This Day in History May 3… 歷史上的今天 5月3日

For author Margaret Mitchell, one book was enough. After working on it for seven years, she finally published Gone With the Wind in 1936. Even though it was her only published work, the novel is one of the most popular books of all time. The story centers around a privileged young woman named Scarlett O'Hara, who desires nothing but to be the center of attention, during the American Civil War. On this date in 1937, Gone With the Wind won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Two years later, Gone With the Wind was turned into a very popular movie that many people still enjoy watching today.


對作家瑪 格麗特.米契爾來說,只寫出一本書就足夠了。經過7年的努力,她終於在1936年出版《飄》。雖然這是她唯一一部發表的作品,但這本小說卻是史上最暢銷的 小說之一。故事背景發生在美國南北戰爭時期,主軸圍繞在一名天之嬌女郝思佳身上,她一心想要成為眾人的目光焦點。1937年的今日,《飄》贏得普利茲的小 說獎。兩年後,它被拍成一部膾炙人口的電影,至今仍為人津津樂道。
由《飄》所改編的電影《亂世佳人》(圖,資料照片)由費雯麗(Vivien Leigh)飾演女主角郝思佳,克拉克.蓋博(Clark Gable)飾演男主角白瑞德(Rhett Butler)。這部電影上映後佳評如潮,在1940年的奧斯卡金像獎中囊括10個獎項,此項記錄到20年後才被打破。其中郝思佳在電影尾聲所說的:「明 天又是新的一天!」(Tomorrow is another day!)更是經典台詞之一。


◎work on...
例:After spending hours working on that math problem, Sally decided to give up.
例:The author published his second novel five years after his first one.
(這名作家在第一本小說發行5年後才出版他的第二本小 說。)
◎of all time
例:This movie is rated as one of the best of all time by that influential website.
◎center around...
例:Their debate centered around whether the person in question was guilty.
◎desire nothing but to V
譯註:山姆史尼德(Sam Snead, 1912–2002)為美國高爾夫頂尖職業選手。

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