London commuters "psyche up" for the underground



London’s underground train system suffers from so much overcrowding that passengers have to "psyche" themselves up to cope with the stress of using it, according to a report on Tuesday.


A survey by the London Assembly’s Transport Committee found that 80 percent of travellers endured overcrowding which caused discomfort, while more than half were unable to board the first train at a station because it was packed.


The situation was so bad that "Tube" commuters had to prepare mentally themselves for their journey in order to cope, researchers found.


Their methods included "psyching oneself up for the ’struggle to clamber on board,’" a "dog-eat dog or survival of the fittest attitude" or suspending usual behaviour such as going for a seat even if a pregnant woman or someone with a baby wanted it.



psyche up︰片語,使心理上做好準備、使激動。例句︰He psyched himself up for the race.(他為賽跑做了充分的心理準備。)

cope with︰片語,應付、處理。例句︰There was more work than I could cope with.(工作多到我應付不來。)

dog-eat dog︰名詞,原指會狗咬狗的狗,此喻為損人利己的人。例句︰The financial sector is reputedly a brutal dog-eat-dog world.(據說金融業是一個狗咬狗的殘忍世界。)

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