Fear of ageing drives men’s cosmetic sales 怕老讓男性美妝品銷售快速成長

Male cosmetics sales in Britain are growing at twice the rate of the female market, according to a survey, with the need to look good for job interviews and the fear of looking old playing key roles.
據一項調查指出,英國男性美妝品的銷量增加速度是女性市場的兩倍,主要原 因是男性需要在求職面試上表現出好氣色,以及害怕面露老態。
One in five men use hair dye to cover up signs of grey, the survey of 1,013 males for L’Oreal UK found.
據 一份訪問1,013名男性、為英國萊雅公司所做的調查發現,5分之1的男人使用染髮劑來掩飾白髮。
Taking care of their appearance is now a status of manhood, the poll concluded, with almost two thirds of men (56 percent) using cosmetic products daily and 82 percent saying there are no cosmetics products that they would be embarrassed to buy.
該調查結論指出,打理外表如今成了男子氣概的展現,近3分之2的男人(56%)每天使用美妝產品, 而82%的人稱,購買任何美妝品都不會難為情。
A quarter of men regularly use face moisturiser and two in every five (39 percent) use facial cleansers every day to take care of their skin and combat the effect of work stress and ageing.
4分之1男人定期使用保濕面霜,5分之2(39%)的人每天使用潔顏產品來護理保養皮膚,並抵抗工作 壓力與老化的威脅。
"We know from the report’s findings that ageing is not just a female concern and that a growing number of men are looking to cosmetics to help present a more professional image in times of economic uncertainty," said Pierre-Yves Arzel, Managing Director for L’Oreal UK & Ireland.
英國與愛爾蘭萊雅的總經理阿澤爾說,「從報告中我們了解到,衰老不僅是女性擔憂的事情,在經濟不確定的時局 下,越來越多男性尋求美妝品的幫助,以呈現更專業形象。」
ageing: 名詞, 老化,變老或變舊的過程。
manhood:名詞,男子氣概。例句:Their leader told them to prove their manhood by fighting well.(他們的首領要他們奮勇作戰,以此顯示男子漢氣概。)
moisturizer: 名詞,保濕霜;潤膚乳液。例句:I can’t even tell a moisturizer from whitening serum.(我連保濕霜跟美白精華是什麼都分不清。)

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