This Day in History May 10… 歷史上的今天 5月10日

Few people have not heard the name Nelson Mandela. On this date in 1994, Mandela became South Africa's first black president. Throughout his life, Mandela worked to stop apartheid in South Africa. He was president for only one term. However, Mandela is now thought of as a hero of freedom and equality around the world. He has received over 250 awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Additionally, Mandela's birthday, July 18, was declared a holiday by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009.
很少有人沒聽過尼爾 森.曼德拉這個名字。在1994年的今天,曼德拉成為南非首位黑人總統。終其一生,曼德拉都致力於廢除南非的種族隔離政策。曼德拉雖然僅當了一任總統,但 他現在卻被全世界視為是自由與平等的勇士。他獲獎超過250次,其中包括了1993年的諾貝爾和平獎。此外,聯合國大會於2009年還宣布7月18日曼德 拉生日這天為節日(編按:曼德拉國際日)。


1961年,曼德拉(圖,資料照片)創建非洲民族議會(African National Congress,為反種族隔離政策的南非政黨)的軍事組織「民族之矛」(Umkhonto we Sizwe),並擔任總司令。1962年8月,曼德拉被捕入獄,當時他年僅43歲,南非政府以煽動罪和非法越境罪判處他入獄監禁。在羅本島獄中監禁長達 27年的他,雖備受迫害和折磨,但始終未改其反對種族主義(racism)、建立平等且自由新南非的堅強信念。
2009年的電影《打不倒的勇 者》(Invictus)內容描述曼德拉上任後,面臨國家政經和種族對立的問題之際,藉由一支橄欖球隊贏得非洲世界盃冠軍來打破種族藩籬,並凝聚全國民眾 力量。這段歷史搬上銀幕後,不但引起注意,同時也在金球獎中獲得多項提名。


◎throughout prep.

.John stayed at his cabin in the mountains throughout the summer.(約翰整個夏天都待在他山上的小屋。)
◎be thought of as...

.The doctor is thought of as a leader in his field of medicine.(這名醫生被視為他那項醫學領域中的龍頭。)
= in addition

.All applicants should have some computer experience. Additionally, they must be at least 18 years old.(所有應徵者都必須會使用電腦。除此之外,他們還必須至少年滿18歲。)

.The art expert took a good look at the painting and declared it a fake.(那位藝術專家仔細看了這幅畫後,宣告它是一幅贗品。)

.All the students went to the morning assembly in the auditorium.(所有學生都去禮堂參加朝會。)

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