Ninja students foil Aussie mugging 忍者學生阻退澳洲搶案

Three Australian muggers who struck near a martial arts school got the fright of their lives when five black-clad ninjas foiled their attack.
3名在一家武術學校附近犯案的搶匪,在5位黑 衣忍者阻止他們的攻擊時,嚇得魂飛魄散。
The trio, who were beating and kicking a trainee medic from Germany, fled in panic when the student ninjas aged 18 to 47 raced out of the hall where they had been training.
這3名搶 匪正對一名來自德國的醫學生拳打腳踢時,學生忍者衝出受訓武術館,他們年紀在18至47歲間,搶匪馬上落荒而逃。
"They all just froze," said Kaylan Soto who was training the students. "Then they just took off. I’ve never seen guys running that fast. They should have been in the Olympics -- they would have won gold."
「搶匪全都呆掉了,」當時在訓 練這些學生的凱藍. 索托說,「然後他們拔腿就跑,我未曾見過跑那麼快的傢伙,他們應該參加奧運─他們會奪得金牌。」
Soto said the ninjitsu class was wrapping up late on Tuesday when one of his students went outside and saw the men attacking the 27-year-old German. "He’s called out to me, ’Sensei (teacher), someone’s getting mugged on the road outside!’" Soto said.
索托指出,當週二晚間其中一名學生走到教室外,看見一些男子攻擊這位27 歲的德國人時,忍術課正結束。「他對我高喊,『老師,有人在外頭的路上被搶!』」索托說。
"We just ran outside and started running at them, yelling and everything. These guys have turned around and seen five ninjas in black ninja uniforms running towards them. They just bolted."
「我們衝到外面,並開始向他們邊跑邊吼等等。這些傢伙轉過身,看到5 名穿著黑色忍術制服的忍者衝向他們,而他們只是僵住。」

Police said two men aged 16 and 20 had been arrested over the attack and released a picture of a third aged between 15 and 17.
警方說,兩名16歲與 20歲的男子因該起攻擊而被捕,同時公布第三名年約15至17歲的搶匪照片。

get(have) a fright ︰片語,吃驚,例句︰She got such a fright when she saw a mouse. (她看到一隻老鼠時,嚇了一大跳。)get a fright of one’s life指嚇得要命、嚇破膽。
take off︰片語,此處指走掉、匆匆離開。例句︰Take yourself off!(滾開!)
wrap up︰片語,完成、結束。例句︰Let’s wrap up the job and go home.(讓我們結束工作回家去。)
and everything︰口語,指以及其他等等。例句︰I thought I’d just drop in and see how you were and everything.(我想我就順道來看看你身體可好,以及其他情況。)

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