This Day in History May 27

Christopher Reeve became a well-known hero when he took the role of Superman in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, he wasn't actually a man of steel like his character. On this date in 1995, Reeve became quadriplegic in a horse riding accident. He was thrown from his horse and injured his spine. However, this did not stop Reeve from living. He used his fame as Superman in a wheelchair to bring attention to the needs of people with spinal injuries. He also started the Christopher Reeve Foundation to search for new treatments and methods to help others with disabilities.

歷史上的今天 5月27日…

克里斯多福.李維在1970年代後期接下超人一角時,成為家喻戶曉的英雄人物。不幸地,他其實並不像超人那樣 鋼鐵般刀槍不入。1995年的今天,李維在騎馬時發生意外,導致他四肢癱瘓。他從馬背上摔下來,傷到脊椎。但是,這場意外並不能阻止李維繼續過他的人生。 他利用自己身為「輪椅上的超人」名聲,引起世人關注脊椎損傷傷患所需要的幫助。他也成立了「克里斯多福.李維基金會」來尋找新的療法,幫助那些殘疾人士。


克里斯多福.李維(圖右,資料照片)在脊椎受傷、全身癱瘓後仍投身社會公益事業,他尤其致力於推動幹細胞的研究事 務,但在小布希總統當政的時期,限制人類胚胎幹細胞 (embryonic stem cells)的研究。2004年10月9日,李維因為褥瘡感染,導致心臟衰竭,於隔日去世。所幸,歐巴馬總統上任後,於2009年3月9日簽 署行政命令,推翻小布希的限制,美國的科學家終於盼到聯邦經費對於胚胎幹細胞的補助,來對抗疾病和傷殘。


◎quadriplegic n.四肢癱瘓患者
.quadriplegia n.四肢癱瘓
◎injure vt.傷害
.injury n.傷害,受傷
例:The driver was seriously injured after he crashed his car into a tree.(這名駕駛開車撞上一棵樹而受重傷。)
◎spine n.脊椎
◎fame n.聲譽,名望
例:Peter's expertise in pottery has won him great fame.(彼得對陶藝的專業使他聲名大噪。)
◎bring attention to... 引起對……的注意
例:The protesters hope to bring attention to their cause.(抗議者希望能夠引起人們注意他們的訴求。)
◎search for... 尋找……
例:Teddy is searching for his lost puppy.(泰迪正在尋找他走失的小狗。)
◎disability n.殘疾,殘障

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