NYC cops sorry for pounding couple’s door 50 times 捶門50次 紐約市警察抱歉

Cheesecake in hand, the police commissioner personally apologized Friday for the 50 or so mistaken, door-pounding visits that police have made to the home of a bewildered elderly Brooklyn couple in the past eight years.
手裡拿著乳酪蛋糕,警察局長週五為了 警方過去8年來大約50度誤捶布魯克林的一對老夫婦的家門進行訪視的舉動,親自登門向這對為此困惑不已的夫婦道歉。
It seems a glitch in computer records had led them over and over to Walter and Rose Martin’s modest home in the Marine Park neighborhood, about 7 miles southeast of the Brooklyn Bridge.
原因看似出在電腦紀錄出了小差錯,導致警方一而再、再而三前往瓦特與 蘿絲.馬汀夫婦位於布魯克林大橋東南方約7英里處、海洋公園住宅區的樸實宅邸。
On Thursday, detectives from the NYPD’s Identity Theft Squad went to see the Martins again - this time to apologize. "And we wanted to be sure perps weren’t using that address for identity theft," NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told The Associated Press on Friday.
週四,紐約市警察局的「盜用身分小組」探員再度造訪馬汀夫妻─這回是去道 歉。「我們要確保壞人不會為了盜用身分而利用這個地址,」紐約市警察局副局長保羅.布朗週五告訴美聯社。
The detectives told 82-year-old Rose and 83-year-old Walter that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly had ordered them to solve the problem, which started eight years ago and was first reported this week in the New York Daily News.
警 探們告訴82歲的蘿絲與83歲的瓦特,警察局長雷蒙.凱利已要求他們解決這個始於8年前、本週首度被「紐約每日新聞」報導的問題。
pound:動詞,重捶;名詞,磅(重量單位);英鎊(貨幣單位)。相關俚 語,pound the pavement,以沉重的腳步行動,特別指徘徊街頭找工作。例句:Many joggers pounded the pavement for several miles each day.(不少慢跑族每天要跑上好幾英里。)

bewilder: 動詞,使迷惑;使迷惘。

over and over:片語,一而再,再而三;同over and over again以及again and again.例句:Stop calling me over and over again!(不要再一直打電話給我了啦!)

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