This Day in History May 29歷史上的今天 5月29日…

This Day in History One was a mountaineer from New Zealand. The other was a Sherpa from Nepal. Both of these men loved adventure, and they worked hard to achieve a single goal together. On this date in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest. Their expedition started in March, with over 350 people cooperating to make it happen. Hillary and Norgay were not the only ones trying to reach the top. But on this trip, they were the only ones that did. Therefore, they will always be known as the first men to conquer the tallest mountain in the world.

歷史上的今天 5月29日…

一位是來自紐西蘭的登山家,另一位是來自尼泊爾的雪巴人。這兩位都愛好冒險,並且共同努力達成了一個目標。 在1953年的今天,艾德蒙.希拉里與丹增.諾蓋兩人成為第一個登上聖母峰峰頂的人。他們的遠征始於3月,超過350人的通力合作才促成這次攻頂成功。希 拉里與諾蓋並非唯一試圖攻頂的人,但在這趟旅程中,他們是唯一成功的兩位。因此,他們將永遠為人所知,是第一個征服世界最高峰的兩人。


聖母峰(Mount Everest)又稱珠穆朗瑪峰,位於喜馬拉雅山脈(the Himalayas)之上,海拔8848米,為世界最高峰。近百年來,許多人都想一圓登上聖母峰頂的夢想,然而如此高海拔且險峻的山勢,往往讓許多登山者 不是命喪黃泉就是拜興而歸。因此首位登上山頂的探險家(explorer)艾德蒙.希拉里(圖左,圖右為丹增.諾蓋,資料照片)相當受人尊崇,希拉里的肖 像(portrait)甚至還被印在紐西蘭5元鈔票的正面,以鼓勵國人要有冒險犯難的精神。


◎mountaineer n.登山家
n. 雪巴人(一支散居在尼泊爾、中國、印度和不丹等國邊境、喜瑪拉雅山脈兩側的民族)
◎achieve vt.完成,實現
.achieve a/one’s goal 達成一個/某人的目標
例:Have you achieved your goal of losing 10 kilograms yet?(你達到減重10公斤的目標了嗎?)
◎expedition n.遠征,探險;探險隊
例:The team went on an expedition to photograph wild animals in Africa.(那個團隊遠征非洲去拍攝野生動物。)
◎cooperate vi.合作
.cooperate with... 與……合作
例:The two charities will cooperate with one another to raise funds for the new orphanage.(那兩個慈善機構將攜手合作為新成立的孤兒院募款。)
◎be known as + 身分/稱號
◎conquer n.攻克;征服
例:The Romans conquered most of Europe thousands of years ago.(數千年前,羅馬人征服了歐洲大多數的地區。)

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