Volcanic ash for sale online 上網拍賣火山灰

Entrepreneurs in Iceland are cashing in on crisis by selling jars of volcanic ash for £75 on the internet.
The grey ash - from volcano Eyjafjallajokull - is being sold in 160 gramme portions in sealed glass containers as souvenirs of the disaster.
這些來自艾雅法拉火山的 灰色火山灰,正以每份160公克的份量裝在密封玻璃罐中,被當成這場災難的紀念品銷售。
The ash cloud from the volcano caused havoc to the air industry, grounding flights across Europe, a fortnight ago.
One seller, Sofus Gustavsson, says he is giving all his profits to help the clean-up campaign in Iceland which is trying to shift tonnes of volcanic ash.
Meanwhile, bookies have slashed the odds on a second Icelandic volcano erupting this year following a flood of bets on active volcano Katla.
在此同 時,大批賭客下注押活火山卡特拉之後,博弈投注網站已將今年冰島第二座火山噴發的賠率降低。
In the past 1,000 years, all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull have triggered a subsequent eruption of Katla.
Paddy Power has reduced the odds on Katla blowing its top from 6/1 to 11/8. one spokesman said: "For all our sakes I hope these punters have got it wrong. Katla is the Big Daddy of Iceland’s active volcanoes and should it blow it would more than likely spell disaster for the airline industry along with misery for millions of air travelers."
Paddy Power將卡特拉噴發的賠率從6賠1降低到11賠8,一名發言人說,「為了我們所有人好,我希望這些賭客都押錯。卡特拉是冰島活火山中的老大,萬一它爆 發,更可能造成航空業和數百萬航空旅客的災難。」
cash in on:動詞片語,利用某事、物賺錢。The funeral home is criticized for cashing in on this disaster.(這家葬儀社被批發災難財。)
fornight:名詞,連續14天的時間。例句:It’s been a fortnight since we last met each other.(我們倆上次碰面到現在已經有14天了。)
punter: 名詞(英式英文俚語),付錢的客戶、消費者,尤指下注的賭客或上妓院的買春客。

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