The bus-riding dog killed in car accident 會搭巴士的狗死於車禍

Tributes have been paid to a dog who shot to fame for taking the bus to his local pub.
一條狗因為搭巴 士到當地的酒館而成名,受到激賞。
Jack Russell Ratty was killed by a vehicle just yards from his favourite bus stop.
傑克羅素梗犬「雷提」被一輛汽車撞死,距離牠喜愛的巴士站牌僅數 碼遠。
’He still used to visit the pub but not as much, as his age was catching up with him,’ said owner Gary Kay. ’I am gutted and will miss him. He was one in a million-a famous dog with bags of character.’
「牠 仍習慣去這間酒館逛逛,但沒有這麼常去了,因為牠年紀愈來愈大,」飼主葛利.凱說。「我的心被掏空了,而且將來會想念牠。牠與眾不同—一個很有個性的名 狗。」
Ratty became a celebrity in 2006 when Mr Kay, 45, revealed how the dog often travelled the five miles to the Black Bull in York alone.
The canny canine featured in newspapers, magazines and even a Japanese TV show.
Ratty, ten, was killed last Thursday as shocked neighbours looked on.
’He was always very careful crossing the road so I blame the driver,’ said Mr Kay.
shoot to fame:片語,(突然)成名、一炮而紅。例句:The writer shot to fame after his novel was published.(這名作家在自己的小說出版後一夕成名。)
in a million:片語,千中挑一的、無與倫比的。例句:She is a girl in a million.(她是千中挑一的女孩。)
look on:片語,觀看、旁觀。例句:He looks on me with suspicion.(他一臉狐疑地看著我。)

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