S.Korean millionaire finds perfect son-in-law 南韓百萬富豪找到完美女婿

A South Korean millionaire who advertised for a son-in-law has found the perfect man after sifting through 400 responses, a matchmaking agency said.
一名登廣告徵女婿的南韓百萬富豪, 在仔細審查400名回應者後已找到完美男子,一家婚姻介紹所指出。
The 78-year-old identified only as Kim began looking for a husband for his 38-year-old only daughter last July, a spokesman for the Sunoo agency said.
這位僅確定為金姓的78歲長者,去年7月開始 為他38歲的獨生女尋覓良人,Sunoo婚姻介紹所的一名發言人指出。
Kim, who is worth 40 billion won, had specified someone aged 37-42 who grew up in a harmonious family, with a good character and a stable job. Ten of the applicants were selected for interview.
身價達400億韓元的金某開列的具體條件是年齡在37至42歲,成長於和諧家 庭、有好品行與穩定工作的男士。當中的10名申請者被選出面談。
The right man, a 41-year-old surnamed Lee, met the daughter for the first time last October and they will tie the knot this Saturday, the spokesman told AFP.
這位雀屏中選的41 歲李姓男子,去年10月與其愛女首度相見,兩人將於本週六締結連理,該發言人告訴法新社說。
"Lee showed little interest in my assets. I also like his being cheerful and magnanimous," Kim was quoted as saying by the Hankook Ilbo daily.
「李某顯露出對我的資產不感興 趣,我也喜歡他的活潑與雅量,」韓國日報引述金的說詞報導。
However, a wealthy 49-year-old woman who advertised for a soulmate last May through the same agency has not yet found one despite 390 responses, the spokesman said.
不過,一位去年5月 間,也透過相同婚姻介紹所廣告徵求靈魂伴侶的49歲女富豪,卻尚未覓得意中人,儘管有390名應徵者,該發言人說。
sift through︰動詞片語,細查、探究。例句︰She sifted through her purse.(她仔細翻查了自己的錢包。)
magnanimous︰心地高尚的、寬宏大量的。例句 ︰Even his enemies considered him magnanimous.(甚至他的敵人都認為他寬宏大量。)
soulmate︰ 名詞,心心相印的夥伴(尤指異性),soul有人、傢伙之意,例句︰Not a single soul in sight.(一個人影也看不到);a simple soul(頭腦單純的人)。

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