Hitler "Downfall" parodies removed from YouTube 希特勒的「帝國毀滅」諷刺影片被YouTube移除

Hitler "Downfall" parodies removed from YouTube
Adolf Hitler, for years a vessel of frustration in a popular Internet parody, has been quieted.
"Downfall," a German film about Hitler’s last days, has been adopted for wildly popular YouTube clips that have spanned mock rants about topics as varied as playing Xbox video games to Kanye West to Apple’s new iPad.
德 國片「帝國毀滅」是一部有關希特勒末日的影片,卻經常被改編為YouTube 網站上一吐怨氣的超熱門搞笑短片,主題從玩Xbox電玩、流行歌手肯伊威斯特到蘋果公司的新iPad電腦等無所不包。
Every spoof is from the same scene in the film: A furious, defeated Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, unleashes an impassioned, angry speech to his remaining staff, huddled with him in his bunker.
這些嘲諷短片都是取自電影中的同一 段場景:由影星甘茲所飾演的希特勒火冒三丈、面臨挫敗,對著陪他一起藏身地下碉堡的殘餘部屬發表一段慷慨激昂的憤怒演說。
The scene takes on a widely different meaning when paired with English subtitles. Most any subject could be _ and was _ substituted, made even funnier by the scene’s intense melodrama, artful staging and timely cutaways.
這段影片在配上英文字幕後意思就完全不同。幾乎任何主題都可以、也已經被人配上不同的字幕,加上這段場景原本的緊張氣 氛、生動演出及適時剪接,笑果更是驚人。
But recently, the clips on YouTube, many of which had been watched by hundreds of thousands, even millions, began disappearing from the site. Many Hitler clips were still online, and new parodies were popping up featuring Hitler ranting about his removal from YouTube.
但最近YouTube上的這些曾被數萬人、甚至數百萬人觀賞過的影片已開始消失。許多希特勒短片目前在網路上 還看得到,新的諷刺短片也不斷出現,希特勒現在痛罵的對象變成了他要被YouTube移除一事。
For years, the Hitler mockery has held an unusually steadfast position in Internet culture. While most online parodies come and go overnight, new "Downfall" spoofs have been continually created for years. They have served as a kind of soapbox for real and mock anguish, a way to comically vent about anything and everything.
多年來,希特勒諷刺影片已在網路文化中佔 有罕見的穩固地位。大部份網路諷刺短片有如曇花一現,但新的「帝國毀滅」諷刺影片卻持續被製造出來。它們已變成一種發表真實及假想痛苦的肥皂箱,用搞笑的 方式發洩對任何事物的不滿。
vessel:名詞, 原指船艦、飛船或容器,亦可指具有某種特質、或有特定用途的人,如As a young and spirited politician, he seems a worthy vessel for the nation’s hopes.(身為一位年輕有朝氣的政治人物,他似乎值得被視為國家希望的化身。)

unleash:動詞,指解除…束縛、 宣洩情感,如He unleashed his pent-up rage in front of everybody.(他在所有人面前發洩出累積已久的怨氣。)
soapbox:名詞,指肥皂箱、臨時表演台,常用於片語(非正式用 語)get on one’s soapbox,指以強烈的方式表達對某事的看法,如She never misses the chance to get on her soapbox about government reform.(她從不錯過對政府改革表達意見的機會。)

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