This Day in History May 2… 歷史上的今天 5月2日

Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England for three years before her life went downhill very quickly. Things went sour because Anne did not give her husband, King Henry of England, a son. They did have a daughter, though, who would later become Elizabeth I of England. On this day in 1536, Anne was arrested and put in jail. King Henry said she was unfaithful to him and eventually had her killed. However, after Elizabeth became Queen, she cleared her mother's name. Today, Anne Boleyn is considered an important figure in England's long history.
安˙博林成為英格蘭 的皇后不過3年,人生就開始迅速走下坡。這一切的風雲變色肇始於安未能替英王亨利生下一個兒子。然而,他們倒是有個女兒,也就是日後的英國女王伊莉莎白一 世。1536年的今天,安遭到逮捕與監禁。英王亨利說安對他不忠,最後還將她處死。然而,伊莉莎白成為女王後隨即為她母親平反。如今,安.博林被視為英國 漫長歷史中一名很重要的人物。


●downhill adv.下坡地;每下愈況
go downhill  走下坡;每下愈況
例:This company's business is going downhill.(這家公司的營運狀況每況愈下。)
●sour a.令人不快的;酸的
●arrest vt. & n.逮捕
be under arrest  被逮捕
例:Terrence was arrested for robbing the bank.(泰倫斯因為搶銀行被逮捕。)
●be put in jail (for...) (因……)被關進監獄/入獄 = be put in prison(for...)
例:The mayor was put in jail for corruption.(這名市長因貪污而坐牢。)
●unfaithful a.不忠實的(常與介詞 to 並用)
●clear one's name 證明某人無罪,為某人平反

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