This Day in History May 13… 歷史上的今天 5月13日

He's put out successful albums. He's written some of the most famous songs ever. He's known for raising money for charity. He's loved by fans and fellow musicians. He's Stevie Wonder! Today in 1950, Stevie Wonder was born in Michigan. His mother delivered him six weeks early, and because of this, he ended up blind. However, this didn't stop Wonder from having big dreams and high hopes. He put out his first album when he was just 13 years old. Since then, Wonder has received countless awards and has been an inspiration to generations of musicians.
他發行過多張暢銷專 輯,並寫過一些最膾炙人口的歌曲。大家也熟知他常為慈善募款。他受到樂迷和音樂人的喜愛。他就是史帝夫.汪達。1950年的今日,史帝夫.汪達出生於密西 根。他的母親早產6個星期,結果造成史帝夫雙眼全盲。然而,這並沒有阻止他擁有宏大的夢想和希望。史帝夫僅13歲時就發行了第一張專輯。自那時起,他就領過無數的獎 項,也激發了好幾代的音樂家。


●put out... 發行……,出版……
= release vt.
例:That actress decided to put out a book about her way of losing weight.(那位女演員決定出版一本關於自己如何減肥的書。)
●album n.唱片專輯
●be known for... 因……(某事物)出名
be known as + 身分/稱號以……(身分、稱號)為人所知
例:Cliff is known for his soulful voice.(克里夫以其富有靈魂的唱腔著名。)
●raise money 募款
例:The band put on a concert to raise money for earthquake victims.(那個樂團舉行演唱會為地震災民募款。)
●fellow a.同伴的,同類的
●deliver vt.產下(嬰兒);給……接生
例:We are going to visit Penny at the hospital. She delivered twins yesterday.(我們要去醫院探望潘妮。她昨天產下一對雙胞胎。)
●end up... 結果/最後/到頭來……


史帝夫.汪達(圖,資料照片)是摩城唱片(Motown Records)旗下的藝人,發行過許多廣受歡迎的專輯和歌曲,也 是名多才多藝的音樂家,會彈奏鋼琴、貝斯和打鼓及吹口琴(harmonica)。除了對音樂的熱忱,史帝夫.汪達也致力於慈善及和平事業,2009年12 月,他更成為聯合國的和平大使(United Nations Messenger of Peace)。

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