Model, allegedly drug queen, on the lam 傳聞中的毒后女模跑路中

She pouts her collagen-filled lips and totters on golden stilettos as she parades down the catwalk. Colombian model Angie Sanclemente Valencia is an object of desire.
她 噘起打了膠原蛋白的豐唇,足蹬金色高跟鞋在伸展台上走著台步。哥倫比亞模特兒安琪.桑克雷門特.瓦倫希雅是人們渴望的尤物。
But that was 10 years ago. Now Valencia is one of South America’s "most wanted." The fallen beauty is on the run; Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for her.
但那是10年前的事。現在瓦倫希雅是南美洲「頭號通緝犯」之 一。這名墮落美女正在逃亡,國際刑警組織已經發佈國際通緝令要逮捕她。
The woman is thought to be lying low in Argentina. Authorities there suspect she may be the "queen pin" of an international operation that uses models as drug mules to smuggle cocaine.
Valencia was an only child of a poor family from Barranquilla. Her mother -- a single mom - scraped a living selling shoes and clothes. But she saved enough to enroll Valencia in Barranquilla’s top modeling school. While some who have known her doubt she is capable of run a drug smuggling ring, others describe Valencia as ambitious and determined from an early age.
瓦倫希雅是巴蘭基亞市貧窮人家的獨生女,她的媽媽,單親媽媽,靠賣鞋子衣服勉強為生,但她存了足夠的錢讓瓦倫希雅去上巴蘭基亞市 最好的模特兒學校。儘管有些認識她的人懷疑她有能力維持一個毒品走私集團,但也有其他人形容,瓦倫希雅很年輕時就展露野心和決心。
In the past Valencia has dyed her hair and used to use contact lenses to avoid being recognized. But friends say Valencia is unlikely to pass completely unnoticed, "Angie kicked up dust wherever she went. Men and women would stop and stare whenever she passed"
過去瓦倫希雅曾染髮、戴隱形眼鏡避免 被認出來。但朋友說,瓦倫希雅很難完全不被注意到,「安琪走到哪都會引起騷動,男人、女人都會停下來盯著她瞧」。
on the lam:俚語,(因被警察追捕)逃亡中。
queen pin:俚語,一個群體中的女首領。例句:The mafia queenpin was arrested after 10 years on the lam.(這名黑幫女老大逃亡十年後落網。)
kick up dust:動詞片語,引起騷動。例句:The highly controversial film is going to kick up dust in Cannes.(這部備受爭議的電影將在坎城引起騷動。)

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