Khaki is so last year...卡其制服太落伍了…

An Indian police force has drafted in one of the country’s top fashion designers to overhaul its distinctive khaki uniforms.
The police in the western state of Maharashtra have invited fashion designer Manish Malhotra, who made his name dressing leading Bollywood actresses, to give their officers a smart new look, the reports said.
Malhotra had shown four to five new designs in blue and dark blue to senior police officers in the state capital, Mumbai, and a final choice was being considered.
"Manish has been working on this project for four months. The Mumbai police is looking for a chic uniform and they feel Malhotra is the right man for them," an unnamed "industry insider" was quoted as saying.
Khaki uniforms were first introduced in the 19th century under British rule.
The change, if approved, comes as part of an overhaul of police in Mumbai in the wake of the deadly 2008 Islamist militant attacks on the city when the force was found to be lacking training, equipment and manpower.
Security experts have said that urgent investment was needed to boost police numbers across India, with many areas understaffed, particularly of experienced senior officers.

last year:俚語,落伍的、過時的。
例句:Try to get some chic outfits! The way you dress is so last year. (去找些時髦的衣服吧!你的穿著打扮太落伍了。)
understaffed:形容詞,人力不足的。例句:Our department is hugely understaffed.(我們的部門人力嚴重不足。)

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