This Day in History May 23… 歷史上的今天 5月23日

They made being bad look good. The story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is one of young love, crime, and death. During the Great Depression in the US, Bonnie and Clyde, along with their gang, robbed banks, murdered people, and committed other illegal acts. Photos and stories of the couple's crimes made them famous across the US. However, they knew they couldn't escape the police forever. After being on the run for a long time, Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed in Texas on this date in 1934.

他們讓做壞事也看起 來瀟灑。邦妮.派克和克萊.巴洛這對年輕鴛鴦大盜的故事充滿犯罪和死亡的情節。 在美國經濟大蕭條時,邦妮和克萊夥同一群人馬不僅搶劫銀行,還殺人犯罪。這對大盜的照片和故事讓他們成為全美最知名的人物。然而,他們知道自己不可能永遠 逃過警方的追捕。在逃亡多時後,邦妮和克萊於1934年的今日在德州遭警方埋伏被射殺身亡。


◎depression n.蕭條,不景氣
the Great Depression美國1930年代的經濟大蕭條
◎along with... 連同……,和……
例:Along with a refrigerator, Beth bought a microwave and a stove during the big sale.(貝絲在大減價時買了電冰箱,以及微波爐和烤箱。)
◎gang n.(歹徒等的)一幫,一群
◎rob vt.搶劫;盜取
The police chased the two suspects that robbed the jewelry store.(警方追捕搶劫珠寶店的兩名嫌犯。)
◎murder vt. & n.謀殺
◎commit vt.(犯)罪;做(錯事)
例:Dave committed a crime when he was 18, and he's still in prison.(戴夫18歲時犯了罪,現在還在坐牢。)

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