"Star Trek"'s Spock finally beams into Vulcan 「星際爭霸戰」的史巴克終於被傳送至瓦肯

This Canadian small town has been obsessed about all things "Star Trek" for as long as anyone here can remember, but denizens always felt something -- or someone -- was missing. Until recently.
這座加拿大小鎮多年來一直沈迷於和電視影集「星際爭霸戰」所有相關的事物,但鎮民總覺 得少了某件事─或某人。直到最近。
Leonard Nimoy, who will forever be Mr. Spock from the 1960s TV series, finally fulfilled the dreams of the farming community that shares the name of the character’s home planet by paying a visit.
在影迷心中永遠代表著這部1960年代電視影集裡史巴克先生的影星李奧納.尼莫依最近造訪瓦肯鎮,總算圓了這座務農社區居 民的夢想,因為瓦肯鎮與史巴克在影集中的故鄉瓦肯星同名。
His remarks to Vulcanites, many decked out in their homemade "Star Trek" uniforms, were, well, logical.
他 對許多穿著自製「星際爭霸戰」艦隊制服的瓦肯鎮民所發表的演說也完全符合邏輯。
"I have been a Vulcan for 44 years -- I figured it was time I came home," the 79-year-old actor said to wild cheers at a ceremony at the center of the town.
「44年來我一直 都是瓦肯人,我想現在該是回家的時候了,」這位79歲的演員在鎮中心舉辦的歡迎儀式上向全場歡呼的群眾表示。
Vulcan, a community of 2,000 people about 100 km southeast of Calgary, has for years identified with the legendary sci-fi TV show. It has become a tourist draw, especially for hard-core Trekkies.
人口2000人、位於卡加立東南方 100公里的瓦肯鎮,多年來一直被與這部傳奇科幻電視影集畫上等號。瓦肯鎮因此吸引了大量觀光客前來,尤其是死忠的星際迷。
The town council had tried for years to attract Nimoy, who played the half-Vulcan, half-human first officer known for his logical solutions to crises facing Capt. James Kirk, played by William Shatner, and his crew.
瓦肯鎮議會多年來也一直試圖邀請飾演瓦肯人與人類混血的星艦大副史巴克的尼莫依造訪,在片中每當由威廉.薛特納所飾演的寇克艦 長及隊員們面臨危機時,史巴克都能提出合邏輯的解決之道。
"It’s an opportunity to welcome Spock home, to welcome Leonard Nimoy back to Vulcan -- his home community, his home planet," Mayor Tom Grant, Vulcan ears affixed, said.
「這是歡迎史巴 克回家、歡迎尼莫依回到瓦肯的好機會,這裡是他的故鄉、他的母星,」戴著瓦肯人耳套的鎮長葛蘭特說。
beam:動詞,指朝某處播放、發送光波或無線電訊號等,如The concert was beamed by satellite all over the world.(這場演奏會透過衛星傳送到世界各地。)
deck: 動詞,指裝飾、打扮,如The wedding guests were decked out in their finery.(婚禮的賓客們個個都穿著最體面的服裝。)
draw:名詞,指吸引人的事物(或人)、精彩的節目,如We need someone at the event who’ll be a big draw and attract the paying public.(我們得找一個熱門人物與會,好吸引民眾付費參加。)

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