This Day in History May 8…歷史上的今天 5月8日…

Today is known in history as VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day. It marks the end of World War II. On this day in 1945, Allied forces accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Even though the terms of surrender were originally signed on May 7 at Allied headquarters in Reims, France, it was officially recognized after a second formal ceremony in Berlin, Germany. Huge celebrations were held in Europe and the US. Although there would still be hard times for everyone, knowing the war was over was a sign that good times were sure to follow. Some European countries still celebrate this holiday as a day for their freedom.

歷史上的今天 5月8日…

5月8號是為人所知的歐戰勝利日,它標示第二次世界大戰的結束。1945年的今天,同盟國接受了德國納粹的無 條件投降。儘管投降條約最5月7日就已在同盟國的總部法國萊姆市簽訂,但直到在德國柏林舉行的第二次正式儀式上,投降才正式被認可。歐洲和美國都大肆慶 祝。雖然對大家來說日子仍會很苦,但戰事結束代表好日子就快來臨。有些歐洲國家至今仍繼續歡慶歐戰勝利日,慶祝自己獲得的自由。


第二次世界大戰(World War II)自1939年到1945年結束(圖為捷克2005年慶祝勝利日,資料照片),交戰雙方分別為同盟國(the Allies)和軸心國(the Axis)。這場戰爭可說是人類史上至今規模最大的戰事,死傷慘重,其中包含猶太人大屠殺(the Holocaust)及對日本的原子彈轟炸(atomic bombing)。有鑑於戰況慘烈,同盟國在1945年10月成立聯合國(United Nations)來維護國際和平及安全。


例:This new building marks a new success in architectural technology.
a. 無條件的
例:My decision to allow you to go to the party is conditional on what time you’ll be home.
(我允許你參加派對的決定是有條件的,看 你回家時間而定。)
◎hard times
困苦的時 光;苦日子
˙good times好時光;好日子
◎be sure to V
例:If you don’t work harder, you’re sure to flunk.

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