French hand-wringing over dubious win



For a nation not particularly known for its moral qualms, the French feel surprisingly chastened about their questionable qualification for next year’s World Cup.


Reactions to Thierry Henry’s handball, which led to the goal that sent the national team to the South African finals at the expense of the hapless Irish, have ranged from embarrassment to outrage.


The incident has been commented on in newspapers, on websites, and in cafes up and down France. It has even become an affair of state, with politicians weighing in. President Nicolas Sarkozy felt obliged to tell Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen that he felt sorry for his people.


In an online poll for Le Monde, almost two-thirds of respondents agreed that the handball "discredits France’s qualification".


The crisis is reverberating across France’s political spectrum. Philippe de Villiers, who leads the conservative Movement for France, called on Mr Domenech to issue a "public apology" to the Irish. And Green leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit said: "You had to have a pretty strong stomach to support France after a game like that."



hand- wringing:名詞,指扭絞雙手(表示絕望、苦惱、焦慮等)。例句:There has been a lot of media hand wringing recently over the decline of newspapers.(最近有不少媒體為了報紙銷量日漸衰退而感到焦慮。)

chasten:動詞,正式用語(通常使用被動 式),指(為了使人改正或變好而)懲罰、磨練。例句:He was chastened by the defeat and determined to work harder.(他因這次失敗而學到教訓,並決心更加努力。)

have a strong stomach:片語,指能忍受令人惡心的事 ,經常接to do sth。例句: Some of the war scenes are fairly horrific-you need to have a strong stomach to watch them.(某些戰爭場面非常恐怖,你得要有過人的勇氣才能看下去。)

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