This Day in History May 30… 歷史上的今天 5月30日…

During the Hundred Years War between France and England, France had a secret weapon, and her name was Joan of Arc. She was merely a poor teenager from the countryside, but she helped the French army gain an advantage over the British forces. She said that her inspirations came from three saints who talked to her. However, Joan was captured during a battle and put on trial. The Christian Church ruled that she was out of her mind. On this date in 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. However, the Church changed their opinion of her in 1456. Eventually, Joan of Arc was made a saint in 1920.

在英法百年戰爭期 間,法國擁有一項秘密武器,她的名字就叫聖女貞德(圖為電影劇照,資料照片)。她只是一名來自農村的貧窮少女,但她卻協助法軍在與英軍的戰爭中取得上風。 她聲稱自己是因為3位聖徒對她密語而得到啟示。然而聖女貞德卻在一場戰役中被俘虜而遭到審判。基督教會判定她的精神有問題,並於1431年的今天將她綁在 火刑柱上活活燒死。然而教會卻在1456年改變對她的看法。貞德最後於1920年被冊封為聖人。


●merely adv. 僅僅,只不過(強調語氣用)
例:Instead of answering questions about the scandal, the mayor merely said a few polite words.(市長沒回答有關該醜聞的問題,而只是說了幾句客套話。)
●countryside n.農村,鄉間
●gain an advantage over... 取得比……更有力的地位
例:Jason gained an unfair advantage over his opponent by cheating.(傑森藉由作弊而比對手多了不公平的優勢。)
●saint n.(教會所承認或冊封的)聖徒,聖人
●be (put) on trial (for...) (因……)受到審判

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