This Day in History May 22… 歷史上的今天 5月22日

The Wars of the Roses was fighting between the supporters of the Houses of Lancaster and York in England, and it lasted over 30 years. York supporters said that the reigning monarch at the time, King Henry VI, was not fit to rule. Henry VI was from the House of Lancaster, and of course his supporters felt very differently. The Wars of the Roses officially started with the First Battle of St. Albans on this date in 1455. Richard, Duke of York, defeated the Lancaster forces and captured Henry VI. Richard then made himself the ruler of England. The War of the Roses continued until a Lancaster king took a York bride.
玫瑰戰爭是英國蘭開 斯特家族和約克家族支持者之間的爭戰,持續了30年多年之久。約克家族的支持者表示當時的國王亨利六世不適合治國。亨利六世來自蘭開斯特家族,他的支持者 當然不這麼認為。玫瑰戰爭於1455年的今天正式開戰,史稱「第一次聖亞班士城之役」。約克公爵理查擊敗藍開斯特的軍隊,並俘虜了亨利六世。之後,理查自 己登上英國攝政王的位子。後來直到一位蘭開斯特家族的國王娶了約克家族的女性為皇后,玫瑰戰爭才結束。


supporter n.支持者,擁護者
reigning a.(君主)在位的
monarch n.君主,帝王
monarchy n.君主政體
democracy n.民主政體;民主
fit a.適合的
例:Mr. Anderson is fit for the job of salesman.(安得森先生很適合做推銷員的工作。)
officially adv.正式地
battle n.戰役
duke n.公爵
defeat vt.擊敗,戰勝
例:The New York Yankees defeated their opponents in the baseball game.(紐約洋基隊在這次的棒球比賽中擊敗了對手。)

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