Pregnancy exercise slims babies 懷孕期運動讓寶寶苗條


Light exercise during pregnancy may improve the future health of a child by controlling weight in the womb, New Zealand and US researchers say.

紐西蘭與美國研究人員說,懷孕期 間做溫和的運動,或許能藉著控制子宮裡胎兒的體重,讓小孩子未來更健康。

Overweight or obese mums are more likely to have larger babies which could be at higher risk of health problems later in life. A study of 84 first-time mothers found exercise was associated with slightly lighter babies.

過重或過胖的母親,比較 可能生出較胖的嬰兒,這些嬰兒在長大後,出現健康問題的風險可能較高。針對第一次當媽媽的84人所做的研究發現,運動與寶寶體重較輕一些有關聯。

There is increasing evidence that the future metabolism of a child may be influenced by its environment in the womb, and that babies who are relatively heavy for their length may be more likely to be obese in future years.

越來越多證據顯示,小孩未來的新陳代謝,或許受到他們在子宮時的環境影響,從身高來看相對較重的寶寶,未來幾 年或許比較可能會肥胖。

The joint study between the University of Auckland and Northern Arizona University recruited pregnant women, half of whom were asked to use exercise bikes for five 40 minute sessions each week. They were asked to maintain the programme until at least the 36th week of pregnancy.

這份奧克蘭大學與北亞利桑納大學的聯合研究,找來了懷孕婦女,其中一半被要求每週踩健身腳踏車5次、每次40分鐘, 直到懷孕至少36週。

On average, the exercising women had babies who were no shorter than their non-exercising counterparts, but who were 143 grams lighter on average. This suggested that the regimen did not stunt growth in the womb, but reduced the amount of extra fat laid down by the babies.

平均而言,運動的女性其寶寶身高並不會比不運動的女性所生的寶寶矮,但平均體重輕143公克。這顯示這樣的作法並未阻礙寶 寶在子宮裡的發育,反而減少了增胖的程度。


slim: 動詞,使苗條。例句:You haven’t got much lunch - are you slimming?(你午餐吃不多,是在減肥嗎?)

regime(同 regimen):名詞,飲食起居制度,食物療法,養生法。例句:After his heart attack the doctor put him on a strict regimen.(他心臟病發之後,醫師要他嚴格注意飲食。)

stunt:動詞,阻礙發育。例 句:Drought has stunted the growth of this year’s cereal crop.(旱災阻礙了今年的穀物成長。)

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