This Day in History May 4… 歷史上的今天 5月4日

On this date in 1979, women everywhere had something to be proud of. After years in politics, Margaret Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She held this position for 11 years, which was the longest for anyone in that powerful position since the early 19th century. During that time, Thatcher faced many challenges. Unemployment was high and the nation's growth was slow. However, she was not afraid of the difficulties. After all, she accomplished what few or no woman had done before. Eventually, Thatcher's toughness earned her the nickname Iron Lady.
1979年的今天, 有件事情讓各地的女性都引以為傲。在從政多年後,瑪格麗特.柴契爾成為了英國的第一位女性首相。她在位的時間長達11年,是自19世紀以來任職於該權位時 間最長的首相。在那段時間內,柴契爾面臨了許多挑戰,失業率居高不下,國家的經濟也成長緩慢。然而她卻不畏艱困。畢竟,她達到了少有或根本沒有一位女性曾 做過的事蹟。柴契爾的強硬作風最後為她贏得了鐵娘子的封號。


柴契爾(左圖,資料照片)的政治哲學與政策主張被通稱為「柴契爾主 義」(Thatcherism),包括推行貨幣主義政策,壓縮公共的開支,降低稅收,實行大規模的私有化(privatization),減少政府對經濟活動的管制等等。而她「鐵娘子」(Iron Lady)的封號由來,除了上述文中所提的原因,另外也是因為她長期以來對共產主義(communism)的反對態度,因此遭到當時蘇聯媒體的戲稱。


◎ be proud of... 以……為榮
例:Tim's parents were proud of him when he was admitted to the famous college.(提姆的父母因他被那所知名大學錄取而感到很驕傲。)
◎ Prime Minister n.(國家的)首相;總理
◎ position n. 職位;地位
hold the/a position  在位;擔任某個職務
例:Kevin is good at dealing with customers. After all, he has held the position of customer service manager for 10 years.(凱文對於與客戶的應對進退很有一套。畢竟,他擔任客服經理已長達 10 年時間。)
◎ be afraid of... 害怕……
例:Emily was afraid of the dark when she was little.(艾蜜莉小時候很怕黑。)
◎ accomplish vt. 達到,完成
例:Janet has accomplished everything she set out to do.

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