Sarkozy provokes French left by honouring Albert Camus 薩科茲向卡繆致敬惹惱法國左派


French intellectuals have heaped scorn on a proposal by Nicolas Sarkozy to bestow the country’s greatest posthumous honour upon the writer Albert Camus, accusing the rightwing president of trying to cash in on the thinker’s popularity with little respect for his politics or personality.


Sarkozy said recently that he thought it would be an "extraordinary symbol" to transfer the Algerian-born author’s remains to the Pantheon, the resting place for heroes of France, on the 50th anniversary of his death in January.


But the idea of a rightwing leader often accused of authoritarian tendencies and anti-intellectualism celebrating the life of a man who made a career out of political resistance and literary endeavour has outraged many Camus experts.


They suspect Sarkozy is using a golden opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of a charismatic hero, whose ideas are being feted by the mainstream half a century after he died in a car crash.


"I don’t think Albert Camus has any need of Sarkozy. I think Sarkozy has greater need of some intellectual sparkle," said Olivier Todd, a biographer of Camus, on French radio.



heap/pour scorns on sb/sth:蔑視、嘲笑某事或某人,如Critics of the President have been pouring scorn on the plan ever since it was first proposed.(自從總統首度提出這項計畫後,批評者就不斷對其冷嘲熱諷。)

cash in on sth:片語,指自某事或某狀況中謀利、以不當手法佔便宜,如Should the families of criminals be allowed to cash in on their crimes by selling stories to the papers?(罪犯的家屬難道可藉著把犯罪故事賣給報紙,乘機從他們的罪行中大撈一筆嗎?)

pantheon:名詞,原指 古羅馬時代的萬神殿,現泛指眾神廟或先賢祠等場所,如Jupiter is head of the Roman pantheon.(朱彼特為羅馬萬神殿的眾神之首。)亦可指一群對某領域或事件有偉大貢獻、廣受各界崇敬的人,如the pantheon of modern physics.(現代物理學的大師們)。

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