Cigarettes kill, but don't tell smokers? 香菸會致命,但別告訴菸槍?


Cigarette pack warnings that remind smokers of the fatal consequences of their habit may actually make them smoke more as a way to cope with the inevitability of death, according to researchers.


A small study by psychologists from the United States, Switzerland and Germany showed that warnings unrelated to death, such as "smoking makes you unattractive" or "smoking brings you and the people around you severe damage," were more effective in changing smokers’ attitudes toward their habit.


This was especially the case in people who smoked to boost their self-esteem, such as youth who took up the habit to impress or fit in with their peers and others who thought smoking increased their social value, the researchers said.


"On the one hand, death-related warnings were not effective and even ironically caused more positive smoking attitudes among smokers who based their self-esteem on smoking," the study said.


"On the other hand, warning messages that were unrelated to death effectively reduced smoking attitudes the more recipients based their self-esteem on smoking."



remind of:片語,提醒。例句:I remind him of his promise.(我提醒他許下的諾言。)

cope with:片語,意指對付、應付或處理,with後面接名詞。例句:There was more work than I could cope with.(工作多到超過我可以勝任的範圍。)

self-esteem:名詞,自尊。例句:He regains his self-esteem. (他重拾自尊心。)

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