This Day in History 5月18日 莉史上的今天 5月18日

These days, stories about vampires are very popular. One example is the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. However, nothing can compare to the original vampire story about Count Dracula. On this date in 1897, Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was published for the first time. Although the Irish author Bram Stoker is famed for writing this novel, he didn't actually create the infamous Dracula character. An interesting fact about the novel is that it wasn't written in the normal storytelling style. Instead, the story is told through letters, diary entries, news headlines, and the like.
這陣子有關吸血鬼的 故事非常受歡迎。其中一個例子就是史蒂芬妮.梅爾所寫的《暮光之城》。不過沒有一部吸血鬼小說比得上最早的吸血鬼伯爵德古拉的故事。1897年的今日,布 萊姆.史托克的《德古拉》首次出版。雖然這位愛爾蘭作家因為這部小說而出名,但其實他並非是創造德古拉這個惡名昭彰角色的人。這本書有意思的地方在於它並 不是以一般的小說敘述方式所寫成,而是透過信件、日記、新聞頭條等來呈現故事內容。


.sagan. 冒險故事;傳說
.nothing can compare to N/V-ing
沒 有事情/東西比得上……
.original a.最早的,最初的;獨創的
例:This movie is based on the original novel.(這部電影是根據原著小說拍攝的。)
.count n.伯爵
.for the first time 第一次,頭一次
例:Kevin has had a crush on Britney ever since he saw her for the first time.(打從第一次見到布蘭妮,凱文就迷戀上她。)
.be famed for... 因……而聞名
= be famous for...
例:The restaurant we went to yesterday is famed for its spicy hotpot.(我們昨天去的那家餐廳以其麻辣鍋聞名。)
.infamous a.聲名狼藉的,惡名昭彰的
例:Adolf Hitler was one of the most infamous people of the 20th century.(希特勒是20世紀最惡名昭彰的人物之一。)
...., and the like ……等等
例:Pollution is caused by cars, factories, and the like.(汽車和工廠等製造了污染。)


布萊姆.史托克的《德古拉》中的德古拉伯爵(圖,資料照片)是個嗜血、專 挑年輕女性下手的吸血鬼,然而這個角色的原型其實 是來自羅馬尼亞的弗拉德三世大公(Vlad III)。當時弗拉德挺身對抗鄂圖曼帝國的侵略,因而成為當地的英雄人物。至於為何會以弗拉德為吸血鬼的藍本,或許是因為他生性殘暴且執法嚴峻之故。他慣 用穿刺之刑,將活人釘在木樁上,因此得到「穿刺王弗拉德」的名號。

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