮、洗禮「二合一」儀式

◎ 魏國金

Hoping to align religious tradition with modern life, the Church of England has introduced a new "two-in-one" marriage and baptism ceremony that allows couples who already have children to tie the knot.


"Family-friendly weddings" will make it easier for those with children to marry in church, the Church of England said as it launched an appeal to cohabiting couples. If successful, it would also mean more young people being baptised into the Church.


The decision follows research showing that one in five couples in Britain who get married in church already have children. But critics say such a move condones sex before marriage and will reinforce the trend towards cohabitation.


"We are not changing our teachings. It is not something that should particularly contradict views of traditionalists," said a spokesman for the Church.


The two-in-one ceremony costs about 300 pounds -- little different to the cost of holding the ceremonies separately. "It is more convenient, more environmentally friendly with people just making the journey once," said a Church spokesman.



align︰動詞,使成一直線、使結盟。例句︰Something was needed to align them on his side.(要將他們與其陣營結合,需要一些條件。)

condone︰動詞,寬恕、容忍、抵銷。例句︰She has many good virtues that condone her shortcomings.(她有許多足以彌補其缺點的好品德。)

cohabitation︰ 名詞:同居。例句︰Cohabitation is replacing marriage as the first living together experience for young men and women.(同居已逐漸取代婚姻,成為年輕男女第一個共同生活的經驗。)


Undercover cops arrest undercover cop 臥底警察逮捕臥底警察

◎ 羅彥傑

In a triumph of covert police work, undercover officers in North Carolina arrested another undercover officer from a different force after buying drugs off him.


The entirely drug dealer-free drug deal occurred when undercover officers from the Statesville Police Department met a man interested in selling them some marijuana. The man was an undercover deputy from Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.


The Statesville officers apparently became suspicious that the drug-dealer was, in fact, an undercover deputy - so they rang the narcotics unit of the sheriff’s office to check. They were told that the dealer was definitely not an undercover deputy.


They promptly arrested the man, before officers from the sheriff’s office arrived and confirmed that the man was, in fact, and undercover deputy. He was then released.


Sheriff Phil Redmond said: ’We had several large-scale operations going on at once, and the wires got crossed on this one.’



undercover:可當形容詞或名詞,前者指從事秘密工作的,後者指臥底的警察、特務。例句:Are you interested in doing any undercover work?(你有興趣從事任何臥底的工作嗎?)

at once:片語,同時、一起。例句:Everything happened at once.(所有的事都一起發生了。)

cross wires:片語,電話線接錯,引申為發生誤會。例句:I think they got their wires crossed and confused the transfer fee with the signing fee.(我認為他們搞錯了,而且混淆了手續費與簽名費。)


Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man科學家擔心機器比人聰明


Impressed and alarmed by advances in artificial intelligence, a group of computer scientists is debating whether there should be limits on research that might lead to loss of human control over computer-based systems.


A group of leading computer scientists, artificial intelligence researchers and roboticists who met in a conference organized by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence believed that computer scientists must respond to the notions of the development of superintelligent machines and artificial intelligence systems run amok.


Their concern is that further advances could create profound social disruptions and even have dangerous consequences.


They focused particular attention on the specter that criminals could exploit artificial intelligence systems as soon as they were developed. What could a criminal do with a speech synthesis system that could masquerade as a human being? What happens if artificial intelligence technology is used to mine personal information from smart phones?



outsmart:動詞,比某人聰明,用機智勝過某人。例句:He outsmarted the kidnappers and escaped safely.(他智取綁匪,平安脫逃。)

run amok:動詞片語,失控、胡作非為。例句:Our budget deficit totally runs amok.(我們的預算赤字徹底失控。)

masquerade:動詞,假裝;名詞,假裝、化妝舞會。例句:That man masqueraded as a custom and robbed jewels worth up to $1M.(那名男子假裝成客人,搶走價值高達一百萬美元的珠寶。)


Indian yoga guru challenges gay sex ruling/印度瑜伽大師挑戰同性戀合法判決

◎ 俞智敏

India’s top television yoga expert has challenged a landmark court ruling legalising gay sex, claiming it is a "disease" that can be cured by yoga.


Swami Baba Ramdev filed the petition on the grounds that the Delhi High Court "erred" in decriminalising "unnatural sex acts" recently and that homosexuality was an illness which could be treated.


"It can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises)and other meditation techniques," he said in the challenge filed in the Supreme Court.


The High Court’s recent judgment reversing a colonial-era ban on homosexuality has met with widespread opposition among many religious groups and conservatives who say same-sex relationships threaten the fabric of traditional Indian society.


The influential guru has a wide following among millions of middle-class Hindus who regularly tune into his healthy living programmes on television.



guru: 名詞,指印度教或錫克教的宗教領袖或導師,或泛指在特定領域知識淵博、可對他人提出建言而廣受尊敬的人。如For the last decade she has acted as the president’s economics guru.(過去十年來,她一直擔任總統的經濟導師。)

congenital:形容詞,指天生的、先天性的疾病,如a congenital heart defect(先天性心臟缺陷)。

fabric:名詞,指構造、組織、結構,尤指社會或建築物的基本架構,如We need to protect the fabric of civilized society.(我們必須保護文明社會的架構。)


Malware Expected to Set Records This Year 惡意程式今年料將創下新高


Security firm McAfee has identified more than 1.2 million different types of malware in the first half of 2009.


McAfee said that this is over double the 500,000 unqiue pieces of malware it identified in the same period in 2008. In total, the security firm identified 1.5 milliion types of malware in 2008, and it expects the 2009 figure to top this.


"In the first half of 2009, we have seen about three times the unique malware discovered in the same period in 2008," said Dave Marcus, director of security research and communications at McAfee."This tremendous growth is a signal of daunting times for users, as malware infiltrates more and more of the platforms we trust."

「2009年上半年發現的獨特惡意程式,數量約是2008年同時期3倍」,McAfee的安全研究與通訊主任大衛.馬庫斯說。 「隨著惡意程式侵入越來越多我們信任的平台,這種驚人成長顯示用戶將時時刻刻膽戰心驚。」

McAfee also revealed that around 40 percent of all password-stealing Trojans can be found on websites connected to gaming and virtual worlds, while 80 percent of all banking e-mail recieved by Web users are phishing scams.



malware:指的是「malicious software」,又稱為惡意程式、流氓軟體或黑心軟體。

daunting:形容詞,使人畏縮的、使人感到有些害怕或擔心。例句: The prospect of meeting the President is quite daunting. (一想到要會見總統就足以令人心悸。)

phishing:網路釣魚,是指利用偽造知名網站的電子郵件或網頁,進行大量發送,引誘不知情的網友上當,藉此騙取網友的帳號、密碼,甚至是個人機密資 料。此字最早出現於1996年,起因於駭客始祖們利用電話線犯案,因而結合Fishing與Phone創造Phishing一詞。