This Day in History May 14…歷史上的今天 5月 14 日…

Louis XIV is known for many things. This is no surprise because he was the king of France for 72 years! In fact, he had the longest documented reign in Europe. On this date in 1643, Louis XIV became the king at the young age of five. Because he was so young, he was not allowed to rule France alone. Cardinal Mazarin was chosen by Louis XIV’s mother to help him. It wasn’t until 1661, when Louis XIV was 23, that he took full control and left his mark on history.

路易十四有許多知名的事蹟。這一點都不令人意外,因為他擔 任法國國王長達72年的時間!事實上,自有紀錄以來,他是歐洲執政最久的一位君主。在1643年的今天,年僅5歲的路易十四當上了國王。因為他當時年紀太 小,所以並未被允許獨自統治法國,而是由路易十四的母親所遴選的馬薩林樞機主教來幫他治國。一直到了1661年,路易十四年滿23歲時,才全權親政,並在 歷史上留名。


傳說路易十四是母親安妮王后與人私通生下的孩子,他另有一名雙胞胎兄弟(twin brother)被關在監獄,終身帶著鐵面具,以避免引發王位繼承人的更多紛爭,此人就是「鐵面人」(the man in the iron mask)。「鐵面人」在歷史上是真有其人,但其真實身分從未被證實過。這個傳說被法國作家大仲馬(Alexandre Dumas)採用,放在其經典小說《三劍客》(The Three Musketeers)三部曲中的第三部,日後更被改編為電影。


◎surprise n.驚奇,意外
.It comes as no surprise + that 子句……不令人意外
例:It comes as no surprise that many people want to strike it rich by winning the lottery.(很多人都想中樂透,這不令人意外。)
◎documented a.被記錄下來的
例:The filmmaker documented everything the singer said for his documentary.(該製片人為了他的記錄片記錄下那位歌手所說的每句話。)
◎reign n.在位期間;統治
◎at the age of... 在……的年紀
例:Lance started running his own business at the age of 20.(蘭斯在20歲時就開始經營自己的事業。)
◎allow sb to V 允許某人(做)……
◎rule vt.統治
例:The dictator ruled the country for almost 40 years before he was overthrown.(這位獨裁者統治那個國家將近40年後才被推翻。)
n.(羅馬天主教的)樞機主教,紅 衣主教
◎leave one’s mark on history 在歷史上留名

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