This Day in History May 5… 歷史上的今天 5月5日…

If you need a story for inspiration, read on. It took place in Puebla, Mexico during the French-Mexican War on this date in 1862. The French army, which was stronger and better equipped, invaded Puebla, Mexico. The soldiers in Puebla were greatly outnumbered and suffering from a lack of supplies. Even so, they were determined not to give up. After a full day of fighting, the French army finally retreated. This was one of the first victories for Mexico during the war. Today, May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, is a holiday that celebrates overcoming great obstacles and Mexican pride.

如果你需要一個故事 來激勵自己,那麼就請繼續閱讀下去。這個故事發生在1862 年的今天,地點是時值法墨戰爭期間的墨西哥普埃布拉州。當時軍容較為 龐大、裝備也較為齊全的法國軍隊入侵了墨西哥普埃布拉州。該州的駐軍人數遠不及法軍,而且缺乏補給品。即便如此,他們仍決心不投降。在經過一整天的戰事 後,法軍終於撤退。這是墨西哥於這場戰爭中最初的幾場勝利之ㄧ。如今,Cinco de Mayo(西班牙文中的 5 月 5 日)是一個慶祝克服巨大難關及頌揚墨西哥榮耀的節日。


雖然Cinco de Mayo的原由是與法墨戰爭及墨西哥普埃布拉州有關,但這個節日真正的慶祝活動其實是發源於加州,而非墨西哥。據傳這 些慶祝活動主要是當時因戰爭搬遷至加州的墨西哥人,為了表達對於法國最終佔領墨西哥的反抗之意而舉行。即便到了今日,在美國慶祝這個節日的人還是要比墨西 哥當地來得多。慶祝活動通常包含了盛宴(feast)、拉丁音樂(Latin music)及舞蹈(dance,圖,美聯社)。


◎inspiration n. 激勵;鼓舞人心的人/事/物
◎invade vt. 入侵,侵犯
例:The army invaded the village and burned everything in sight.(軍隊入侵該村莊,放火燒掉了目光所及的一切。)
◎suffer from...
例:Jonathan suffers from a rare heart disease.
◎retreat vi. 撤退
例:Attacks by enemy aircraft forced the tanks to retreat from the frontline.(敵方軍機的空襲迫使坦克部隊自前線撤退。)
◎overcome vt. 克服,戰勝(三態為:overcome, overcame, overcome。)
例:Even after therapy, Katie couldn't overcome her fear of heights.
◎obstacle n. 阻礙;障礙物

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