Ohio St. gets livestock lesson from roaming cows 漫遊牛為俄亥俄州立大學上了一堂家畜課

Two cows got loose on the Ohio State University campus, leading some students to skip classes to watch a roundup that lasted more than 90 minutes.
Police say the pair of Belted Galloway cows got away Wednesday afternoon as their owner was trying to take them into the university’s veterinary medical center to have their hooves trimmed.
警方表示,這兩頭白帶格羅威牛是在週三午後被 其飼主帶至俄亥俄州立大學的獸醫醫學中心修剪牛蹄時脫逃。
They made their way onto a soccer field, where one of them was lassoed as students cheered "Ole!"
這兩 頭牛跑到了一座橄欖球場上,其中一頭牛在此被套索套住時,圍觀學生樂得齊呼「好耶!」
The other ran across traffic on a bridge and settled in under a grove of trees. It was caught after a Columbus Zoo veterinarian hit it with a tranquilizer dart.
另 一頭牛則越過車陣跑上一座橋,然後窩在一片樹林下。牠在被哥倫布動物園的一名獸醫所發射的麻醉槍擊中後就逮。
The owner took the cows back home. A police officer was treated for a shoulder injury.
牛 主人(最後)把牛帶回家。一名員警(在捕牛過程中)因肩膀受傷接受治療。
roam: 動詞,名詞,漫步,流浪。例句:You’ll be able to watch your favorite TV shows wherever you roam thanks to the internal digital TV tuner.(拜數位電視調頻器之賜,無論你晃蕩到何處,都能觀看你最喜歡看的電視節目。)
roundup:名詞,把牲畜趕在一起;圍捕。 相關俚語,head for the last roundup,字面意義,前去做最後一次的把牲畜趕在一起的活,引申為快死了,快用完了,行將就木(原出自垂死牛仔)。例句:This ballpoint pen is headed for the last roundup.(這支原子筆快寫不出來了。)
make one’s way:俚語,朝特定方向或目的前進;努力獲致人生進展成就。例句:His family hasn’t much money so he’ll just have to make his own way in the world.(他的家境並不富裕,所以他在世上得自食其力。)

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