Venezuela's chatty leader Chavez joins Twitter 委內瑞拉長舌領導人查維茲加入推特

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has joined the ranks of those who say, "If you can’t beat ’em, tweet ’em."
Chavez opened a Twitter account launching himself into the digital fray to combat opponents who have seized on the micro-blogging site to criticize his socialist government.
查維茲開設了一個 Twitter帳號,投入數位化舌戰,對抗利用這種微網誌批評他的社會主義政府的反對派。
The loquacious leader sent his first message from his Twitter account on 28. April : "I’m off to Brazil. And very happy to work for Venezuela. We will be victorious!!"
這名聒噪的領導人4月28日從他的Twitter帳號發出第一個訊息:「我正要出發去巴西,而且非常高興為委 內瑞拉服務。我們將勝利!!」
Chavez’s Twitter account, "chavezcandanga," is headed toward the top of Venezuela’s most-popular list, gaining more than 79,000 followers less than 24 hours after he sent his first message. "Candanga" roughly translates to "devil" in some Latin American countries, though in Venezuela it can mean "rabble-rouser."
查維茲的 Twitter帳號「chavezcandanga」正邁向委內瑞拉最受歡迎的名單第一名,在他送出第一封訊息後不到24小時,已經擁有超過7萬9000 名追隨者。雖然「Candanga」這個字在委內瑞拉可能表示「群眾煽動家」,但在某些拉丁美洲國家一般被譯為「魔鬼」。
But known for hours-long speeches, Chavez will now face the challenge of keeping his outpourings within the 140-character limit demanded by Twitter.
chatty、loquacious:形容詞,喋喋不休的、好辯的。例 句:That man is kind of loquacious.(那個男人有點長舌。)
join the ranks of:動詞片語,成為某一群體的一份子。例句: He was laid off yesterday and joined the ranks of the unemployed.(他昨天被裁員了,成了失業一族。)
rabble-rouser:名詞,煽動群眾情緒以達成個人利益的政 治人物或演講者。例句:He is portrayed as a successful polictical rabble-rouser who knows very well how to stir up his people.(他被描繪成一名成功的政治煽動家,非常知道如何煽動他的人民。)

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